At Section 123 – 01/24/15

Hey everyone – I was trying to write this earlier this morning, but some idiot from Iowa was poking out eyes while I was trying to deflate footballs for the Patriots.  The good things is I lost 2 pounds in my head during the process…must have been air pressure? My bad…  Then I had some sauce called Spontaneous Combustion wreak havoc on my intestines.  Highly not recommended to cleanse out your body, let me tell ya!

Onto the week –

– 29 days to Spring Training for the Crew.

– Trading P Yovani Gallardo was a smart move.  Trying to trade for relief P Jonathon Papelbon is a horrible move.  I hope it falls through.  Think about it, do you want a $9 million setup man in Jonathon Broxton and a near $13 million closer in Papelbon?  Why?  Are you trying to replicate the Royals of last year?  5, maybe 6 innings for the starters, then 3 closers? They do need another arm or two in the bullpen, but not more closers.

Hell, call K-Rod and Raphael Soriano as well.  Perhaps see if there’s 3 other closers out there and have one game where a closer pitches an inning or all 9 innings.  Yea, I went too far, but the Brewers don’t need this many closers on their team.

What they should do is this.  Broxton starts as the closer, if he sucks, hand the ball to Jeremy Jeffries or see if Jim Henderson is healthy.

– I wish the Brewers would have got Jurickson Profar in the Gallardo trade as it was initially rumored.  3 prospects that I don’t know much about, I just get a hunch that they could have had more.

– I’d dangle Khris Davis and Clint Coulter out there to see if the Brewers can get a good third baseman as this will be the last year Aramis Ramirez will be in Milwaukee.

– Well someone is lying big time in New England.  The footballs were approved 2 hours before the game.  The NFL claims they have substantial evidence against the Patriots – this should be fun.  If they win the Super Bowl next week (they won’t), is there as asterisk next to it?   Even if the Pats aren’t found guilty per the interviews, I’d expect a harsh penalty coming – steep fine, loss of draft picks. So, do you still believe in the ‘Patriot Way’?

– Tom Brady, thanks for admitting how much air pressure you like in your footballs.  I could go in the gutter here, but for sports sake, in the heat of the moment, I may buy into you don’t know the air pressure.  But when 11 of 12 footballs were lower than normal, you cannot tell me you didn’t know.  Even a goofball like me can tell when the air pressure is lower…easier to grip, easier to catch.  The Hood man has taught you well in the art of bullshit.  You should have just said, ‘We’re onto Seattle’.

– At least around here, next weekends’ game may not be watched too heavily.  Fans hate both the Seabags and Pats, so I am imagining two things.  They’re interested in the commercials, or just a good reason to drink.  Or both…

– Wisconsins’ throttling of Iowa Tuesday night may have been the most efficient I’ve seen a Bo Ryan team play.  82 points, 1, yes only 1 turnover the whole game.  This team will be a tough draw for anyone that faces them in the NCAAs.

– Iowa F Adam Woodbury – are you really trying to claim your two eye pokes weren’t intentional?  Your team was getting their asses handed to them by Wisconsin Tuesday night and to me, and numerous others, it looked like you were playing defense in frustration.  Lance Stevenson couldn’t even believe how those eye pokes looked.  I’m glad Dan Dakich took you and Iowa to task on that weak shit.  If you want to play against Wisconsin, toughen up soon or the same thing will happen next Saturday.

– Kobe Bryant – just retire, man.  Your body is breaking down.  You’ll go as one of the best ever, but you’ve had such a rash of injuries the past few seasons that it should be enough.  Or do you need the $19 million that bad?

– RIP Mr. Cub, Ernie Banks.  A cool tribute would be the Cubs and either the St. Louis Cardinals or Milwaukee Brewers do a “Let’s play two” during one of their series this season.

– We can stop with this ‘gate’ crap. Every time there’s some sort of scandal or odd story, do we need to call it Spygate, Deflategate or Twirlgate?  You, the media who gets paid well to come up with creative ideas for their stories and headlines can’t think of anything better than refer back to an original Watergate scandal in 1972?  Come on, use your brains and not have others think of the idea for you.

– Yes, Milwaukee Bucks, we noticed you’re still playing .500 basketball, which is a miracle considering how shitty the team has been the past several years.  And no, I’m not sure if many north of Milwaukee gives a shit.

– RIP Joe McCarthy.  I can’t even imagine the week Coach Mike McCarthy went through this week.  The gut wrenching loss to Seattle, then the sudden passing of his younger brother.  Thoughts to the family.

– I’ve saved this for last.  The Green Bay Packers blowing the 12 point lead with 5 minutes to go in the NFC Championship.  Yes, I’m still pissed off, not that they lost, but how they lost.  It was a hunch early on when they had 2 4th and goals from the 1 (or half) yard line and they didn’t go for it either time.  They played safe because they felt points would be a premium in this game.  In a way, that’s right, but at the same time, they had Seattle on the ropes and bickering at each other.  Worst case scenario would have been Seattle starts the drive at their own 1.

The defense played unbelievable for 55 minutes and essentially ran out of gas at the end.

It’s not on Brandon Bostick during the onside kick, either.  Yes, he was supposed to block and yes Jordy Nelson was right behind him for the catch.  But, the first instinct is when the ball is directly at you, you usually make a play on the ball.  Heat of the moment thing again.  I’d bet every one that reads this would have done the same thing.

5 turnovers, though and you’d think there would be more points…and that’s to Seattles’ credit.  This will burn for a while, and I can only imagine what it is doing to the team.

I’ll think more of what may happen in the offseason for next week.

– No NFL picks this week.  Wait the Pro Bowl is on?  Yea, you’d catch me watching that as much as I’d watch a Marquette basketball game.  I best study up on College Basketball more then and I’ll start picking there next week.

Enjoy the weekend!



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