From Section 123…

I think my blog will be renamed to The View from Section 123 going forward – this sounds more unique than the View from the Uprights.  I’d have to think this is named by someone else in the writing world…

I’m going to get back to a weekly blog starting this week, but it’s been nuts of late with things going on.

If you get a chance every year, take a day and drive around Wisconsin in the fall peak season.  The colors on the hills, lakes and rivers is something everyone should take in.

Onto the sports week(s).

To the Wisconsin Badgers….be thankful you’re playing Illinois today.  The Illini are a REALLY bad football team and UW needs to get right.  Honestly, this team will lose 2 more games – at Rutgers and either to Nebraska or at Iowa.  The Badgers have no identity aside they’re going to run the ball for 250+ yards per game.  That’s great, but you need something that resembles a passing game to keep the defenses honest, which in turn should open up the running attack of Melvin Gordon and Corey Clement.

Freshmen RB Taiwan Deal and QB D.J. Gillens made the right decisions to redshirt this year as they will be integral parts of the offense in 2015, especially with Gordon off to the NFL.

Can someone explain to me why Wisconsin loses at Northwestern so frequently?  It’s not like the Wildcats have this huge home field advantage, and more than enough times opposing fans outnumber their own.  That’s just weird to me.

To the Kansas City Royals…all but one game has gone extra innings thus far in the postseason.  This group certainly has the flair for the dramatic!  This is a confident group and they have the resolve / confidence they are never out of a game no matter the odds.  It’s easy to pull for them as they are the new kids on the block.  Actually, I’m OK with them or Baltimore winning the World Series.  I’m getting sick of both San Francisco and especially St. Louis being there every year.  But hey, at least it isn’t the Yankees, Red Sox, Braves or Dodgers.   The networks would have a field day throwing stories about them down our throat.

The Green Bay Packers have, at least to me, a trap game at Miami tomorrow.  The Dolphins have a solid defense and are getting healthy after their bye week.  Getting Knowshon Moreno back is also a huge key for them.  If they run the ball effectively, they can keep #12 and company off the field and this could be a close game.  I still think the Pack takes it, but it’ll be close.  Think 28-24 in that ball park.

Jarrett Boykin, JC Tretter and Brad Jones have gone down the pecking order a bit in favor of Corey Linsley, Davante Adams and Jamari Lattimore.  Each move is an upgrade getting those guys on the field.

I saw you can get tickets for the Packers-Dolphins for as low as $35 on the ticket sites.  Where I come from, that’s not even an option.  South Florida fan – soak up some more rays, kill your brain cells and and just let the Packer fans take over the stadium like you know they’re going to do already.

The Milwaukee Brewers made the right move keeping manager Ron Roenicke, for at least going into 2015.  If the Brewers struggle out of the gate, watch out.  I still think they are going to do something to spruce up their roster for next year.  Don’t be surprised if guys like P Jimmy Nelson, OF Khris Davis, C Martin Maldonado, and a top prospect are on the trading block.

Also – don’t be surprised if they go after Nationals 1B Adam LaRoche.

The Milwaukee Bucks started the pre-season?  Wait, they still have a team!!  They have uniforms and everything…it’s pretty great!  Needless to say, they have a lot of work to do to win back some fans based on the attendance I saw at the Resch Center in Green Bay Wednesday night.  UW-Green Bays’ basketball crowds would be proud of what I saw on TV.

Florida State QB Jameis Winston may be one of the dumbest people that has come through the college football ranks in a long time.  He thinks he has this sense of entitlement that he can do and say whatever he wants and nothing will happen to him.  I hope this hearing he has coming up at Florida State kicks him out of school and the NCAA would have enough balls to make him ineligible for sports going forward.  Wait, that would mean they need to have some discipline and actually have rules they need to endorse when their athletes are acting like a bunch of morons most of society wouldn’t trust with a potato gun.  Don’t even get me going on this one…

So, somehow a sexual battery charge against Florida QB Treon Harris gets mysteriously dropped. Can someone do a little digging to how much money was exchanged under the table to get this “cleared”?

Soon to be former Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson also falls into that category of a complete moron.  With all of the allegations and trouble you’re facing, you’re still naive enough to admit to smoking weed before a drug test?  Seriously, you KNOW this test is coming and you’re dumb enough to think they won’t catch you.  You, jackass, are opening up another set of problems with the NFL where nobody is going to want to pick you up if you ever become eligible.

Georgia RB Todd Gurley gets suspended indefinitely for taking money for his autograph.  Indefinitely is the key word.  Remember when former Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel, former Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor were suspended for what, a half of a game?  Ooohhhh….that’ll scare the players from doing that in the future.  Again – the NCAA has some serious inconsistencies with how they try to work with the schools in disciplining their athletes.  Have a uniform set of rules for each level and actually follow them!  Wait – that’ll again make sense so it won’t happen.  Preferably, I’d like to see these players hold off until they get to the next level, especially if you know if you’re going to get drafted high.  There’s plenty of money waiting, just hold off.

NFL Picks – week 6.

I would have said Houston over Indianapolis in the upset, so I’d have been wrong there.

  • Green Bay over Miami (tempted to call upset here)
  • Atlanta over Chicago
  • Seattle over Dallas
  • Philadelphia over NY Giants
  • Denver over NY Jets
  • Cincinnati over Carolina
  • San Diego over Oakland
  • Baltimore over Tampa Bay (could see an upset here also)
  • Tennessee over Jacksonville
  • Arizona over Washington
  • San Francisco over St. Louis


  • Minnesota over Detroit
  • Buffalo over New England
  • Cleveland over Pittsburgh

That’s all for me this week!  Enjoy your week and see you next Friday evening!



One thought on “From Section 123…

  1. Neal,
    I heard on the radio today that Winston’s lawyer got a copy of the police report before the local DA, and he got 2 players/possible witnesses to sign off saying they didn’t see anything. Sounds like the local police must be a season ticket holder to Florida St. games. I hope the NCAA does more digging into it and find all the illegal activities that are going on.

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