View from the Uprights – 08/01/2014

Happy 1st day of August – or shall we call it in sports terms, the beginning of football season!

Holy Major League Baseball trading yesterday!! Lester to Oakland for Cespedes. Price to Detroit for basically nothing (two prospects?). Zobrist to Pittsburgh. Lackey and Masterson to St. Louis. New York picking up some scrubs, but they are trying in Derek Jeters’ last year. This may have been one of the craziest flurry of trades in recent memory – and I loved it! It’s cool to see Oakland throw all their chips in on a 3-month rental in Jon Lester – and the Tigers counter with David Price.

Milwaukee picked up gold glove OF Gerardo Parra at the deadline yesterday. They may have the best group of outfielders in baseball, but I’m curious if they will set up a rotation with Khris Davis or will there be an eventual move to first base by Davis or even Ryan Braun? I call this a good problem to have! I’d expect to see a bullpen arm or two added in August.

That said, I do think the St. Louis Cardinals will catch the Brewers this year – perhaps even this weekends’ series at Busch Stadium. It’ll be fun watching Wily Peralta vs. Adam Wainwright tonight.

I cannot stress how disappointed I am in the Baltimore Ravens fans who gave Ray Rice a standing ovation at his first practice at Training Camp. Do you realize he decked his wife and dragged her across the floor? You’re CONDONING this behavior? Oh, that’s right…he’s your franchise player and that makes it all the more acceptable. Makes PERFECT sense! Idiots… To top it off, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell backs this length of a suspension. Dropping the ball on this issue is an understatement, and that’s being kind.

We’re less than 4 weeks until the start of College Football! Now that we’re in August, I will say I’m ready for football to get going, but not necessarily the cold weather coming after that.

I love the Badger football season ticket holders…or should I say I feel for them. They have to give a “donation” to the UW Athletic Department EVERY YEAR just for the right to buy tickets. Wisconsin is one of the most profitable Athletic Programs in the country – number 2 to be precise…I think you can hold off on the extra “donation” cost for a year or two.

Green Bay Packer Family Night is tomorrow. 73,000 fans are anticipated to attend this scrimmage, er, “glorified practice” and they have the gall to charge $10 per ticket. Why? Because they can. It sickens me that they charge for a practice, but it’s the NFL and they basically do whatever the hell they want…and people are willing to pay the price as a cheap way to get the family into Lambeau Field. Here’s an idea clowns, STOP CHARGING. You make way more than enough money with parking, opening up the Pro Shop and concessions for your little “practice”. I also love the fact that come 5:00 today, I’m sure I’ll see campers surrounding the Lambeau Field area with some fans tailgating / camping like it’s a GAME. We’re talking about ‘practice’, practice, man! Yes – that’s my cheap Allen Iverson line.

Oh South Florida…calling out Tampa Bay instead of Miami this time. It seemed like saw a grand total of 25 ‘fans’ in your stands this week except for your promotion on Wednesday vs. the Brewers. Geez…I understand the sun gets in your head more times than not, but you clamor for sports in your area – have some locals attend your games instead of the NUMEROUS transplants you have living in your state.

I saw yesterday in a game between the Colorado Rockies and Chicago Cubs the players were having fun placing cups of their team names in the dugout. “Rox” and “Cubs” was displayed – and I guess the players need to find a way to have a little fun as their teams have spend their 2014 season getting their asses planted into the cellar of their respective divisions!! It’s funny, but what they should have done instead is turn the game into a game of Buzzball. Meaning, when they hit the ball, they run to third base first, drink a beer, and cannot advance until the beer is gone. Get to second base and drink another beer, and so forth. Can you imaging how hammered they would be by the third inning??

Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon…you need help, seriously. Get rid of your inner circle and find the right people to be around. You have way too much talent to be in trouble like this all the time.

So, the Dallas Cowboys have already sent out playoff tickets to their season ticket holders. Awesome, so apparently they think their typical 8-8 season will gain them the NFC East crown? Your defense may be the worst in the NFL this year. They are the kings of mediocrity and with that delusional fan base that thinks they will be 10-6 or even 11-5. Keep in mind you have a team in Philadelphia that will be awfully tough this year. But, hey keep living up that 8-8 dream!!

I heard on the radio Facebook went down for a little while today. Wait? People actually had to work instead of being on that site all day long letting us know every move they make? Shocking…wait, wasn’t Mark Zuckerbergs’ claim is the social media giant never goes down? You can throw that out the door. ha!!!

That’ll be all for me this week. Next week – waiver wire trade jabs, and perhaps some previews on College and NFL for the upcoming season.

follow me on Twitter at @neal_gosz – have a great weekend!


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