At Section 123 – 03/14/15

Happy Pi Day – whatever the hell that means!!

Onto the sports week – there was just a few things happening…a few.

– Holy trade flurry in the NFL this week.  Jimmy Graham to the Seahawks, Max Unger to the Saints, Mike Wallace to the Vikings (haha), Haloti Ngata to Lions, Sam Bradford for Nick Foles swap.  Then a ton of money getting thrown around in free agency – that was more exciting than most of the trade deadlines in the other sports than I’ve seen in a long time.

Questions –

  • Did Miami get better with Suh and Cameron?
  • Will Russell Wilson become over reliant on Jimmy Graham?
  • Has the AFC East closed the gap on New England?
  • What the hell is going on in San Francisco?
  • Is Chip Kelly a mad man?
  • The NFC East, specifically got more interesting between Dallas and Philadelphia.  Think DeMarco Murray being pissed against the Cowboys.
  • Did the Jets need to sign a whole new secondary?  I bet Rex Ryan was happy about that as he was bitching last year about his quality team.

– Welcome back to Green Bay, Randall Cobb, Bryan Bulaga and Scott Tolzien!

– Good for A.J. Hawk going to his home state.  He was underappreciated as a Packer because he had a perception that he should have been a perennial Pro Bowler being a #5 overall draft pick.  Truth be told, he was a solid contributer to the team was a leader in the locker room.  He is also the leading all-time tackler in Packers history – you don’t get that without being a key cog to the team.  Thank you A.J. and best of luck in Cincinnati!  You’ll be missed here.

– How in the hell the Chicago Bears announcing they will be going into the 2015 season with QB Jay Cutler become newsworthy?  That’s a ‘no shit’ story if I’ve ever seen one and apparently it was something that they felt they needed to get their names in the paper?  OK – here’s my thought.  Thanks???  Again, as long as Cutler is the Bears QB, the whole NFC North is better for it.  He is one of my favorite non-Packers players because of his charitable nature of throwing interceptions.  I see that trend continuing until they bring in Jimmy Clausen.  Trading WR Brandon Marshall was idiotic as well.

– Thanks Detroit for letting both DL Donkey Kong and Nick Fairley go.  Your trade with Ngata will not be enough to keep your defense relevant.  Enjoy your step backwards this year.

– If anyone doesn’t think Philadelphia Eagles Coach Chip Kelly isn’t using Sam Bradford as bait to trade up in the draft and go after Oregon QB Marcus Mariota is fooling themselves. They could even dangle new RB Ryan Mathews as well.

– Did Jameis Winston offer free crab legs to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from Publix for life that he’s going to be the #1 overall draft pick?  King Crab may have the physical tools, but as I’ve written in the past – he has way too many character issues that I’d want him to be the face of my franchise.

– Baseball is up and running.  That goes for the college game….you know what’s missing?  The Wisconsin Badgers having a baseball team.  I realize as long as Barry Alvarez is the Athletic Director, it won’t come back.  But, this should get some serious reconsideration.  It sucks that UW-Milwaukee is the only Division 1 baseball team.  It sends some good baseball players to different parts of the country.  Are you afraid of maintaining the damn field?  Put in field turf at Warner Park.  Wait, that costs money – you’re too cheap for that.  Title 9?  Please – you offer a similar list to Minnesota.  It’s just time.  College Baseball is growing in leaps and bounds in popularity and it needs to have a place in Wisconsin.

– I could use this college baseball comment for football also…it sucks that the Badgers are the only Division 1 football program in the state.  If states like Iowa, West Virginia, and well – everyone else has at least some FCS and FBS teams – why doesn’t Wisconsin?

– The Milwaukee Brewers.  I said an over / under of 77 wins for one reason.  I have serious doubts on the rotation.  I’d usually prefer a lefty of some sorts in the rotation to mix it up with the opposition, and the Brewers don’t have that here. If…and I mean IF Jimmy Nelson and Mike Fiers are strong as the 4 and 5 starters this year.

Wily Peralta needs to take that next step to see if he can become an ace or a strong #2 starter.

The lineup should be strong provided Ryan Brauns’ thumb is OK and Aramis Ramirez can actually stay relatively healthy.

Those ifs come true…I’d raise the number to 82 or 83 and they’d be in the Wild Card hunt into mid-September.

C (soon to be 1B) Jonathan Lucroy is a beast – and getting him back healthy will be huge for the team as well.  Give this guy an extension already.

– The Green Bay Phoenix has had a way too talented of a team to not make the NCAA Tournament the past two seasons.  A hiccup against Milwaukee and running into a bad matchup with Valparaiso has them singing the NIT tune once again.  I don’t know if this is on their coach, Brian Wardle or if their style can be reckless at times and it came back to bite them in the ass?  Either way, it sucks to not see Keifer Sykes have a chance at the dance.

– I like these conference tournaments that lead into the NCAA Tournament.  It gives the little guy one final chance to make the dance and usually their asses handed to them by a 1 or 2 seed from a power league.   But, they are fun to watch – a good example was Florida Internationals’ half court heave to win a game earlier in the week.

Another thing – how many of you will get absolutely nothing done at work on Thursday and Friday because you’ll either be glued into your phone, internet or at a sports bar watching the games?

NCAA Tournament seeds

1 seeds

  • Kentucky
  • Duke
  • Villanova
  • Wisconsin

2 seeds

  • Virginia
  • Arizona
  • Kansas
  • Notre Dame

Sorry, Zags….the Irish are hot right now and they play in a much tougher league in the ACC.

My bold prediction is Kentucky will NOT be the NCAA Champion this year.

That’s all for this week!  Have a great green beer, corned beef and hash day!



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