At Section 123 – 11/08/14

Hey everyone – ready for the first snowfall of the season?  I’m not, but it’s coming.  3-5″ expected where I live and 5-8″ north on Monday.  Oy….

– Holy crap, Cincinnati Bengals RB Jeremy Hill was talking shit AFTER his team gets beat by the Cleveland Browns 24-3 Thursday night.

“Oh no, not at all. They’re probably worse than I thought, to be honest with you.” and “They didn’t do anything special to me,” Hill continued. “I mean, respect to them, they won the game. But that’s all I’ll give them.” and “Those guys, they’re not that good,” he said. “It was on us [Thursday]. We gave them the game, in my opinion. They didn’t do anything special. We just gave them the game. They just sat back with coverage the whole day.”

Are you kidding me, rookie?  Here’s the concept.  Your top rival came into your house and kicked your ass.  In prime time, and on a night the Bengals should have been jacked up for Leon Still.  Never mind the other facts of the Browns playing well this year, and it’s in the division…AND everyone is within a half game of each other.  That wasn’t motivation enough for you??  Yep – keep thinking that, Jeremy.

Know your role, shut your mouth and get ready for the next one.  And don’t be surprised if the Browns punk you again.  Plus, you play the Pittsburgh Steelers twice yet.   You’re at New Orleans next week….Drew Brees will probably light you up, also.  Good luck the rest of the way!

– Do you think the Bengals are regretting that contract to Quarterback Andy Dalton yet?  I do!  Yikes – you’re a $100 million NFL quarterback and you could only complete 30% of your passes on Thursday?  The Red Rocket looked like The Red Noodle….you’re doing a disservice to solid playmakers WRs A.J. Green and Muhamed Sanu by playing that shitty.

– HUGE mistake for the Dallas Cowboys to have Quarterback Tony Romo play this week as he’s expected to come back one week removed from two broken bones in his back.  If you can’t beat the Jacksonville Jaguars without Romo, you don’t deserve the playoffs.  Hand the ball off to DeMarco Murray 30-35 times that game and let him go nuts.  If Romo plays (he will), and gets hurt, Head Coach Jason Garrett will lose his job, and he may get hired at the University of Wisconsin-Superior for their football position…wait, they don’t have football.

– Kudos for Steelers Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger for throwing an NFL record 12 touchdown passes the past 2 games.  And he gets to play the New York Jets tomorrow who completely suck a donkeys’ ass this year?  That record could be extended.

– I agree with LeBron James….RELAX.  There’s 82 games in an NBA season!  Long ways to go.  Fans are overly sensitive when things don’t go as expected.  Trust me….being near Lambeau Field – you hear that way too much.  Us armchair quarterbacks are the best…we think we know what’s best for every team in sports when we have a discussion with our buddies.

– Great trade for the Milwaukee Brewers for 1b Adam Lind from the Toronto Blue Jays for P Marco Estrada.  It helps shore up first base, and it gets a fly ball pitcher to a place where he can be more successful.  Estrada was good in Milwaukee, but gave up way to many long balls.  That happens in a HR park like Miller Park.  Best of luck, Marco!

– Major League Baseball…you should give out gold glove awards to guys who actually play the whole season.  Cardinals C Yadier Molina wins over both Brewers C Johnathan Lucroy and Pirates C Russell Martin after missing 55 games this year??  Both Martin and Lucroy were more deserving and once again it goes to show that these awards are mostly won on a popularity contest.  What crap…

– South Florida fan…’ll have to see if you can pick some unnecessary fights with any Detroit Lions fans you come across.  I read there were over 50 fights in the stands when the Green Bay Packers were there last month.  What are you trying to do, replicate Eagles and Raiders fans???  What was the problem, did they drink you out of beer?  Oh wait, they spoke to clean of English for you….makes sense now.

– I saw that Florida State dismissed linebacker Ukeme Eligwe for ‘team violations’.  What, he didn’t make enough plays for you?  He must not have acted like a jackass on campus, stole crab legs and allegedly commit sexual assault.  Eligwes’ violations apparently were much worse, then.  We get it, and totally understand!  This smells of serious hipocricy to me.

– Wisconsin at Purdue…kick off at 11:00.  It’ll be over by 12:30.  If Purdue gave up over 450 yards rushing to the Badgers last year, what the hell makes you think today will be any different?  It won’t be 450, but it’ll be over 350.  Melvin Gordon with 175+, Corey Clement over 100.  Badgers 45-17.

– Michigan State needs to beat Ohio State today if the Big Ten wants any part of this playoff at the end of the season.  I hope for the day they go to an 8 or 16-team playoff system in College Football.  There will be an upset or two today with all of the ranked teams playing each other.

– Packers at Bears this week in prime time.  I hope it does snow a bit for that one.  This is a game the NFL should have in December every year.   Anyway, onto the game.  Jay Cutler still is the quarterback for the Bears, right?  Enough said.  He absolutely sucks against the Packers.  The only concern I have is if guards Josh Sitton and TJ Lang are both out Sunday.  If they are, this could be closer, but if even one plays….Pack 38-20.

– NFL picks

I would have picked Cincinnati to beat Cleveland Thursday.  Man, did the Bengals suck it up.

  • Green Bay over Chicago
  • Dallas over Jacksonville
  • Pittsburgh over NY Jets (poor Jets, running into a white hot quarterback)
  • New Orleans over San Francisco
  • Denver over Oakland.  Ouch…..
  • Atlanta over Tampa Bay – tickets going for free for anyone who last saw the Falcons win a game!!!  Same goes for the Bucs!
  • Seattle over NY Giants
  • Baltimore over Tennessee
  • Detroit over Miami
  • Arizona over St. Louis – this has 13-10 written all over it.


  • Carolina over Philadelphia – not sold on this whole Mark Sanchez thing.

That’s it for me….enjoy the sports this weekend!



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