At Section 123 – 11/15/14

Hey all – hope you had a great week!

– The Tallahassee Police Department should be suspended or fired…all of them.   How many more Florida State football players will be let off the hook for getting away with…well, everything?  Just because they generate revenue for your town doesn’t give them the right to rape, steal, drive recklessly or other crap we’d get tossed in jail for.  Of course, this is all alleged things the FSU players have done?  The 90s University of Miami ‘convicts’ would be proud of this group.

– College basketball started last night.  Based on what i saw, Wisconsin will be tough to beat this year.  Granted it’s only Northern Kentucky, but giving up only 31 points is a strong start to the defense.  The offense should get going against Chattanooga Sunday and then a big game against Green Bay Wednesday night.

But, Frank Kaminsky…dancing to any song from Taylor Swift should be illegal!

– Speaking of Green Bay – this should be one of the best mid-majors in the country this year.  They have games at Wisconsin and at Miami(FL) in the non-conference.  Don’t be shocked if they beat the Hurricanes.

– Don’t even get me started on Marquette.  I hope that team loses every game the rest of this season.  I compare them to the Minnesota Vikings.  The only way I’ll even begin to try and give them any credibility is if they man up and start playing Green Bay and Milwaukee in the non-conference every year.  The top 2 basketball schools should play the other D-1 schools in the state…it’s good for basketball here.  But no, Marquette lost at Green Bay a couple years ago and now want nothing to do with playing them.  Pussies….

– A great day of College Football!  If you have no plans – these are solid games:

  • Ohio State at Minnesota – in the snow…this could be fun!
  • Auburn at Georgia
  • Mississippi State at Alabama
  • Nebraska at Wisconsin
  • Clemson at Georgia Teck
  • Criminal U. (Florida State) at Convict U (Miami (FL)

– I love what Chicago Bears WR Brandon Marshall did this week.  Some Detroit Lions fan was just trashing him on Twitter, and Marshall offered to fight him in a boxing match for $25,000 to go to a charity.  He wants to raise more money to go towards the anti-bullying movement.  I’m all for this…General Manager Phil Emery should shut up and let this happen in the offseason!

– Oh, poor Chicago Bears….if you wanted a fire sale with your team, there are better ways to go about it than giving up more than 50 points in consecutive weeks to the New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers.  That defense looked like something you’d see in a Madden video game where the players are 10 yards off a receiver for a TD (see Jordy Nelson, twice last week).  That fire sale should include the whole coaching staff, QB Jay Cutler, WR Brandon Marshall (only because he and Cutler are joined at the hip), and the majority of the defense.  Thanks for sucking so bad this year!

– Unless you’re a Cleveland Indians fan or huge into Fantasy Baseball, if you said you know who AL Cy Young Award winner Corey Kluber was, I’d say you’re full of it.  I never even heard of him until the award was announced.

– OK – 12 years and over $320 million is being proposed for Miami Marlins OF Giancarlo (er, Mike) Stanton.  I have a couple questions about this.  You couldn’t even get A-roid Rodriguez in his prime for 12 years.

First…12 YEARS???  I’d love to see how much of that is guaranteed.  But, 12 YEARS for any player in a contract is just ludicrous.

Second – your team needs to actually generate some fans so you can get that extra revenue to make that money more affordable for such a dumb contract.  Having more than 5,000 fans at a game would help with that.  Get a hold of the idiotic Marlins lawyer guy from the World Series and see if he can chip in.  He does live in an expensive part of South Florida…

– The Milwaukee Bucks are doing a little more to get fans to show up at the BMO Harris Bradley Center.  Well, a little.  This is a very young team and it’s good for basketball in this state.  From what I’ve heard, owners are committing $300 million to a new arena.  That’s a good start.  I can tell you from a few people I’ve talked to recently where they can put the new arena – in Seattle.  I don’t think that happens, it’ll either be in the open space just north of the current arena or just off of I-794 near the Summerfest grounds.

– Nebraska at Wisconsin.  This should be a great game between 2 teams that are very similar.  Stud running backs, good defenses, average passing games.  I think Melvin Gordon being healthy and Ameer Abdullah not at 100% should be the difference.  Wisconsin should win a close game – 28-24.

– I’m still perplexed how Northwestern beat the Badgers earlier in the year.  That game was just downright f-ugly last week against Michigan.

– Philadelphia at Green Bay.  This is a shootout waiting to happen.  The Packers will need to find a way to slow down the pass rush of the Eagles.  I think the Packers’ defense will get a couple turnovers, and Aaron Rodgers just seems unstoppable at Lambeau and will be too much for Mark Sanchez and company…Packers win 38-28

– NFL picks:

I would have picked Miami over Buffalo.

  • Green Bay over Philadelphia
  • Arizona over Detroit (barely)
  • Pittsburgh over Tennessee
  • Chicago over Minnesota
  • Seattle over Kansas City
  • Denver over St. Louis
  • Cleveland over Houston
  • New Orleans over Cincinnati
  • San Diego over Oakland
  • Washington over Tampa Bay (yuck!!!!!)


  • NY Giants over San Francisco
  • Carolina over Atlanta – not sure if this an upset?

That’s all from here…enjoy the weekend and stay warm!



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