At Section 123 – 12/6/14

“Happy Holidays from the Harrisons!” – remember that commercial from 7-8 years ago?  We would text that to our buddies around Christmas as a little gag and a way to make each other laugh around the holiday season.  I re-started that tradition last night and hope that continues…onto what I’ve noticed in sports this past week.

– The attached pic is from my view ‘At Section 123′ last week for the Patriots at Packers game.  What a great time and a great game.  My buddy and I even met Coach Bill Belichicks’ girlfriend as she sat right in front of us during the game. GB NE

– Washington needs to cut their losses and get rid of RG3.  He is ‘this close’ to being called the Ryan Leaf of your draft class.  Once he blew out his knee, he has never been the same.  Clearly, coach Jay Gruden does not think he is the QB of the future.  I wonder if they’re going to make a play for free agent-to-be Brian Hoyer in the off-season or even try and trade for Jay Cutler?

– Seriously, if the St. Louis Rams had a quarterback this year, watch out.  Scary group there.  If the Rams cut their losses with Sam Bradford, could they take a flyer on RG3 and draft a quarterback high?  I credit one of my buddies with the RG3 to Rams idea….  My thought is why not?  Cheap 1-2-yr contract and draft the QB.  Just don’t draft Jameis Winston (compare to Geno Smith) or Marcus Mariota (compare to Colin Crapernick)

– To the Chicago Bears, thanks for sucking so bad that it’s hard to even crack jokes about you now.  I know I said it before, there’s an overhaul coming there.

– The Jameis Winston hearing was this week?  He didn’t testify?  Shocking.  That tells me everything I need to know.  What’s more idiotic is your ignorance.  You said – “the only thing worse than rape is being accused of rape”.  Are you that dumb/naive/arrogant??  Yes.  I’d love to see what the admission standards are at Florida State.  Wait, you’re in Florida….there probably are none except for any private schools.  Seriously though, just stop talking.  You’re an embarrassment of a human being.

– Kudos to Tampa Bay for actually selling out a Buccaneers game!  Granted it’s against the Green Bay Packers and we’re traveling in droves to go to that game.  Tickets are going for around $200 per ticket right now.  We’re fortunate to get ours when we did.  I’m guessing it’ll be 70% Packer fans on December 21st.  Let’s see Tampa in December vs. Green Bay in December.  You do the math!!

– Yes, Milwaukee Bucks we see you….a little.  Still not enough for me to make the trip to Milwaukee and watch you play.

– Watching the B1G/ACC Challenge this week –

  • Iowa winning at North Carolina was impressive
  • Louisville beating the crap out of Ohio State wasn’t a shock.  I think the Buckeyes are a tad overrated.
  • Notre Dame beating Michigan State WAS a shock.
  • Duke beating Wisconsin wasn’t necessarily a surprise.  How they did it was.  Duke shot a ridiculous 65% from the floor in their 80-70 win over the Badgers.  I don’t care who you are, if you shoot 65%, you’re winning the game.  That’s also a gap in how Wisconsin typically plays defense forcing the other team into tougher shots.

I feel sorry for Wisconsins’ next opponent  as they’re going to be pissed.  Marquette, this morning at 11:30.  Wait, no I don’t.  What the hell am I saying?  I hope Wisconsin pounds Marquette into a pulp to where they re-think continuing their existence of a basketball program.  Or send Marquette to the NAIA, or WIAA…I don’t care.  Just be gone, Marquette Gold.

– The College Football Championship games are this weekend.  And yes – that noise you heard out west was Nike University (Oregon) laying the smack down on Arizona to the tune of 51-13.  Yes, Nike U, you needed to run up the score like most college teams like to do.  Yes, you needed to pad QB Marcus Mariotas’ stats so he gets the Heisman Trophy.  And yes, you’re in the playoff Final 4.  Does Nike upgrade your facilities over this or give out bonuses?

Florida State should beat Georgia Tech by 3, it’s what they do.  Alabama should beat the hell out of Missouri.

Speaking of the Playoff, I agree with some pundits that are arguing head-to-head games should matter.  Baylor should be at #4 instead of TCU.  Didn’t Baylor beat TCU in a basketball, er non-defense football game 61-58 earlier this year?  That should trump everything.  No arguments whatsoever.  Done.  TCU should be out of the mix unless Kansas State beats Baylor tonight.  Also, if a team is undefeated…they’re #1 even though they’ve been less than great.  Look at each team in the Top 4 – all of them have had close games but you have the undefeated team at 4?  That doesn’t make sense, either.

– Wisconsin vs. Ohio State for the B1G Championship.  Buckeyes’ third-string QB Cardale Jones gets the nod in this one – this could go one of 2 ways.  He’ll struggle as he didn’t get reps throughout the season and it’ll show in the game.  Or he’ll be great because he’s a relative unknown to Wisconsin.  I’m guessing it’ll be a little bit of both and Jones will play decent.  I can see Ohio State slowing down Wisconsin RB Melvin Gordon, a little.  I don’t see them stopping Gordon AND Corey Clement.  If J.T. Barrett was playing, I’d pick Ohio State.  He’s not, so I’m saying Wisconsin 31-28 and onto the Peach Bowl on New Years’ Eve.

– Atlanta at Green Bay.  If the Falcons show up on offense, this could be a shootout.  I don’t think they do though…as the Falcons typically suck on the road.  It’ll be the Packers, by a bunch here – score guessing 45-21.

– NFL picks

I would have picked Dallas over Chicago.  I know The Cowboys are usually good for a December swoon, but the Bears aren’t just bad, they’re near Jets / Raiders bad right now.  I think even the Jaguars would beat the Bears that’s how shitty they’ve become.

  • Green Bay over Atlanta
  • New England over San Diego (good move by Pats to fly to San Diego after Green Bay)
  • New Orleans over Carolina
  • Detroit over Tampa Bay
  • San Francisco over Oakland
  • Houston over Jacksonville
  • Denver over Buffalo
  • Tennessee over NY Giants – oy…poor Nashville gets to witness this crap
  • St. Louis over Washington
  • Baltimore over Miami – this won’t be an upset.  This is the kind of game Baltimore rebounds from after a tough loss.
  • Minnesota over NY Jets – another crap-fest.


  • Pittsburgh over Cincinnati
  • Seattle over Philadelphia (only an upset with the odds)
  • Kansas City over Arizona
  • Cleveland over Indianapolis

That’s it for me this week.  Enjoy the weekend!



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