At Section 123 – 12/27/14

Hey all – hope you had a Merry Christmas!

Here’s a story from when I was in Tampa for the Packers – Buccaneers game.  My group and I were 100 yards from the lightning strike that injured 7 people after the game.  Here’s my recollection…about 15 minutes after the game, there was a torrential downpour with a lightning strike about 3-4 miles away.  With the rain slowing down, I wandered over to a group of people I met walking back to where I was tailgating – the edge of lots 4 and 14.  I was there for 10 minutes and the rain started to fill the skies again…then BOOM.  A flash and a thunderous sound like a cannon or a bomb exploded right in front of us.  The ground shook for 30 seconds and you could see the smoke coming from the SUV it struck.  About 10 minutes later firefighters, paramedics and police were on the scene tending to those injured.  Thankfully, nobody was killed from the incident, but it’s something I’ll never forget.

Onto the sports…

– If I’m starting with the Milwaukee Bucks, that means they did something good or shitty…well, both.  Congratulations – you seem like a professional basketball team this year by surpassing your win total from last year before January.  Who’d thunk??  Bad?  Star rookie F Jabari Parker is out for the year with a torn ACL.  This team was kind of getting watchable, but it’s still the NBA, it’s still the Bucks.

Hell, who plays defense in the NBA outside of San Antonio and Memphis??

– Congratulations to Criminal U QB Jameis Winston for being cleared of all of his wrongdoings.  Remind me again what sex pictures does Winston have of the authorities again and how much they have riding with their bookies against Nike U?  Apparently enough to say this clown did nothing wrong.  Can we go steal king crab legs and assault women (allegedly) now?

– Kentucky at Louisville will be fun today for college basketball.  I will maintain Duke and Wisconsin are the two teams in CBB that can stand up to the NBA team that is Kentucky.

– Cleveland Browns moron QB Johnny Manziel – dude…you made a comment – “I have to take this a lot more seriously. It’s a job for me now,”.  Wait…what???  You must be one of the most idiotic people I’ve seen in some time.  You are a fucking professional football player – the most important position – quarterback.  You’re supposed to be the guy who is first in / last out – preparing at all times.  I’d be shocked if you don’t get your ass kicked by some players on your own team.  Once you were drafted, you should have been taking this seriously from the start.  Based on your play in your 7 quarters, clearly you weren’t ready to go and you thought you could just wing your way through games like you did at Texas A&M.  Sorry son, things get faster the further you continue.  Step up, or ship out.

– I’ll say this again.  Go to a UW-Green Bay basketball game this year.  This is a very good team and could be a dangerous team if they make the NCAAs.  They have a good test against Georgia State today – a team that throttled GB by 24 earlier in the month.

– Kudos to the Badgers mens’ basketball team for manhandling an improved California team on the road.  They won’t go undefeated in the B1G, but it’ll be close.  Teams like Maryland, Illinois, or Ohio State could get them on the road.  Isn’t it still weird to say Rutgers and Maryland as part of the B1G?

– In no way do I like the idea of the B1G Basketball Tournament to be played at Madison Square Garden in 2018 or even in Washington DC.  This is a primarily Midwestern dominated conference and this should be in Chicago and Indianapolis.

Another round of realignment, anyone??

– It’s bad when newbie Rutgers picks up a bowl win for the Big Ten – in a blowout nevertheless!  Illinois shouldn’t have been in a bowl game.  That bowl eligibility rule should be you need to go 7-5 or better to qualify.  6-6 teams?  Woo hoo….we went .500 this year and now we get to play Donkey Punch Tech in the Jackass Bowl!!  And then lose!

Remaining teams

  • USC over Nebraska
  • Boston College over Penn State
  • Maryland over Stanford
  • Minnesota over Missouri
  • Auburn over Wisconsin
  • Tennessee over Iowa
  • Michigan State over Baylor
  • Alabama over Ohio State

On my guesses – 4-6 for the B1G…they need to be better.  Continuing to schedule tougher non-conference games will help.

– To Jim Harbaugh – you’re an idiot if you don’t take the $8 million + Meatchicken is offering you. The B1G needs them to be relevant again, sooner than later.

– The Outback Bowl…Wisconsin vs. Auburn.  2 defenses that got lit up like Christmas trees in their last game.  2 traditionally physical teams.  SEC ‘speed’ vs. B1G ‘power’.  This will be closer than people think, but I think Auburn has a little too much on offense that can counter Wisconsin RBs Melvin Gordon and Corey Clement.  Auburn 31, Wisconsin 27.

– Being at the game in Tampa Bay last week, it was seriously 3:1 ratio of Packers to Bucs fans.  Amazing how well the Packer fans travel and we should all be proud of that!!  With the game.  Green Bay thoroughly dominated – the issue was they couldn’t finish drives otherwise we’re looking at a 34-3 final instead of 20-3.  That leads to…..

– Detroit at Green Bay.  For the first-round bye.  For the NFC North Division Title.  The Lions haven’t won in Wisconsin since 1991…that’s gotta suck, doesn’t it?  Losing dirty fuck Dominic Raiola for this game will hurt the Lions, more than they think.  Detroit has lucked out in 3-4 wins this year so to me, their record is misleading.  I guess you could say the same with the Packers, but it’s more prominent with the luck in Detroit.  A lot of people seem to give Detroit a legit shot in this game with their running of Joique Bell and the defense.   I don’t….I think the Packers are going to blow the Lions out and the offense wakes up just in time for the playoffs.   Matthew Stafford throws 2 picks that helps add to the separation in the score. Packers 42, Lions 21.

– NFL Picks

  • Green Bay over Detroit
  • Minnesota over Chicago
  • New England over Buffalo
  • Miami over NYJets
  • Pittsburgh over Cincinnati
  • Baltimore over Cleveland (Connor Shaw at QB, really Browns?  You couldn’t find Bernie Kosar??)
  • Denver over Oakland
  • Kansas City over San Diego
  • Seattle over St. Louis
  • Dallas over Washington
  • Houston over Jacksonville
  • Indianapolis over Tennessee


  • San Francisco over Arizona  (Cards will be an early playoff exit based their QB play)
  • NY Giants over Philadelphia
  • Carolina over Atlanta
  • Tampa Bay over New Orleans (spelling the end of the Rob Ryan era as the D-coordinator)

– Have a Happy and Safe New Year.  Talk to you in 2015!



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