At Section 123 – 03/07/14

Hey all,

Let’s see…last week, I was completely out of it due to going on a weekend runner in Milwaukee.  Now today, I picked up one helluva cold and am drugged up.  So, I don’t take any responsibility for the stuff I’m about to spew out, literally.

Onto a busy sports week – here we go!

– NFL Free Agency picks up on Tuesday.  I’d be more than thrilled to see Ndomakung Suh land on an AFC team – he’d fit well in Oakland.  Team him with LB Khalil Mack and they will start to restore their nastiness.

I fear the Green Bay Packers may take a little bit of a hit in free agency – Tramon Williams and Randall Cobb both turned down deals and could be gone.  They are going to let key cogs like Bryan Bulaga and Davon House test the market as well.   Green Bay could be a different football team in 2015.

Hearing A.J. Hawk could come back for one more year.  This wouldn’t surprise me and I’d be happy with that.  That said, they absolutely need to draft ILB high in the draft this year.  Think Stephone Anthony of Clemson or Benardrick McKinney of Mississippi State.

I’m sure I’ll comment more once we see some signings next week and who will be the early players in free agency.

– Congrats to the Wisconsin Badgers mens’ basketball team for winning the outright Big Ten Championship Thursday by drubbing Minnesota in The Barn.  A place where they normally don’t play well.  They get Traveon Jackson back in time for the NCAAs, and I still think they are one of 2, maybe 3 teams that can legitimately beat Kentucky.

– Congrats to Seattle RB Marshawn Lynch for extending his stay with the Seahawks.  Now, I can see him get his ass kicked in person at Lambeau next season.  Hopefully, he will say a little more than “I’m only here so I don’t get fined”.

– Oh, poor Syracuse, you got busted for cheating…a lot.  I’d like to think I’m surprised that the NCAA laid down a hammer of sanctions against your basketball program, but I’m not.  Jim Boeheim, your arrogance finally got the best of you!!  It’s the job of the Administration AND the coach to know what is going on with all aspects of their program – claiming anything else is just plain naive.  If a basketball team loses 12 scholarships over a 4-year span, that’s a significant blow to Syracuse (or any program for that matter) and it would not surprise me one bit to see him walk away from the game. You didn’t think the self-imposed postseason ban was going to be enough of a penalty for cheating and taking money from boosters?  It’s still not near as bad as the shady crap that happened at Criminal U this past football season, but they took a good kick to the nuts.

– It’s GREAT to see baseball back on the tube!  Spring / summer and baseball tailgate parties are coming.  One team I see going for broke this year – the Washington Nationals.  Perhaps we’ll see them in every game on the national networks.  But, then again, we’ll still get to see every Yankees and Red Sox game this year.

In two weeks, I’ll start evaluating in what I think will be a 4th place team in the Milwaukee Brewers this year…I really hope I’m wrong here.

– Nice golf club toss, Rory McIlroy!  I did a similar toss, but I used 2 hands to throw and I was able to get much more trajectory in my toss.  If you need any pointers on how to properly throw the club, feel free to reach out!

– I’m not surprised the Chicago Bears traded WR Brandon Marshall, but I am a little surprised he went to a team like the New York Jets.  With him and Eric Decker, that’s a good receiving core…but with Geno Smith throwing to you, it’d be good to wear the other teams’ jersey or better yet.  Make a play for another QB in the draft or pick up Brian Hoyer. Or trade with Philadelphia for QB Nick Foles.

– I am surprised however, that the Philadelphia Eagles are trading away RB LeSean McCoy.  Isn’t Chip Kellys’ office predicated on spreading the field with speed guys and look for mismatches with their playmakers?  Oh wait, I see – they got former Oregon LB Kirk Alonso in the deal.  I get it, he’s trying to see if he can get all Oregon players on the Eagles to see if the Ducks can make it in the NFL.  As it stands right now, Philly has 9 Oregon players…and I wouldn’t be surprised one bit to see them trade half their draft for the rights to QB Marcus Mariota.  Quack!

– There’s a World Series of Cricket?  Who knew?  They have uniforms and everything!

– No, NBA, you’re still not really relevant until the playoffs start.  You should shorten the season, and the playoffs since that’s a winter sport.  I could say the same thing about the NHL.  I do at least give a little bit of a shit about hockey, though.

– NCAA Seeds

1 line

  • Kentucky
  • Virginia
  • Duke
  • Gonzaga

2 line

  • Wisconsin
  • Villanova
  • Arizona
  • Kansas

– Teams ripe for the upset early: Louisville, North Carolina, Gonzaga, Baylor, Maryland – again it depends on who they match up with on the first weekend.

– Teams that could make a run: Oklahoma, Ohio State, Iowa State, Michigan State, Butler

– that’s it for me this week.  Have a great week and at this point we’ll be only a day away from finding out who’s dancing!  Have a fun week and enjoy watching this damn snow melt!



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