Weekly blog – 09/14/14

Happy Packers Game Day!

Here’s what I’m seeing in the sports world this week.

What a shitty week overall! First, we get the domestic abuse case and release of former Baltimore Ravens RB Ray Rice, to Roger Goddell being put under fire for possibly hiding knowledge (I’ll get more into my thoughts later), to Chris Davis getting suspended 25 games for PED use, to Adrian Peterson indicted for child abuse. Petorius guilty of some form of murder. Yikes…

College football – 2 top-10 teams lost yesterday in Georgia and USC. Virginia Tech and Louisville also fall. Good stuff already this season! I honestly see one of the final four playoff teams with one loss. I do think Oklahoma or Alabama will lose this season. Oregon could lose to Stanford. Florida State won’t lose in the ACC….that’s the one league I think is worse than the Big Ten.

Big Ten = hoops conference. I’m not sure if I ever thought I’d say that. Losses to Iowa State, TCU, Bowling Green yesterday. Their potential ‘marquee’ win could be Nebraska against Miami next week.

And Wisconsin better be careful with Bowling Green next week. This team can flat out score.

Ray Rice case – to me, something stinks here. Someone was covering something up. The NFL claims they never saw the tape of him hitting is now wife. Rice apparently told NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell that he did hit his wife. If there was a full cover up, people will be losing their jobs. I don’t think Goodell will lose his job, though.

Kudos to the Ravens for releasing Ray Rice…even if it was 4 months later than it should have happened.

And this is to Ray Rice personally. You are scum. Decking a woman?? And then doing nothing aside of dragging her out of the elevator. The worst part was the lack of remorse you showed after hitting her. That tells me that it wasn’t the first time Rice has done that…it’s just the first time he got caught. I guess you didn’t see the movie Ocean’s Eleven. A line – in a casino, there are cameras everywhere!

To Adrian Peterson – you also are scum. Decking a child?? What the fuck!! 8 games should be a minimum suspension based on the new policy. You are on thin ice in Minnesota and if you get caught one more time, you’re probably out of the NFL.

Both of you – have anger issues and need to be sent to serious anger management classes. You play professional football, isn’t that violent enough for you?!?!? You probably are alpha males and think you should be in control of everything. But hitting women and children should be always off the table…

The unfortunate tale is this domestic abuse happens way more than we think. It’s just these happened in the sports world, and everything there is beyond magnified by all of the networks. These are public figures and in this day of how the social media is used, common sense would say there would be a huge outcry…and there was. I hope there is more of an avenue sought with the NFL and other leagues to try and fight this terrible problem. Work with the social shelters, clinics, financially – any way possible. My other hope is there is more people realize that is not right, and for the victims that is OK to seek help. Most victims are afraid if they seek help, that they will get abused even worse. It takes a stronger person to walk away from those situations than to act when you get upset with your significant other / child. I was beat up a few times as a child from my father and that helpless feeling you get after the fact is something I’d never wish on anyone. I can’t even imagine what that kid was feeling after the fact.

No woman or child should be hit…ever. Period. End of story.

I wish more coverage would have been put on Cincinnati Bengals OL Devon Still and his over $400,000 of jersey sales will help pediatric cancer research to honor his daughter. THESE are the stories we should be focusing on. Hoping for the best in that situation.

Baltimore Orioles 1B/3B Chris Davis suspended for PED use…is anyone surprised? My only question did he use gummy bears in his amphetamines? There are some other guys that wouldn’t surprise me if they got caught also.

Packers thoughts going into todays’ game with the New York Jets

– If Jamari Lattimore or Sam Barrington play well at middle linebacker, we may start to see the end of Brad Jones in Green Bay.
– I see the Packers playing angry today after the way they were manhandled in the second half against Seattle.
– Aaron Rodgers will have 4 TD passes today
– Bryan Bulaga back already will be huge for that team. I have no confidence in Derek Sherrod whatsoever.
Brandon Bostick back could also spell trouble for Andrew Quarless.
– Look for the Packers to pick up the pace on offense and negate the Jets pressure defense
– The Jets best chance is ball control and running for over 160 yards against the Packers

Score? Packers 31, Jets 17.

I LOVE the Jerry Kramer Hall of Fame message. I would love to hear that rationale from the NFL how he is not in the HOF yet. That’s a travesty…he was part of the anchor of the famous sweep in the 60s with Fuzzy Thurston. Thurston and Forrest Gregg are in the Hall…so should Jerry Kramer.

Poor Brewers….they collapsed at the wrong time. They have a huge road trip this week at St. Louis, at Pittsburgh and at Cincinnati. They’re only 1.5 games back in the Wild Card and their season is in their hands. If they miss the playoffs, there may be some changes coming.

Gone: Rickie Weeks, Yovani Gallardo, Lyle Overbay, Mark Reynolds, Francisco Rodriguez
Closer in 2015: Jonathon Broxton or Jeremy Jeffress
Move to 1B: Martin Maldonado or Jonathan Lucroy (or even Ryan Braun)
3B: Bring back Aramis for one more year, which I’ve read what they’re going to do. Or trade for a 3B in the offseason (Prado? David Wright?)

My NFL Picks this week:
Baltimore over Pittsburgh
Green Bay over NY Jets
Tennessee over Dallas
Denver over Kansas City
New England over Minnesota
Detroit over Carolina
San Francisco over Chicago
Seattle over San Diego
Indianapolis over Philadelphia
Cincinnati over Atlanta
Buffalo over Miami
New Orleans over Cleveland (if Jordan Cameron was playing I would have picked upset)
Tampa Bay over St. Louis
Houston over Oakland

NY Giants over Arizona
Jacksonville over Washington

Have a great week!


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