At Section 123 – 01/31/15

Hey all – hope you had a great week.

– The Green Bay Packers let go of Special Teams Coordinator Shawn Slocum yesterday, hardly a surprise, but knowing how he and Coach Mike McCarthy are good friends it probably wasn’t easy to do.  But, having 7 blocked kicks, and it seemed like huge negative plays at the most inopportune times at the end of the season led to the change.  We saw signs of these plays the past couple years, but it culminated in the gaffes this season.

I think you’ll see plenty of player movement during the offseason as well.

– Brett Favre getting inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame is officially happening.  The tickets being sold out and from what I seen from Packers beat writers to numerous corporate sponsors is complete crap.  The fans should have a chance to see this ceremony as well.  We know he’ll go into the ring during the hope opener in September, but we as fans should be able to see Favre inducted before training camp.

– We have fun College Basketball games today

  • North Carolina at Louisville – Cards win with defense
  • Duke at Virginia – Duke down to 8 scholarship players?  Virginia wins.  Duke will falter as the year progresses.
  • Wisconsin at Iowa – Iowa plays inspired after getting their lunch handed to them by UW last week, but the Badgers too deep and win close
  • Kansas State at Kansas – Kansas wins by 10.  K-State
  • Wichita State at Northern Iowa – I think Wichita wins a tough road game
  • Texas at Baylor – Baylor…by a lot.

– Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao – a big money fight in the making.  Too bad it’s 5 years too late when Mayweather was ducking the Pac Man in fear that he could actually beat Mayweather.

– I saw Tiger Woods hit some golf shots yesterday in his 82 round that seemed like I would be proud of on the golf course.  He’s still not right from his injuries and I’m definitely in the camp of he won’t be the same the rest of his career.

– Serena Williams won her 19th Grand Slam title with her Australian Open title last night.  Unless you’re a tennis fan, I am not sure many would have noticed.

– I LOVE the idea of Milwaukee throwing their name in the ring for a possible NHL expansion with their new arena coming in the next 3 years.  The fact that Wisconsin does not have an NHL team is almost insulting with how much of a hockey hotbed this state is.

– It’s been a while since I took a jab at fans in South Florida, so I’m thankful for what I saw last night. I caught a part of the Dallas Mavericks at Miami Heat game and I noticed one thing in the crowd that I had hope I wouldn’t see again, ever.  That idiot Marlins jersey lawyer we all saw behind home play during the Major League Baseball playoffs was in the crowd behind the Heat bench wearing his bright orange Marlins jersey and his visor sideways.  Dude, you’re a 47-year-old lawyer looking like a complete jackass on TV.  Be a fan and if throw your money around, that’s one thing – you have the cash…good for you.  But at least be a fan with some class?  You epitomize the idiocy of South Florida fans that have too much sun in their heads and probably are half-baked showing up half way in the first quarter and leave midway through the third quarter just to see if you get on TV.  You probably paid for half the people to be at the game in the first place.

– I had meant to do this a couple weeks ago, but I’m calling out the ‘so-called’ best fans in football.  Seattle fan.  Way to leave the game early in the NFC Championship game before your team made, er was given the game against Green Bay.  Your team was one game before the Super Bowl and deserved some sort of respect for even making it to that level.  Hence, you don’t leave the game early and thank them for the season.  I know this happens to all fan bases, but if you claim to be this 12th Man, you should be that fan and stay until the end.  Leaving early just proved that you had given up and had to faith in your team.  What, you couldn’t believe some team could come into your house and win?  It’s happened before and it will happen again.

– Saying this, anyone who leaves Lambeau early are the bandwagon fans or the fans who are so spoiled that they only know 2 quarterbacks and constant winning with Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers at the helm.  Before then, fans didn’t leave the game early and struggled through the tough times before Ron Wolf took over.  I’d like to see that passion back with the general Packer fan base at games again.  I’ve noticed a couple games this year when they won, the fans weren’t even celebrating much after the game.  But, in Tampa, fans were elated with the win.

– Super Bowl XLIX.  New England vs. Seattle.  This will be hard to watch on so many levels.  First, knowing the Packers gave the game away.  Second, I’m sick of New England being there all the time.  Third, I’m extremely tired of the Seattle fans and their fabricated ’12th Man’ crap.  Didn’t Texas A&M sue you yet for the use of the “12th Man” name?  Seattle fan is now as annoying as any fan in the Northeast.

For the game, I think the Seahawks defense with how they don’t blitz much and play their responsibility is key to the game.  New England should try multiple looks to get the Hawks out of sync, but their discipline should hold up.  The second key is the man with few words…Marshawn Lynch.  If he runs for 125 yards or more, Seattle wins.  If not, New England can certainly win the game.  I think Lynch goes for 140 – and the MVP award.  Seahawks 24, Patriots 21

That’s all from me for the week…Have a great week – and for those getting hit by the snowstorms, be safe!



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