Week of 9/26/2014

After a week off, I feel refreshed and ready to go!  This is a good time to push through the lunch hour…

Derek Jeter – total class act.  I don’t like the New York Yankees and what they stand for, but it’s hard not to root for Jeter and the way he played the game.  I remember him diving into the stands for a catch, and the ridiculous flip to Jorge Pasada against Oakland to get Jeremy Giambi out at home.  Those will be images we see over the rest of time.  His last game at Yankee Stadium last night had everything.  He had 2 hits, 3 RBI, an error, some nice plays up the middle.  Jeter seemed to always show up in the biggest moments and had a smile doing it.

The Green Bay Packers have started the season 1-2 for the third straight year.  This time, the offense is the piece that has sputtered.  I’m with Aaron Rodgers…RELAX people!  They played three of the top 5 defensive front 7’s in football in Seattle, Detroit and the NY Jets.  Chicagos’ defense is a joke and I think they get on track this weekend.

They must attack more with the run, hoping they run more north and south and I think they will.  Having the tight end running in the seam will help open up that offense.  If they get that going, watch out.

Packer fans in general are spoiled…our team has won so much in the past 20 years that they freak out at the first sign of adversity.  Not all of them, but I’d call out the younger generation.  They haven’t seen the years where the Packers were the laughing stock in the NFL.  There are 16 games in a season (duh), and yes, the schedule is tough this year.  I think they’re fine.  Still end up about 11-5 which will be more than enough to win the NFC North playing football into January.

Awesome!!!  The Jacksonville Jaguars and Tampa Bay Buccaneers suck so bad this year that tickets will be selling down there for about $10 a game!!  The Miami Dolphins aren’t far behind with getting their asses handed to them the past two weeks.  Come on Florida sports fan, don’t disappoint me in showing how crappy your fans really are!  I get a feeling my crew paid too much for our tickets to the game at Tampa in December.  But, we have outstanding seats.

The New York Giants kick off Week 4 of the NFL Season with a 45-14 whooping of the Washington Redskins.  Kirk Cousins channeled his inner 2013 Eli Manning with 4 picks, and Eli showed his 2011 form with 5 TDs.  The Giants are taking pages from the Packers playbook with the short pass and letting the receivers make plays.

Washington…oy.  First your team nickname is being scrutinized (unfairly, I might add), to your starting quarterback who cannot stay healthy.  Then your backup quarterback, who may actually be better anyway is struggling.  You have way too many weapons on offense to be sputtering the way you are.  It actually sounds like Green Bay early in the year.  But hey, you still have the Washington Nationals in the playoffs.  That’s one and done right there.

That thud you heard from Milwaukee was the finalization of the Brewers’ collapse and being eliminated from the playoffs.  You know, as disappointing as it was to see that happen.  They were in the thick of things all season long and for a team picked 4th in their division, that’s not bad.  There are some changes that do need to happen next season and NOT to the management / coaching staff.

  • First base – need stability there.  Reynolds and Overbay will be gone.
  • Rickie Weeks last games as a Brewer
  • It was reported that Aramis Ramiez will have his option exercised by the team, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet…yet.  I’d say one more year.
  • What to do with Yovani Gallardo.
  • Closer – K-Rod I think is gone.
  • Will Jean Segura bounce back next year?  Guy has had a rough go of it on and especially off the field with losing his son.

Hey Ray Rice…nice argument that the video of you decking your wife was doctored!  You moron, there was no doctoring there of you knocking out your wife and looking like you had no remorse.  By your reaction, it wasn’t the first time you’ve done that.  I don’t know if I like the fact that there’s so much information that seems to be hidden in this case.

Which NFL team is going to Los Angeles?  Jacksonville?  St. Louis?  I say neither….LA doesn’t deserve a team. I know it won’t happen due to the size of the market, but they (like Florida) have so many other things that they focus on that sports are mostly an afterthought.  That is, of course aside of the Lakers and Dodgers.  Go hang out on Rodeo Drive or something that doesn’t have sports aligned with them.  How’s the tide out there, anyway?

The Wisconsin Badgers appear to have received the message by responding to their lackluster effort against Western Illinois with 644 yards RUSHING against Bowling Green.  Yikes!  4 guys nearly ran for 100 yards or more.  Granted it’s a MAC team, but I get the feeling they will do this to South Florida and Northwestern the next two weeks.  I’m still not a fan of Tanner McEvoy as he misses some wide open throws badly – and in the conference, those will get picked off.  My guess is Wisconsin is in the Outback Bowl vs. Ole Miss or the Holiday Bowl vs. USC.   I do like what I see out of the defense so far this year.

The Brady Hoke watch is past full blown effect at Michigan and it’s sad to see.  Have you seen the story where if you buy two bottles of coke, you get 2 tickets to the game this weekend against Minnesota?  TWO BOTTLES OF COKE.  Holy shit!  That’s how far Michigan football has fallen!!  I am not sure if I’d ever had said that.  I think Minnesota goes in there this weekend and wins the Little Brown Jug.

College football upset this week:  Missouri over South Carolina in Columbia.  Missouri can score, and South Carolina can’t stop anyone.  A shootout similar to Texas A&Ms’ ass whooping.  48-34 Tigers

The Milwaukee Bucks are starting next week?  I’m not sure if anyone outside of Milwaukee cares.  I hope they start forming a competitive team.  The NBA is one thing that is 100% bandwagon in this state.

The Ryder Cup is an underestimated sporting event and is such a cool thing to watch every couple of years.  Keep in mind they will be in Wisconsin at Whistling Straits in 2021.

Week 4 NFL picks…

I would have lost last night as I’d have picked Washington over the Giants

  • Green Bay over Chicago
  • Philadelphia over San Francisco
  • Detroit over NY Jets
  • New Orleans over Dallas
  • San Diego over Jacksonville
  • Indianapolis over Tennessee
  • Baltimore over Carolina
  • Pittsburgh over Tampa Bay
  • Atlanta over Minnesota
  • Houston over Buffalo


  • Kansas City over New England
  • Oakland over Miami

bye: Cleveland, Seattle, Cincinnati, Arizona, St. Louis, Denver

I’ve written over 1,000 words today?  That’s enough!!  Enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weekend in Wisconsin!



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