Sports blog – 08/30/14

Hello – hope everyone is having a great Labor Day weekend thus far! It’s been nice, but quite humid with rain throughout Wisconsin.

I am anxiously awaiting the kickoff between the Wisconsin Badgers and LSU Tigers tonight from Houston. These two teams are strikingly similar in their style of football. Pound the ball down your throat and play strong defense. Both teams have numerous questions to answer starting tonight and have players they need replacing. Wisconsin seems to have more people to replace, especially with the defensive front 7. While the new starters have played in a game (sans Luben Figaro), none started last year. Wisconsin is also going with a new quarterback in Tanner McEvoy over incumbent Joel Stave. Both will play though.

LSU will be replacing their quarterback, wide receivers and defensive line. They seem to have less to replace, although a couple of last minute changes may affect some of their play tonight.

My heart says Wisconsin 21-17
My head says LSU 24-17

going with my head…

After the top few teams in the Big Ten, the rest of the league is shaky at best. Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota struggled against FCS teams Youngstown State, Northern Iowa and Eastern Illinois. The best thing to say about those teams is at least it was week 1. Oy…

Is it me, or is it still weird to mention Rutgers and Maryland as part of the Big Ten Conference?

Green Bay Packers cuts – the only real surprises to me were S Chris Banjo and TE Jake Stoneburner. I thought both would make the team. Had TE Brandon Bostick not been injured, Andrew Quarless would have been out. He still may later in the year. I thought Stoneburner was better than Ryan Taylor. I feel both Banjo and Stoneburner will get picked up by someone else and perform well.

Keeping three quarterbacks is a mild surprise to me also. Scott Tolzien looked better than Matt Flynn to me.

I wonder how much ESPN is freaking out that draftee Michael Sam was released by the St. Louis Rams today. Will they even allow football to take place? I mean since they want to think everything flows through them in the first place.

Speaking of Sam / ESPN…Josina Anderson or the person who had Josina report on the story of how Michael Sam showers in the Rams locker room should be fired. Or at least suspended for a few months without pay. Trust me, this is a much bigger issue with your network than it is to the general locker room. Move on to actual sports any day now!! This sexual orientation thing is such an afterthought that most people are professional enough that if that person can do their job and do it well, who cares what they do in their personal lives?!? And the fact ESPN continues to think this is such an issue, shame on them.

The New Orleans Saints have released CB Champ Bailey. This is a guy who should hang it up. He had such an outstanding career that I hope he doesn’t continue to play when everyone else seems to know it’s time.

I noticed the New York Jets released CB Dimitri Patterson, you know, the guy who decided not to show up to a game. Oh, I don’t know, but if my job was up for grabs in something as cut-throat as professional sports, my ass is showing up at every possible practice, workout, game, meeting, you name it. If I’m getting cut, you’re getting my best so others can notice and possibly take a shot with me.

You can say the same about WR Robert Meachem, well, minus the Hall of Fame career Bailey has had.

Hey Milwaukee Brewers…the St. Louis Cardinals have lost 4 games in a row and you’ve done nothing to extend your division lead in the NL Central. Both the Brewers and Cardinals should be looking over their should and see the red hot Pittsburgh Pirates making a run. September will be VERY interesting. For the Brewers, all but 4 games are against the division.

Kudos to the NFL for taking such a strong stance against domestic violence.
credit: NFL Female on Twitter:

About the consistency of game suspensions for its players, not so much. 9 games for continual misconduct (Aldon Smith). If this guy continues to be a jackass in society, take away his career. 4 games for PEDs/ marijuana, drugs. 2 games for kicking the crap out of your spouse. Yep, total consistency and it still makes the players think they’re invincible. The union and league need to get some sort of structure in place to at least show they need to act like professionals on and off the football field.

I could make that last sentence about most sports.

If you want an annoying sports song, listen to the fight song for the Miami Dolphins. It will seriously make you want to gouge your eyes out with a fork it is so annoying. The Miami Marlins song by former Creed front man Scott Stapp may actually be better than that horrific song. It’s fitting since the fans in South Florida are a joke for their local teams. (translation many more transplant fans).

That’s it for this week.

Go Badgers!!
Go Pack Go!!



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