Blog – 09/07/2014

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

I don’t use the word perfect, but it’s close with the weather in Wisconsin. Lots happening in the sports world, so here we go.

The Seattle Seahawks kicked the crap out of the Green Bay Packers 36-16 to open the 2014 NFL season. The Packers played good in the first half, but the wheels fell off in the second half. To the point where Seattle opened up a 29-10 lead. Things I noticed:

— The Packers NEED Bryan Bulaga. Thankfully his knee is an MCL sprain / mild tear where he’s out anywhere from 2-4 weeks.
— To say Derek Sherrod was overwhelmed is being kind. He got his ass kicked repeatedly by the Seattle defense.
— Kudos to Corey Linsley. He held up nicely under enormous pressure.
— The defense, weren’t you the ones saying you were going to be the aggressor and not get pushed around anymore? Well, the Seahawks offense ran right through, over and around you.
— The Packers defense still has issues with the read-option offense.
— Brad Jones needs to get looked at as a serious lineup replacement candidate. Your middle linebackers should be able to shed blocks and not get run over all the time. Sam Barrington or Jamari Lattimore should get a look sooner than later.
— Eddie Lacy. That collision he had with Earl Thomas in the third quarter led to a concussion. I think anyone would have been concussed if they were involved in that collision.
— I was hoping for more of that up-tempo offense we saw in preseason. Seattle did a great job nullifying that part of the Packers’ game plan.

With all of the things that went wrong. The best part? They’re correctable and it’s only 1 game of 16. In the NFL, pretty much every team lays an egg at some point in the season. On to the New York Jets!

Oy, Big Ten Conference…you had the following non-conference football games to try and get your leagues’ reputation up from being a laughing stock.

Wisconsin vs. LSU (L – 28-24). Any passing from the Badgers and they win.
Michigan at Notre Dame (L – 31-0). Ouch. Brady Hoke watch is on.
Michigan State at Oregon (L 46-27). Most points given up by Sparty since the 2011 Big Ten Championship Game. Aside from the second quarter, MSU looked out of place.
Virginia Tech at Ohio State (L 35-21). Losing to Virginia Tech isn’t bad…but getting punked at home in prime time is.
Miami (FL) at Nebraska – next week.

Plus, the MAC beat your teams twice yesterday (Central Michigan beat Purdue and Northern Illinois beat Northwestern). It should have been a third, but Iowa was able to rally against Ball State. Severe mediocrity right now in that league for football.

Getting beat by nearly every league only strengthens the argument that the Big Ten is a joke when it comes to football. They need to seriously upgrade their recruiting and scouting if they are going to get back to relevancy. The league will most likely get left out of the playoffs this year since the Big 12 (Oklahoma or Baylor), SEC (Alabama, Auburn or LSU), Pac-12 (Oregon) and ACC (Florida State) would be my guess for the playoffs.

I want to say Tanner McEvoy will be a good quarterback eventually for the Wisconsin Badgers, but he performed well against WESTERN ILLINOIS!! Let’s see him do that against South Florida, Maryland, Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota. LSU ate him up, so the game yesterday was great to get his confidence going.

Melvin Gordon for Heisman…thanks for playing.

Did you hear that other crash?? That’s the Milwaukee Brewers performing their free fall that enough ‘experts’ thought they would do a couple months ago already. They picked the worst time of the year to have their lapse. This home stand against St. Louis, Miami and Cincinnati they need to go 8-3 or 7-4 to stay in the division race. I do think the Brewers will fight with Atlanta, San Francisco, and Pittsburgh for the Wild Card spots.

Nice little outburst yesterday by USC Athletic Director Pat Haden. Hey goofball, aren’t you on the Playoff committee? Are you sure you can be unbiased when selecting the four teams? That outburst should have you taken off of the committee, IMO.

Has any sporting event received little fan fare besides the FIBA World Cup for basketball? You’d think that would get a little more run in the United States as basketball is more popular here than the rest of the world.

Someone needs to explain the whole issue with the Redskins name to me. I’m honestly tired of all these politically correct groups complaining about school nicknames. For the most part, the town / school has a nickname to CELEBRATE a heritage or history of their place, not demean it. People need to grow up and stop being so sensitive to every little thing in the world.

My NFL Week 1 picks:
Seattle over Green Bay (yes, I would pick against the team I cheer for)
New Orleans over Atlanta
Pittsburgh over Cleveland
Cincinnati over Baltimore
Philadelphia over Jacksonville
Houston over Washington
Tampa Bay over Carolina
Chicago over Buffalo
Minnesota over St. Louis
Detroit over NY Giants
Arizona over San Diego
San Francisco over Dallas
Denver over Indianapolis

Miami over New England
Oakland over NY Jets
Tennessee over Kansas City

Make it great week!


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