View from the Uprights 08/15/2014

Hey everyone!

I apologize for missing last week. I had a crazy week with the main gig, and this week was just as crazy.

Football season is here! And I can honestly say I’m over the preseason games already. I think they could seriously cut the preseason by one game which I feel would still give the coaches enough time to do their player evaluations. I’ve made this comment to friends in the past. Wouldn’t it be more fun to cut players during the last pre-season game? You mess up, here’s a pink slip.

Here are my knee-jerk predictions for the NFL this year:

NFC East
Philadelphia – 11-5
Dallas – 8-8 (did you expect anything different??)
Washington – 7-9
NY Giants – 6-10

NFC North
Green Bay – 11-5
Chicago – 9-7
Detroit – 8-8 (tempted to move up, but this is Detroit after all…)
Minnesota – 5-11

NFC South
New Orleans – 11-5
Atlanta – 10-6
Carolina – 7-9 (I think this team could fall hard this year)
Tampa Bay – 6-10

NFC West
San Francisco – 12-4
Seattle – 11-5
Arizona – 9-7
St. Louis – 5-11

AFC East
New England – 12-4 (due to a really shitty division…)
NY Jets – 7-9
Miami – 7-9
Buffalo – 6-10

AFC North
Cincinnati – 10-6
Baltimore – 9-7
Pittsburgh – 7-9
Cleveland – 4-12

AFC South
Indianapolis – 11-5
Houston – 8-8
Tennessee – 8-8
Jacksonville – 4-12

AFC West
Denver – 13-3
Kansas City – 10-6
San Diego – 9-7
Oakland – 2-14

There are my division picks. Playoff picks next week.

I have two fantasy football drafts coming up. Those I look forward to each year as it’s fun to put what I think I know about football up against others. Wait, what the hell am I talking about??? It’s merely luck. How you draft, whether the player is healthy, how the team performs, etc. But, it gets people more engaged into the sport, which is cool.

Quick golf comment…Rory McIlroy is well on his way to becoming the next great player in golf. It’ll be interesting to see if he maintains this level of play.

Whomever thought of putting the Little League World Series on the main ESPN stations should be fired (see my comment on the spelling bee in an earlier blog). You don’t have anything better to run? Seriously? Like the pennant races heating up? But, if they put more emphasis on the pennant races, I guarantee you there would be at least 5 games featuring the LAST PLACE Boston Red Sox. Psst…they’re irrelevant this year!!

Keep not putting any focus on the Milwaukee Brewers. All they’ve done is maintain being in first place since the first week of April. I am concerned of the starting rotation injuries, though. But, Mike Fiers is making a case for strong consideration going forward.

A question for Brewers fans…do you consider trading Yovani Gallardo? I say yes, and here’s why. Coming up on a contract year. It’s totally a hit-and-miss deal with this guy – one start he’s an All-Star. The next? He looks like a Yo-yo. Plus, Jimmy Nelson, Mike Fiers, Taylor Jungmann – they may be ready to be mainstays on the Brewers. And I think you can still get some value in return for Gallardo.

Psst…hey Florida fans. We’re paying a visit to your state soon. And get this – you’ll go from averaging 15 fans per sporting event to having a near full stadium when the Packers visit Miami and Tampa this year!

So apparently, it’s Star Wars night at Chavez Ravine (Dodger Stadium) tonight. Um – that’ll be interesting with the characters that go to the Dodger games. Will there be any midgets running around as an Ewok? Or will there be any 6’10” hairballs posing as Chewbacca?? Well, at least the reefer will be plentiful.

That’s enough for this week.
Happy reading and have a good weekend!


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