At Section 123 – 11/01/2014

Hey everyone – hope you had a good week!  Plenty to talk about so here we go!

– Hey ‘Marlins Man’ lawyer who needs to be in the front row of sporting events.  That’s fine if you want to throw money around, and I did think it was cool you giving up your seat to a military person.  BUT, do you have to wear your hat sideways?  You’re 47-years-old for crying out loud and look like a jackass…and I’m being kind there.  Here’s hoping we don’t see you at any sporting events in the near future.  Like I said last week, go build up that pathetic fan base in your home area?!!   Seriously, the first thing I’d do if I was you is check to see if people know you have professional sports in the Miami area.  I’m guessing they can’t couldn’t even tell you since 30% of the people there drive without a drivers license.  Let them know they have stadiums, wear uniforms and everything…it’s pretty great!  Plus, you can get tickets for next to nothing.

– Do you hear that?  Yep, that’s the Dallas Cowboys bickering at each other.  WR Dez Bryant and RB Joseph Randle got into it this week over the running backs’ arrest and suspension from the team last month.  Randle made a comment about how he got suspended and Bryant didn’t for doing the same thing.  Um, that’s because Bryant is one of their best players and Randle, you son, are a scrub.  Keep your piehole shut and focue on the season…wait, better yet – keep whining and bickering.  That was funny!!  Slowly, this team could implode during the second half of the season, especially now that QB Tony Romo has back problems.  There are too many good teams in the NFC this year and I can very easily see Dallas not make the playoffs, and would kick Coach Jason Garrett out the door.  Cue the Jim Harbaugh rumors then.

– Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants, or should I say pitcher Madison Bumgarner for winning the World Series in 7 games over the Kansas City Royals.  Bumgarner went 3-0 with only giving up 1 run in the series.  Kudos – hopefully you did your beer shower you have been shown to do on video.  You should learn how to drink those, Wisconsin style!

– The NBA season has season, um, yay?  I’m impressed the Milwaukee Bucks had a decent crowd for their opener.  If they play fast like they have in the first two games, they could be interesting to watch at times.  They’ll still suck ass, winning around 27 games, but give this young group some time and they could be good.

Thank heavens the Cleveland Cavaliers won their game last night…had they lost to Chicago, you know damn well those pundits at ESPN would be trying to shake things up like the damn sky is falling because LeBron James hasn’t performed up to speed and the Cavs would have been 0-2 to start the season.  Hey, morons, do you realize there’s 82 GAMES in a season?  In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s such a long way to go – well, until next April.  Quit being so dramatic with this crap…you remind me of a couple ex-girlfriends.

Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose got hurt again?  Noooo, really?  Let me know when he makes it a week without getting hurt.

– The Milwaukee Brewers have kept pitcher Yovani Gallardo and offered 3B Aramis Ramirez, while saying goodbye to Rickie Weeks.  I will still maintain the Gallardo is trade bait, as he’s in a contract year and I think they want to get either Jimmy Nelson into the rotation full time or someone else like Taylor Jungmann.

Thanks for everything Rickie – you did all you could in Milwaukee.

– I’m saying this in all seriousness…the Chicago Cubs hiring Joe Maddon as their manager would be a huge boost for a young team full of good prospects, and tons of money to spend.  They will win the National League Central Division in 2016.  Damn, I hate writing that.

– Wisconsin at Rutgers….let’s just say this.  Rutgers will put up a fight, but here’s the problem for the Scarlet Knights…if Nebraska RB Ameer Abdullah ran for 228 on you last week, what in the hell do you think Badgers RBs Melvin Gordon and Corey Clement are going to do to you??  Wisconsin 34, Rutgers 17.

– Can anyone tell me what the hell happened to Michigan Football??  Weren’t you one of the places every high school kid wanted to go at one time?  The Big Ten and College Football needs you relevant sooner than later.

– Bye week for the Packers.  I still think they win the NFC North, but they won’t get where they want to go if they don’t shore up that run defense.  Here’s where the loss of B.J. Raji kills them.  5 of their last 8 games are at Lambeau Field so that will certainly help, including games against the Eagles and Patriots.

NFL Picks:  I would have probably picked Carolina this week due to the Saints’ shitty record on the road.  Would have lost that one…

  • New England over Denver
  • Cleveland over Tampa Bay
  • Seattle over Oakland
  • Pittsburgh over Baltimore
  • Arizona over Dallas
  • Cincinnati over Jacksonville
  • Kansas City over NY Jets
  • Philadelphia over Houston
  • San Francisco over St. Louis


  • Miami over San Diego
  • Washington over Minnesota (is this really an upset??)
  • NY Giants over Indianapolis

That’s it for this week.  Have a good one and hope you had a Happy Halloween!



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