From Section 123 – 10/25/14

Happy Badger Homecoming Saturday!  Wait, I didn’t attend UW…never mind.

Lots happening this week, here we go!

– Can someone explain who the moron is who is attending these sporting events wearing a Miami Marlins jacket?  I guess in one way I’m a little envious as he must be spending at least $5,000 per ticket to sit behind the back stop at the World Series.  On the other hand, why isn’t he spending the $5,000 on Marlins tickets and give them out to their ‘fans’.  I mean, this way, they could possibly come off like they have more than 50 fans attending each of their games and they can pretend to have any sort of fan base in Florida?

You could even offer pitchers of mojitos as an incentive!  Hell, offer them a one month supply of wings at Duffys Sports Grill if you’re going to travel around and throw that kind of cash.  Also – I did see this guy with his hat sideways when the Giants were rallying in the 6th inning.  That is cool….if you’re 14!  We get it, you’re throwing money around and crossing things off your bucket list.  But, don’t act like a jackass in the process.

– Miami Dolphins at Jacksonville Jaguars this week….buy a happy meal for $4, get a ticket to the game!!  At least, that should be the offer.  That may attract some ‘fans’.

– I want to congratulate ‘No Filter’ host Katie Nolan on drinking 6 beers simultaneously (with a creatively built straw, by the way) and showing San Francisco Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner how to properly celebrate drinking beer when winning a playoff series.  Madison, to us Wisconsinites, that is straight up alcohol abuse and is practically illegal in most places!!  I only have 2 complaints Katie…1.  I’m guessing you have nearly every college male student trying to one-up you and drink 7 or 8 beers in one shot.  It could be dangerous?  They think it’d be funny.  2.  I can actually one-up you here…now try a 3-story beer bong or the century club.  The century club is a shot of beer a minute for 100 minutes.  Try these two things and get back to me!

– Half way home, Kansas City Royals…keep it up!

– I nearly spit out my coffee when I saw this…check out and a story on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.  He has made $210 million since 2007?  Holy shit!!   Can someone tell me how he has improved the game aside of hiding facts and overstepping his boundaries to make the game safer?  Some of the fines he has handed down were warranted, but this is FOOTBALL, you know a physical game?  Numerous players feel Goodell abuses his power and the NFLPA is trying to limit that power…good luck with that one.

– Bold prediction today….one of the two Mississippi college football teams will lose.  Either Mississippi State at Kentucky, or Mississippi at LSU.

– Milwaukee Brewers C Jonathan Lucroy is up for his first gold glove award and if he gets it – it’s 100% deserved.  He has to beat out Pirates C Russell Martin and Cardinals C Yadier Molina.  I’d lean toward Lucroy only because he had played the whole season.  He is on the same level as Molina, but the he was out for several weeks.  If I had to guess – they’ll still bend Lucroy over and give the award to Molina.

– If former Ravens RB and wife beater Ray Rice gets reinstated this year after all of the crap that has transpired there may be a mass uprising with the casual sports fan.  Especially those who have been abused at one point in their lives.  I’m 100% against him being reinstated this year (if at all)…and If he gets reinstated, I’ll write more in following blogs.  Next thing you know Vikings RB Adrian Peterson will try to come back with his switch.

– Maryland at Wisconsin football today.  First, can I still say that having Maryland and Rutgers in the Big Ten seems weird to me?  I understand why – getting the Big Ten Network in the New York and Baltimore/Washington markets, but still – seeing them on the Big Ten Network and playing teams like Michigan, Ohio State and Wisconsin – it just feels off.  As for the homecoming game in Madison today, Marylands’ poor defense may be the difference in this game.  Wisconsin should win, but they better be careful against the Terps’ strong offense.  Badgers 42-31.

– When I watch college football now, this is a recurring thought.  I wonder when defensive coordinators are going to catch up with these crazy spread offenses?  I grow tired of seeing these 61-58, 56-42 type games.  Last night Oregon blasted California 59-41.  Oy… And some ‘experts’ claim these are great games.  I almost think it’s a slap in the face to old-school smash mouth football.  Give me the 20-17 type games any day of the week!

– Green Bay at New Orleans.  Aaron Rodgers vs. Drew Brees…need I say more?  Green Bay is white hot on both sides of the ball right now, the Saints are reeling a bit.  They are so tough at home, though.  Not having Pierre Thomas and Jimmy Graham still banged up will hurt the Saints.  Not having Sam Shields will hurt the Packers.  Something will give and I do think it’ll be a case of who has the ball last.  In this case I think it’ll be Rodgers and they avoid the upset.  Packers 38, Saints 35

NFL Picks –

I would have picked Denver, and I would have been tempted to pick San Diego in the upset.

  • Green Bay over New Orleans
  • Detroit over Atlanta
  • New England over Chicago
  • NY Jets over Buffalo
  • Dallas over Washington
  • Seattle over Carolina
  • Arizona over Philadelphia
  • Kansas City over St. Louis
  • Indianapolis over Pittsburgh
  • Cleveland over Oakland (ick…my apologies fans)
  • Baltimore over Cincinnati
  • Miami over Jacksonville (are tickets free for this one?)


  • Tampa Bay over Minnesota (is this even an upset??)
  • Tennessee over Houston

Enjoy this FANTASTIC weather this weekend!



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