From Section 123 – 10/18/14

Hey everyone – hope you all had a great week!

– Ironically, the Seattle Seahawks trade of WR Percy Harvin to the New York Jets makes sense in so many ways.  1.  It frees the Seahawks of money they’re going to have to pay QB Russell Wilson.  2.) It rids them of a cancer in the locker room if you read the reports (and trending to the past, this guy has been an ass in all locations).  3.) The Jets get them another guy who would be able to help them if they, well, um…never mind.  That’s about a messed up QB situation in New York as there is in the NFL.  Let’s see some consistency there before there’s any benefit.  It won’t save Head Coach Rex Ryans’ job.

– To most of the “local” sports fans in South Florida.  Tickets going for as low at $15 already for your NFL teams?  What, you couldn’t find some good weed or X that you could pawn your tickets off for?  If it wasn’t for all of the transplants that have moved there, you wouldn’t deserve any professional sports teams.   I’ve been there, your fans are pathetic and are only interested in trying to pick fights.  You, South Florida morons, make fans in California seem like die hards.  I mean, how do you like being outnumbered by Packers fans last week nearly 2-1 in Miami?!?  What the hell do you think is going to happen when the Packers go to Tampa in December.  Let’s see…Tampa or Wisconsin in December.  It may be a 3-1 ratio there.

– Florida State QB Jameis Winston.  Do you want people to believe you didn’t take money for your autograph??  I only have one question for you.  How many nude pictures do you have of Head Coach Jimbo Fisher and the FSU Administration that you can put so much wool over their eyes and keep you eligible?  Or did you catch them having sex??  Either way, what you have on them is significant.

– Two of my least favorite college football teams square off tonight with Notre Dame at Florida State.  Cheering for the teams to beat the crap out of each other so they end up vulnerable for other teams the rest of the season.  I do think this could be a good game tonight though…and I’m calling for the Irish to upset Florida State.

– If you’ve never been to one, I suggest going to an NHL game.  The energy of a live professional hockey event is intense.  Plus, you are bound to see a good fight or two.

– I love the World Series matchup between the San Francisco Giants and Kansas City Royals.  The Giants, who seem to have a knack in the playoffs for making a deep run or winning the whole thing in recent years vs. the upstart Royals.  The Royals have captured the attention of baseball fans throughout the country outside of Giants fans.  There are a few former Brewers on Kansas City and San Francisco (Ned Yost, ALCS MVP Lorenzo Cain, Alcedies Escobar, Nori Aoki for KC; and Game 5 hero Travis Ishikawa for SF).  I’m saying Kansas City in 6 games…although I’d like to see a KC sweep.  How cool would that be to see the Royals go 12-0 in the post season?

Even better?  The St. Louis Cardinals are watching!!

– I’m glad the Wisconsin Badgers are off this week.  Here’s hoping they find something that resembles a passing game in a few practices this week that translates into the rest of the season!.

– The Badgers mens’ basketball team was unanimously picked to win the Big Ten this season.  And with good reason…this team is loaded and could even better than the team the made the Final Four last year.  I like what Bo Ryan has done with their schedule – tough non-conference that will prep them for the Big Ten.  One story I did learn this week is UW will be at Madison Square Garden in 2015-16 with Duke, Georgetown and VCU.  For the fans that were clamoring for the ‘lack of respect’.  That’s gone…UW basketball is very much on the national stage now.  My only complaint?  Don’t pull a Marquette and discontinue the series with the in-state schools – especially Green Bay.

– Quick message to the Green Bay Packers – Pay WR Randall Cobb – sooner than later.

– Same goes for CB Davon House.  The Packers may very well lose CB Tramon Williams this offseason, and House is in his contract year.  Makes sense!!

– QB Aaron Rodgers doing the fake spike last week was pure genius in the Packers comeback win at Miami.  WR Davante Adams deserves credit as well for at least recognizing something that the ball may be coming his way.  Although neither necessarily say the play was coming.

–  My thoughts on the Panthers at Packers game this week.  I don’t see a defensive game here.  This game has a potential of a shootout.  I do think the Packers defense makes a couple of plays on Cam Newton, although I do think Greg Olsen could torch the linebackers.  Too much Aaron Rodgers and the offense vs. a suspect Carolina defense.  Packers 38-27.

NFL Picks this week

would have picked New England over the Jets

  • Green Bay over Carolina
  • Chicago over Miami
  • Baltimore over Atlanta
  • Indianapolis over Cincinnati
  • Seattle over St. Louis
  • Cleveland over Jacksonville  (I apologize to those fans attending this game
  • Buffalo over Minnesota
  • Dallas over NY Giants
  • Denver over San Francisco
  • Arizona over Oakland
  • Washington over Tennessee (I apologize to those fans attending this game as well)


  • New Orleans over Detroit
  • Kansas City over San Diego
  • Pittsburgh over Houston

That’s it for me this week….I’ll be checking out the UW Hockey team this evening in Green Bay.  Have a great weekend and talk to you next week!



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