At Section 123 – 12/13/14

Hey everyone, before I do my sports notes from this past week, I’m going to rant a bit.

– Is it that fucking hard for people to use their blinkers when merging lanes or turning???   I don’t know how many times in the past couple of years I’ve nearly been run off the road or cut off by idiots who can’t drive their car and don’t know where the fuck they’re going.  Then on top of that, they stare you down like you’re doing something wrong.  I think it’s time people need to get re-tested for their drivers’ license every couple years.

Is it also that hard to navigate roundabouts??  They’re there to slow people down and prevent serious accidents.  Yet, near where I live, there’s an accident it seems like once a week there because people try to merge lanes in the middle of their turn or cut others off.  By the way…look LEFT before going.   The Wisconsin DOT messed up on some of these roundabouts on the U.S. (I-) 41 upgrade – way too many where I live now.

There – rant over.  Happy thoughts – it’s Christmas season!!

Onto the sports week…

– This is what I think of former Wisconsin Badgers football coach Gary Andersen.  You went to Oregon State to be closer to family is the biggest crock of shit I’ve heard in a while.  Corvallis is 800 miles from Salt Lake City….which is 1400 miles from Madison.  You may want to use some more excuses why you left.  I saw quotes from your press conference, specifying loyalty and how you loved it so much in Madison.  Well, apparently not since you didn’t even tell you own son that you were leaving for Oregon State.  Something happened there where he became very unhappy and he bolted.  Good luck trying to get recruits from Oregon and Washington every year, you’re going to need it.

– Wisconsin should hire Paul Chryst.  Provided he wins 8-10 games per season, I think he’ll be in Madison for a long time, which will be good for the recruiting, and he’s well liked by the high school coaches in the state. Good luck with the opener against Alabama next year, though!

– I think Nike Us’ Marcus Mariota will win the Heisman Trophy tonight, but Wisconsin RB Melvin Gordon lost it by getting shut down by Ohio State last week.

BTW…Wisconsin, you couldn’t even score one point?  One damn point???  Even Indiana could score against them!!

Wisconsin draws Auburn in the Outback Bowl…that should be closer than people think.  BUT, with their defenses, first to 40 wins.

– Kudos to UW-Green Bay last weekend for knocking off the Miami Hurricanes.  In true South Florida form, you should have seen the empty seats in that arena.  The Florida Panthers would have been proud with the open seats there.  What, too expensive for your fans?  Offer weed, they’ll show.

– As despicable as I think Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson are, if Rice got reinstated, then Peterson should have.  ESPN Business Analyst Andrew Brandt would say – ‘there will be lawyers’.

– Army / Navy game today.  It’s one of the cooler traditions in sports, and it’s certainly something I’d like to check out one day.

– Based on the odds, I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks Criminal U (Florida State) will get their asses handed to them by Nike U (Oregon) in the Rose Bowl.

– A LOT of movement this past week at the Major League Baseball Winter Meetings.  I saw reports of the Boston Red Sox talking to the Milwaukee Brewers regarding OF Allen Craig for OF Geraldo Parra.  The Sawx inquired about Yovani Gallardo as well.  I would have been fine moving Gallardo for prospects if they were close to ready.  The prospects needed to be a third baseman as this will be Aramis Ramirez’ last year in Milwaukee for sure.

– John Lester signs with the Chicago Cubs….guess they’re going to make a run for the division a year earlier than I thought.  The NL Central should be veeeerrrry interesting next year.  I’ve seen the Cubs and Pirates get better on paper, the Cardinals and Brewers mostly stand pat and the Reds are trading pieces from their team.

– Yep, Bucks.  We’re still watching from afar….glad you got to keep your uniforms.

– Can anyone in College Basketball beat the minor league basketball team that is the University of Kentucky?  Geez.  Taking North Carolina to the woodshed today after barely beating Columbia (???) earlier in the week.

– Earlier in the week, I saw stories about how often Aaron Rodgers and girlfriend Olivia Munn have sex.  Seriously, CBS…how in the hell is that even a story?   They’re a couple, in a relationship…guess what, they’re going to have sex just like everyone else.   Whomever decided to publish that should get canned for putting such an asinine story on your site.

– Green Bay at Buffalo.  I’ve called trap games for the Packers before, but this one is truly a trap game.  The Buffalo defense is no joke and their pass rush will create havoc for Aaron Rodgers and company.  The issue is if the Bills can create turnovers because I don’t think Kyle Orton can keep up.  I think it’ll be the Eddie Lacy / James Starks show this week and I think the Packers will win a tough game – say, 24-17.

– NFL picks

I would have picked St. Louis over Arizona

  • Green Bay over Buffalo (barely)
  • Detroit over Minnesota
  • Cincinnati over Cleveland….sorry Johnny
  • Philadelphia over Dallas
  • Seattle over San Francisco…big
  • Denver over San Diego
  • Kansas City over Oakland
  • New England over Miami
  • Baltimore over Jacksonville
  • NY Jets over Tennessee (tickets should be very cheap for this one)
  • New Orleans over Chicago


  • Atlanta over Pittsburgh – pick ’em game.
  • Washington over NY Giants – not sure why…they both are playing horribly?  I guess after the Giants blow someone out, they lay a big goose egg.
  • Tampa Bay over Carolina

That’s it for me this week.  I’m not writing one next week as I’ll be in Tampa for the Packers at Buccaneers trip.  Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!



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