At Section 123 -11/22/2014

Happy opening weekend of deer hunting….only if I hunted!  Anyway, hope those that do have some luck.

– Nebraska may be playing Minnesota as we speak, but the last I checked their defense was still chasing Wisconsin RB Melvin Gordon down Interstate 80.  Man, will the Huskers be glad he’s gone after this year.

Speaking of Gordon.  If he doesn’t win the popularity contest that is the Heisman Trophy, it will be a joke.  Quarterback bias…or will Nike pay off some voters?

– Man, there are a lot of shitty games in College Football this week.  Who wants to pay full prices to see Charleston Southern at Georgia?  Eastern Kentucky at Florida?  Sign me up for that crap!!!!  Wait – an FCS team beat the Gators last year in Gainesville, so they may cry a little before about anyone ripping on them.

Speaking of the Gators…the next time they travel out of state for a non-conference game will be the first since 1991.  1991!!  I know I mentioned this in a previous blog, but are you really that arrogant that you shouldn’t play more inter-sectional games?

– Last week, Northwestern beat Notre Dame 43-40 in overtime.  ESPN Radio personalities Mike Greenberg (Northwestern alum) and Mike Golic (Notre Dame) had a bet based on whose school would win.  Jersey and some sort of ‘butt photo’.  So, honorably, Golic fulfilled that bet with a funny, yet disturbing pic for the ages.  If you haven’t seen it, you can easily Google it.  He was mocking the no-talent ass clown Kim Kardashian with her photo that I’m sure some idiot paid her several million dollars to do.  I saw it yesterday and couldn’t eat the rest of the morning!   Stick to the other teams’ jerseys, fellas!!!

– I saw online – I think CBS Sports or Fox Sports?  Someone predicted free agent P to sign with the Milwaukee Brewers this off-season. Whatever the analyst was drinking, please share.  There’s no way that will happen…and unless he has some serious insight to why, I’d love to hear that story.

– Manny Pacquiao is fighting this weekend.  I normally don’t care, but he’s one of many fighters whenever they fight say they’re ‘going for the knockout’.  Really, you don’t say???  No shit – because when you fight, we wouldn’t want to see you dance around the ring for 12 rounds.  Knocking your opponent on their ass and eventually getting a technical knockout or knockout is the goal, isn’t it?  I won’t pay for a pay-per-view, but I know places that do.  You’d hope to get their moneys’ worth.  Morons…they take way too many punches in the head to make a dumb comment like that!

– 7 feet of snow in Buffalo moves the Jets at Bills to Detroit Monday night.  Let that sink in….7 FEET!!!!  Holy shit!  I feel for those people who have to dig out and clean up that area.  I would have been curious to see that game played at Ralph Wilson Stadium though.

– Kudos to the Pittsburgh Steelers and Carolina Panthers for releasing players when they leave the field before the game was over or speak out about their role.  In this case RB LaGarette Blount and WR Jason Avant.  Football is a team game, and if you have a me-first attitude, it can rub off on a group in a negative fashion.  Have fun with dealing with those clowns Patriots and Chiefs.

– I’ll be honest, I thought the Green Bay Phoenix were going to push the Badgers Mens’ Basketball team on Wednesday. But, the Badgers showed how good they were blowing the Phoenix out 84-60.  Up next is a good Boise State team tonight and it’s off to the loaded Battle for Atlantis tournament.  As loaded as Kentucky is, I think this team could push them – definitely.

– Glad to see Ohio State beat the shit out of Marquette Wednesday night also.  As you’ll see throughout the basketball season, you’ll see my disdain for the Gold.  They are my second least-favorite team in all sports due to the arrogance of their fans.  Hey Gold…do something relevant before thinking you’re the best program in the state, or in the Big East for that matter.

– Wisconsin at Iowa – too much running game here for the Badgers.  No, the Hawkeyes won’t be sieves like Nebraska was last week.  Kinnick should be rocking for this, but I haven’t seen anything from Iowa to make me think they win this game. This should be fairly tight going into the second half before Wisconsin pulls away.  Badgers 31-17

– Packers at Vikings.  Oy….a potential trap game with New England looming next week?  Nope…this is a division game on the road – overlooking Minnesota and turnovers will be the only thing that could keep this somewhat close.  Too much Rodgers, improved defense and expect a lot of Eddie Lacy.  Pack – 35-14

NFL picks

I would have picked Kansas City over Oakland….man, I was hoping Oakland would have gone 0-16 this year to match Detroits’ crap a few years ago.

  • Green Bay over Minnesota
  • Buffalo over NYJets
  • San Francisco over Washington
  • Atlanta over Cleveland
  • New Orleans over Baltimore
  • Denver over Miami
  • New England over Detroit
  • Indianapolis over Jacksonville
  • Philadelphia over Tennessee


  • Houston over Cincinnati
  • NY Giants over Dallas
  • Tampa Bay over Chicago
  • St. Louis over San Diego
  • Seattle over Arizona

– less than 30 days until our annual Packer trip!  this year to Tampa to see the shitty Buccaneers!!

Have a good week and a Happy Thanksgiving!



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