At Section 123 – 11/28/2014

Hello – hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with family, friends, food and football!

– I…O…W…A!  Congratulations, Hawkeye fans, you can spell your state at a sporting even!  I’m glad all of that money you may or may not have spent on that college education has been able to teach you how to spell.  Has it been able to do anything else for you??

Perhaps, I should call out the New York Jets fans for that ridiculous chant also?

…and I-L-L. I-N-I?  Man, you all should be in the Spelling Bee next year!!!

– South Florida fans…here’s something to shiver about.  It’s 20 degrees here and I see people around here not wearing jackets.  It gets to 70 and you pussies need to be throwing on scarves and gloves.   Actually, I do need to give props to your team, though  The Miami Dolphins are playing well this year and QB Ryan Tannehill is growing into a good NFL QB.  Stout defense. See, if you knew anything about football, your coach, Joe Philbin runs the Green Bay Packers offensive scheme.  That bad boy took Aaron Rodgers a long time to learn, but you and your impatient idiotic fan base thought he should have been a star from day 1.  See what happens when he finally has developed?  You would be the feel good story in the NFL if it weren’t for the Cleveland Browns playing so well.

However, I can’t make up anything good for the Buccaneers.  WR Mike Evans will be a stud.  But, whatever happened to that $55 million you blew on WR Vincent Jackson?  Good luck getting value in a trade for that move.

I did see a few pics of how many people have been showing up at Florida Panthers games.  That seriously is pathetic.  2 people in seats per every 10 seats?  Not enough incentives like free pot or mojitos for the games?  Your area should not have professional hockey (even with your transplants there).  Your team should be in Milwaukee, Kansas City, or hell, even Boise.  But not in the Miami area.  Tampa shouldn’t have an NHL team, either.

– Think the San Francisco 49ers are regretting that Colin Kaepernick contract yet?  I don’t know what the hell happened to this guy, but he looks awful out there this year.   I like it though.  I think this guy is a flash in the pan, as I do with the read-option offense.  You need to well, actually be accurate with the football for that offense to work.  He certainly is not.  It looked like he was ready to cry last night against Seattle, which made watching him struggle even more sweet.

– Rivalry week in College Football is one of the coolest times – Thanksgiving weekend.  Games like Michigan-Ohio State, Auburn-Alabama, Georgia Tech-Georgia, Minnesota-Wisconsin, Clemson-South Carolina….I can keep going.  It’s fun to watch during the course of the weekend.

And just for the record…the Texas Longhorns are a bunch of crybabies for not scheduling Texas A&M for that game on a yearly basis.  It’s a huge rivalry that needs to be played.  Grow up, DeLoss Dodds!

– Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler and Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan need a change of scenery – badly.  Here’s an idea….an even swap of the two players in the offseason.  Both, I think would thrive in those new situations.  Ryan can handle the conditions in Chicago.  Cutler I think could thrive playing more indoors.

– Marquette beat a name team last night not named Donkey Punch Tech??  What the hell….Georgia Tech must really be bad this year for that to happen.

– I am serious when I think Wisconsin is the one team that can push Kentucky this year.  The way they beat Georgetown yesterday is something you’d see in Big Ten play.  Physical game…but more importantly, C Frank Kaminsky did not play well and it was up to other players to step up.  Credit G Bronson Koenig and F Duje Dukan, as well as F Sam Dekker in that win yesterday.  I think they beak Oklahoma today and get ready for their big matchup against Duke next week.

– UW-Green Bay had a nice week also winning the Gulf Coast tournament in Fort Myers, FL.  Keep an eye on this group.

– Minnesota at Wisconsin.  Bottle of red wine against a bottle of rum in this one!!  This game is simple.  I think Minnesota can throw on the Badgers’ defense and that’s their best chance to win.  They’ll also need to have some ball control to keep Melvin Gordon off the field.  The Gophers accomplish this task to a degree, but I think Wisconsin will have a little too much for them in the second half.  A late Gordon touchdown run and the Badgers win 24-17.  With that comes the Big Ten West Division title and a date with Ohio State next week.

– New England at Green Bay.  The NFL world has been salivating over this game all week.  How can you not?  Rodgers / Brady.  2 prolific offenses.  2 opportunistic defenses.  Lambeau Field and I can’t wait to witness this one!  Anyone who doesn’t think this won’t be a shootout is smoking something they haven’t shared with me yet. This will most definitely feel like a playoff atmosphere.  Both teams have been there.  This one will come down to one thing, depth.  The Patriots’ secondary I think can cover Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb.  That means guys like Andrew Quarless and specifically Davante Adams will need to step up huge in this game.  I do think the Pats will be just a little much and make one stop on the Packers, and win 35-31.  I hope I’m wrong here!

– NFL picks:

I would have been 2-3 yesterday…with Detroit over Chicago and Seattle over San Francisco.  If I would have used any common sense, I would have picked Philadelphia as this is the time of year Dallas begins their end of season swoon.

Sunday and Monday:

  • New England over Green Bay (my heart says Packers though!)
  • Indianapolis over Washington
  • Buffalo over Cleveland
  • Baltimore over San Diego
  • Pittsburgh over New Orleans
  • Cincinnati over Tampa Bay
  • St. Louis over Oakland
  • Miami over NY Jets
  • NY Giants over Jacksonville
  • Houston over Tennessee (yuck)
  • Arizona over Atlanta


  • Kansas City over Denver
  • Minnesota over Carolina

I’m out – enjoy your long holiday weekend!



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