View from the Uprights – week ending 7/25/14

Hey everyone! Hope you had a good week!

Christmas in July comes for me every year in terms of my Packers season tickets coming in the mail. This year I’m lucky enough to see Aaron Rodgers vs. Tom Brady on November 30th. Here’s hoping they are healthy!

Packers WR Jordy Nelson is asking for $10 million / yr. I’d say he’s earned it! The only question I have is where that will leave fellow WR Randall Cobb as he’s also a free agent after the season.

Now that Training Camp is starting in the NFL. I’ll take a stab at who I think may be under the gun to make the team this year:
** Nick Perry – the 2011 First Round draft pick has shown signs of being the dynamic player the Packers were hoping, but he cannot stay healthy to be on the field consistently.

** Jerel Worthy – see the health notes above

** Ryan Taylor – look, they’re keeping Brandon Bostick, Richard Rodgers and Andrew Quarless. The X-factor here will be how Colt Lyerla performs in camps. If Lyerla plays to what he’s capable of – the Packers won’t keep 5 TEs and Taylor will be the odd man out.

** Derrek Sherrod – he’s finally healthy from that nasty leg break at Kansas City back in 2011. Let’s see what he can do. If he gets hurt again, his time in Green Bay may be done.

** Brad Jones – no sources here, but word on the street is Carl Bradford and Jamari Lattimore have looked sharp early. Obviously, no pads and no games to do any evaluations, but to me, this position will be something to watch.

We’re back into baseball after the All-Star break, and there are going to be some great division races heading down the stretch. The each division in Major League Baseball is tight and even only a small number of teams I feel are truly out of it. Teams like Texas, Houston, Colorado, Chicago Cubs, maybe San Diego?

Do the Milwaukee Brewers make a move by the trade deadline? They are looking at bullpen arms. They should also be looking for 1B, but the market is thin for that. Justin Morneau could have been a guy to look at, but he just got put on the DL.

Speaking of the Brewers – they better make some hay in the division race vs. the Mets this weekend. Starting Monday, they have a brutal stretch in their schedule going well into August that includes @ Tampa Bay, @ St. Louis, vs. San Francisco, vs. LA Dodgers, @ Chi. Cubs, @ LA Dodgers, Toronto.

Ray Rice getting suspended only 2 games for the domestic disturbance is an absolute joke. No matter if there was more evidence to support maybe he was minimally justified, the NFL missed the boat in setting the example this is not acceptable behavior as well. Still, Rice got caught drilling his wife on the video. Rule…you just don’t hit a woman…EVER!! I guarantee you if this was me, I’d be fired from my job in a second. But, since he can score TDs for a franchise he only gets a small slap on the wrist from the Ravens and the NFL.

Does it make sense to do drugs – you get suspended 4 games? But, beat up your wife and 2 games…that’s complete bullshit to me.

MLB had a free preview of their baseball package last weekend on DirecTV, and caught part of the Giants at Marlins game. Hey Miami, you got up to 20 fans in the stands…moving up in the world from 5! Keep it up, dillholes!!! I swear you could give tickets away and people aren’t coming.

I just read that Florida and Texas may be in talks for a possible home-and-home football series. I know that can’t be possible because that means the Gators would actually have to leave the state for a non-conference game!! I’d love to see this though.

Ohio State is picked to win the Big Ten East, and Wisconsin is picked to win the Big Ten West by the media. Ohio State I get, but I don’t get Wisconsin. I just feel there are too many holes to fill to win the division – even with the Big Ten West being somewhat ‘down’. Look at Iowa and Northwestern to possibly catch up to Wisconsin and Nebraska this year.

Hey Marshawn Lynch – feel free to hold out through Week 1 of the regular season! 🙂

Last week, Rory McIlroy basically kicked the shit out of the field to win The British Open (er, The Open Championship). He fended off a small charge from Sergio Garcia and Rickie Fowler for the third leg of a career grand slam…by age 25. If he puts everything together mentally, he will be this generations’ Tiger.

Hey Tiger – you’re not catching Jack Nicholas now…that ship has sailed. He may win another major, but he will not surpass the all-time total.

Happy start of training camp!!

Next week – my rips on Packers Family Night, and one of the coolest places I’ve ever been to – the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Have a great weekend!

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