At Section 123 – 01/03/15

Happy New Year!  You’ll have to give me a minute, my legs are numb and I can’t feel anything underneath me.  Please reduce any suspensions I get during the year and reduce to a small fine?

As usual – A LOT of things happening this week in sports so let’s get to it.

– Congratulations to the Wisconsin Badgers for beating Auburn in the Outback Bowl.  QB Joel Stave did his best to throw the game away with 3 picks, but the defense and RB Melvin Gordon made sure they did not give this one away.  This is a good torch-passing to new coach Paul Chryst for 2015.

I loved a text from one of my buddies they should have taken the helmet from Stave and throw it in the ocean.  Perhaps next year?   It’ll be interesting to see who the QB is in Madison.  My money is it’ll be between Stave and incoming freshman Austin Kanetzkis

–  Also, congrats to the Big Ten for 3 big wins on New Years’ Day.  The conference needed those wins and ironically, they may be turning the corner finally from being a stepping stone in bowls.  Meatchicken hiring Jim Harbaugh as their coach will also certainly add more credibility to the conference.  Leave it to the Goofers to lose to Missouri.

– Auburn RB Cameron Artis-Payne ripping Wisconsin RB Melvin Gordon prior to the Outback Bowl.  Yea, that’s a good idea…perhaps you’d rush for 2,000 yards too if you played Illinois, Northwestern, Purdue and co, but it’s not like the SEC was a group of world-beaters on defense this year, either.  You obviously didn’t watch the film of Wisconsin vs. LSU or South Carolina prior to the game?  Over 330 yards rushing against those 2 and 251 vs. Auburn.  He would have been fine in the SEC!  At least after the game you shut your gaping piehole and ate some humble pie…finally giving some credit to the Badgers.

– Florida State (Criminal University).  Sorry, but the Tallahassee Police Department couldn’t bail you out of the 59-20 beat down at the hand of Oregon in the Rose Bowl.  I think the whole country may have been cheering for Nike University that day.   King Crab had himself a third quarter with a flop, falling backwards fumble that could have been comparable to the infamous butt fumble!  Then 3 other fumbles in the third quarter…and the whooping was on.  What irked me was FSU quit during the game, and even worse…the lack of sportsmanship afterward.  You got your asses handed to you, say good game and shake their hands.  This is why nobody likes you!!  Have a little bit of class.  Wait – some of you should be in jail, so things like class and dignity are out the window.

By the way – Alabama – how did you like getting beat by Urb and the Buckeyes with a third-string QB who openly admits college football players shouldn’t be wasting their time going to class and that they’re only there for football??  That’s gotta suck, doesn’t it!

Thankfully, Amari Cooper and T.Y. Yeldon won’t be there next year when Alabama opens the season against Wisconsin.

– Yes, the Southeastern Conference took one on the chin during the bowls this year.  They still have plenty of depth, but in their highest profile games, they lost.  Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Alabama, LSU, Auburn.  Only Georgia and Missouri (?) stepped up against ranked or higher named teams.  Here’s my thought.  I love seeing the SEC get beat, but everyone has a down year.  However, I do think there will be a trend of the other conferences on par with them starting next season.  The Pac-12 is already there and can play with the SEC.  Next will be the Big Ten.  The Big 12 and ACC?  You have some work to do…if you’re basing on bowl performances.

– Donkey Kong Suh – let’s see you piece of shit….  You step on Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, twice and get suspended, which is what should have happened.  Your case is it was cold out and you couldn’t feel your legs?  How many blow jobs did you give some execs in the NFL that they actually believed your story???  Holy shit, I could not believe they believed your lie.  And only a $70,000 fine?  It should be that, plus any check you accumulate in the playoffs, your Pro Bowl cash and your first 2 game checks next season with some idiotic team that will sign you next year (New England).  You have a track record of t up to par.  Here’s hoping Dallas C Travis Frederick kicks you in the first 15 plays of the game Sunday.

I’m glad to see you took a page from Marshawn Lynch and Bill Belichick in answering questions in the Thursday presser.  ‘we’re on to Dallas’.  ‘I’m done answering that, it’s on to Dallas’.   If you missed it, here it is.


Again – what a douche…just own it and admit you’re a dirty fuckbag.

– You know the irony with all these cheap shots / suspensions / fines?  This was the norm in the NFL back in the day, dirty play.  Technology and money allows for so much more to be caught now.

– Add this to a bucket list – NHL Winter Classic.  I think that’d be cool to go to if the game was in Chicago or Minnesota.

– Wild Card Weekend picks

  • Carolina over Arizona – if Ryan Lindley is your quarterback going into a playoff game, you’re in trouble.  I actually think if Carson Palmer was healthy, they’d have a bye this weekend and would be a legit threat.  No Carson, No Andre Ellington, even no backup QB?  This spells doom for the Cardinals.  Top that with Carolina playing good football now – Panthers 24-13
  • Baltimore over Pittsburgh – the Steelers losing Le’veon Bell for this game is everything.  The Steelers are dangerous with Bell.  Without?  Meh, and against your #1 rival.  I think Joe Flacco does just enough and the defense will harass Ben Roethlisberger enough.  Ravens in an upset 27-20
  • Indianapolis over Cincinnati – A.J. Green is doubtul.  If the Bengals have any chance whatsoever, he needs to play.  I don’t like Andy Dalton in any high profile situation right now.  He seems to fold when the pressure is greatest.  In Indy?  Andrew Luck and co. rolls – 34-14
  • Dallas over Detroit – Detroit could win this game….COULD.  Dallas is a scary group right now and the combination of DeMarco Murray and Dez Bryant may be too much for Donkey Kong, Stafford and crew.  Plus, we were expecting the Cowboys to do their customary December swoon, but that didn’t happen this year.  Dallas in a shootout, 35-27.

That’s it for me….have a great week!



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