At Section 123 – 01/10/15

Hey everyone – hope you had a great week!  It was balmy in Wisconsin this week that I considered laying out and tanning in 0 degree weather…with booze.   Wait – another story about Aaron Rodgers calf is on, can’t miss that!!!

Onto the sports week

– 43 days until Pitchers and Catchers report, Brewers!!  Think this way leading to warmer weather.

– Oh, poor Milwaukee Bucks C Larry Sanders, whatever it is you’re moping about, I hope you figure it out and mature.  You’d be good for them and you can learn from the veterans.  Were you hurt hearing they were shopping you around?  You don’t want to play basketball?  Can I sit on the bench and I’ll collect your check?  You won’t see a penny of it, but I’ll collect it for you.  Seriously though, hope you come to figure out your issues and back on track.

Also Bucks – what the hell is this thing?  If you get hit by one of these shirts, I’m guessing it won’t feel good!


– How much of an idiot are you to smoke weed or do any drugs during the season you’re playing in?  Nevertheless getting busted before playing in the biggest game of your life?  Case in point – Nike U (Oregon) WR Darren Carrington.  He was an instrumental player in their 59-20 shellacking of Criminal U last week and now won’t be available after failing the test and losing the appeal.  I’m in the minority, but I’m starting to like Ohio State in this game.

I know it happens often (see, Josh Gordon and MLB steroid users), but you can’t hold off for a few months and do you seriously think you’re that arrogant that you won’t get caught with all of the testing out there now?

– The B1G appears to be down a little this year in basketball. Wisconsin doesn’t play a ranked team until mid-February?  They could run the table until Maryland?  Surprising to not see Michigan State, Iowa, Michigan ranked.  Michigan is young and has some growing to do.  Plus, you just don’t lose to the New Jersey Institute of Technology (what, the South Harmon Institute of Technology wasn’t available?).  Iowa is the Jekyll and Hyde of the league – they can win at North Carolina and Ohio State, but lose to Northern Iowa.  MSU seems to be hitting its stride a bit and could be one to watch later in the season.

– Mississippi nearly beat the NBA team, Kentucky, Tuesday night.  Was everyone else outside of Wildcat fans cheering for the Rebels that night?

– King Crab declared for the NFL Draft this week.  Would you really draft this clown?  I wonder if he will have some of the Tallahassee Police Department sent to whatever city he ends up in so he’s fully protected.

– Can someone explain to me how New England Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels is so high on teams lists for a Head Coaching job?  Didn’t you see how well that worked in Denver?  Dude is a coordinator, not a head guy.  I can’t imagine it’d go any better this time around.  But hey, San Francisco and Atlanta…go for it!

– If you’re a coach, why the hell would you want to work for the Cleveland Browns?  They seem to have the most turnover rate of head and assistant coaches in recent memory.  Hire an Offensive Coordinator, let him go after one year.  Hire a new one?  Can him in January.  See how this works?  If that doesn’t show the players the mark of a consistent winner, I’m not sure what will.

– So, Robert Muellers’ report determines the NFL never saw the video of Ray Rice decking his wife?  I call bullshit.  Something is hidden here, I just wish someone would uncover the real story.  I would love to know how many payoffs were used to cover this thing up.

– Divisional Playoff picks

The only road team that I’d say it would be a shock if they win is Carolina.

– Baltimore at New England.  The Ravens won’t be intimidated coming into Foxboro and this should be a slugfest.  The last meeting was a 28-13 win by Baltimore, but the Patriots were missing key players, specifically Rob Gronkowski.  Baltimore doesn’t have anyone that can match up with him and I think he will be the difference opening things up for the New England offense.  Brandon LaFell outside along with a returning Julian Edelman and there’s the difference.  Patriots in a tight one 24-20.

– Carolina at Seattle.  This has been a close matchup, but these games were in Charlotte.  This time they deal with the crowd.  The Panthers have won 5 straight with a strong defense and running game.  2 main ingredients if you’re going to take down the defending champs.  It’ll be competitive for two and a half quarters until Cam Newton does something Jay Cutler-esqe allowing the Seahawks to pull away.  Seattle 34-13.

– Dallas at Green Bay.  This will be fun.  But I’ve grown tired of hearing the comparisons to the Ice Bowl.  First off, the temperatures were way colder than what we’ll experience tomorrow.  22 degrees vs. -13. I’ll take that any day!  Second, Aaron Rodgers calf…a strain and a tear are THE SAME THING.  Stop portraying that they are separated.  Based on my guess, he has a Grade 1 strain and that’s typically a 3-5 week injury.  Cowboys are 8-0 on the road, Packers are 8-0 at home, yada, yada, yada.  Onto the game.  If Dallas runs DeMarco Murray 30 times, they can very easily win this game, and enough people are picking them to win.  I’m not.  I think the x-factor for Green Bay will be them countering with Eddie Lacy keeping the Dallas offense off the field.  That will open up Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb and company.  Packers win close – 31-27.

– Indianapolis at Denver.  Just a hunch, but I think Andrew Luck is ready for the next step.  I didn’t like how Denver played down the stretch, but I do think they play OK here.  The Colts don’t have much of a running game, but I did like how their defense played.  Keep an eye on both Dwayne Allen and Coby Fleener for the Colts – I think them in the middle will be key for the Colts. Peyton Manning throws an untimely interception leading to the deciding score – Colts in an upset 31-24

That’s it for me.  Have a great week!



One thought on “At Section 123 – 01/10/15

  1. I agree on the stupid WR from Nike U or Oregon. The biggest game of your career, scouts from the NFL: Let’s toke one up.

    Already tired of Ohio State’s 3rd string QB and everything thinking he should go pro after 3 games. After he spoke, JaMarcus Russell Jr all over again.

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