At Section 123 – 02/08/15

Hey all – a day late got caught up in a little nicer weather yesterday and took advantage of it.

Some things happening this week that I have an opinion on – hence why I write this thing.  It’s a hobby and mostly random.

– Ray Lewis is going to hang himself as an Analyst on the networks sooner than later.  Keep putting your foot in your mouth and you’ll be lucky to be working for the Baltimore Ravens Network.  It’s just rich that you call someone out for unethical behavior when you yourself threw some of your so-called friends under the bus so you can avoid a murder rap…apparently.  Stick to being an objective Analyst and let your personal feelings aside.  If that’s too tough to do, then quit.

– Jerry Rice, you too are also a hypocrite.  You chastise Tom Brady and the Patriots for this dumb ‘deflate-gate’ and yet you admit using stick-em during your career.  That is also an illegal advantage if I’m not mistaken and you should just shut your trap with others cheating.  I’m willing to be a lot of people lost respect for you over the past couple of weeks.

And no, I don’t think you’re the only one that used stick ’em to catch the football.  Watch NFL Films sometime – they show players not being able to open their hands due to having so much of that crap on their hands.

I also think there is cheating all over the place…what’s the saying – if you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying?

– Anyone who drafts King Crab – Jameis Winston for those not counting, he does have the talent and skill set to be a good NFL quarterback.  But his ethics and antics – I just don’t see it…he seriously thinks he’s above the law and can get away with whatever he wants.  If I’m an owner, I don’t want that kind of head case being the face of my team.  That’s tough for me.

– So, here’s the rule in the NFL.  You can screw up, not once, twice, even three times and some team still will take a chance on you.  Case in point, Richie Incognito.  He gets kicked out of Miami for bullying former teammate Jonathan Martin and he gets destroyed for his antics in the locker room.  Based on the we learned from the story and the investigation, it was justified.  You’d think no team would want someone like that in their locker room…nope.  Not Buffalo – they signed that idiot yesterday giving him yet an other chance to poison some other people in the league.  I hope someone just kicks his ass during training camp.

– Josh Gordon…you sir, are one of the dumbest people I’ve come across in some time.  If you knew the league was testing you for any substance and yet you can’t lay off the sauce, then you deserve to be suspended.  Enjoy playing for the Iowa Barnstormers or the Toronto Argonauts.

– I like to see the suspensions be more meaningful in sports than just a slap on the wrist.  If you get busted for PEDs, or arrested for domestic violence, etc.  The respective league should suspend the player for at least half a season, and hit them more importantly in the wallet…half a years’ pay.

– If you’re a professional athlete, answering questions is part of the job.  If you can’t handle that, quit.  Paging Marshawn Lynch here.

– Soon to be former Packers DT Letroy Guion…just wow.  You get busted with 357 grams of weed, $190k and a gun?  You were delivering that somewhere…you have also entered the idiot status.  You played your way to the point where the Packers were going to keep you on the team and probably let B.J. Raji go in free agency.  Now, I’d guess Raji is back and you are probably headed to prison.  Hope that was some of that good Colorado weed you were selling.  Don’t drop the soap, sir.

– RIP Dean Smith…one of the best to ever coach basketball.  Hell, to coach – period.

– The Super Bowl was a great game, and how Seattle ended up losing the game last weekend was pure karma.  It couldn’t have happened to a more arrogant group of assholes that I’ve seen play the game in quite some time.  You arguably have one of the most powerful running backs in the NFL, and yet you throw a slant from the 1-yard-line with all that traffic in the middle of the field?  Win and lose with your best player – that should be the formula all the time!  Thank you Darrell Bevell and Pete Carroll for letting your arrogance get in the way of common sense.

Oh – and that vaunted Seattle defense, how did you like getting your asses handed to you in the Patriots 4th quarter rally?  Usually, when you’re up by 10 points it’s a done deal.  Not this time…Tom Brady gashes you by a tune of 13-15 for 124 yards and 2 touchdowns to rally for the 28-24 win.  New England found a few chinks in that armor and it was refreshing to say the least seeing that group get it handed to them.  Unfortunately, Seattle may be there again next year as they are just as young overall as Green Bay.  And Seattle, way to be sore losers at the end of the game starting that brawl.

– Spring Training starts in the next week to 10 days.  I wonder if that lawyer idiot with the Marlins jersey can buy 5 fans a trip to the Marlins Spring Training?  Offer good weed, mojitos and some cheap Cuban food…that should sway at least a couple people to show up.  The sad thing is, the Marlins should be competitive this year and yet they’ll average 500 fans a game in that huge monstrosity of a stadium they have near downtown Miami.

The Tampa Bay fans are no better.  The only times their shitbox of a stadium is half full is when the Red Sox, Yankees, Tigers, Angels or a high profile NL team comes to the Trop.

– The Milwaukee Bucks have 28 wins this year already.  I have noticed…a little.  Here’s the harsh truth – outside of the city of Milwaukee, the Bucks are mostly an afterthought in Wisconsin sports.   They have not been consistent enough for fans to notice as much, and even in the news stations away from Milwaukee or Madison, they are the third or fourth story in the sports section of each newscast.  The Bucks need to promote much more to get the NBA visible in the rest of Wisconsin.  How?  I’m not sure how that will be accomplished, but that’s why they have the Marketing and Promotions department working.

– Can someone tell me why Jacksonville isn’t a serious candidate to relocate to Los Angeles if the NFL wants a team there so bad?  Why are the Rams, Chargers and Raiders most widely considered?

– Having 6-8 hours of National Signing Day coverage, people at CBS and ESPN should be canned.  You’re telling me just an hour, maybe two isn’t sufficient enough to cover recruiting classes?

– My 1 seeds for the NCAAs:

  • East:Kentucky,
  • West: Gonzaga,
  • South:Virginia,
  • Midwest: Wisconsin.

2 seeds:

  • East: Duke,
  • West: Arizona,
  • South:Villanova,
  • Midwest: Iowa State or Kansas…

I’ll be back in two weeks.  Have a good Hallmark, er, Valentine Day



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