View from the Uprights 07/18/14

Hello again all! It’s been three short weeks since my last blog. Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!

This is the time of year when sports is slow, but over the past few weeks there was plenty of events to talk about!

To ESPNs’ Stuart Scott, that ESPY speech was one of the most moving speeches I’ve heard in a long time. About as powerful as Jim Valvanos’ speech back in 1993. You may or may not beat cancer, but the way you’re living certainly sends a positive message to anyone fighting that terrible disease. Best wishes from this guy!

Can we just stop putting home field advantage in the World Series on the line during the Major League Baseball All-Star game? That is such a cheap way to get the players to try even a little bit and make the game interesting. There is more than enough pride in the players where they try – after all, they want to showcase their skills.

Regarding the All-Star game – cool moments with Derek Jeter. POOR job by Fox for not even mentioning the late Tony Gwynn or Don Zimmer? Shame on you for not even mentioning two legends of the game.

Who cares that Adam Wainwright served up a couple of meatballs to Jeter? It was still 90 mph, and it still takes training to hit a baseball at that speed. Let’s see you do that? I played baseball and I could barely hit 85.

Baseball races are going to heat up in the second half. The two I’m most interested in are the NL Central and AL West races. In the NL Central, we have the Brewers, Cardinals, Reds and Pirates all within 3 1/2 games. The Brewers really struggled prior to the All-Star break and if they are to win the division, I feel they should make a significant move to improve their team. I mean bold….adding someone like Ben Zobrist, Justin Morneau, Huston Street – bold. I’d say David Price, but I can’t see that as an option as that would clean out their farm system. The Cardinals need to figure out a way to weather the storm without Yadier Molina over the next 8-10 weeks. Same with the Reds without Brandon Phillips. The Pirates may be the healthiest of the bunch, but the Brewers have their number once again.

In the AL West, we have the A’s and Angels within 1.5 games. Seattle is trying to make some major moves to make a run so this race will be interesting as well. I will pick Oakland after picking up Rick Hammel and Jeff Samardjia from the Cubs – pitching wins in the postseason. This will help.

I finally get to take a dig at the St. Louis Cardinals – the fans are an absolute joke from what I read on Twitter. ‘hope Lucroy breaks his leg’; ‘FUCK JONATHAN LUCROY!!’ – stay classy, idiots. Jonathan Lucroy was not even close to the reason Wainwright gave up 3 runs in the All-Star games? Yep, keep wearing those messed-up foggy $2 sunglasses you picked up at the Budweiser tour and believe your team is the only one playing the game clean and fair. Do you morons realize that EVERY hitter in the All-Star lineup is generally their teams’ best hitter? They’re going to hit good pitching…and guess what, Wainwright is mostly a dead red guy with minimal movement in his fastball. He has velocity, but a good hitter can carry those pitches to the opposite field. Did you see what happened? Balls were hit hard to right aside of Miguel Cabreras’ HR.

A general sports (and entertainment comment)…can we do away with term ‘selfie’ already??? That is the dumbest fucking thing I’ve heard in a long time – even worse than people overusing the phrase – “I know, right?”. Come on people, have some originality. Another phrase I’m tired of is “fuck my life” – can you be more dramatic?

How many of you really watched the World Cup once the U.S. was eliminated? I kept a passing eye – that’s it.

To Cleveland – DO NOT TRADE ANDREW WIGGINS in part of the Kevin Love deal. You can send some others to Minnesota – Dion Waiters, Anthony Bennett, draft picks, etc. Getting LeBron James back was huge, but having a young guy to take the reigns going forward is just as important. Losing Wiggins will only replicate what was done in Miami. Have a ‘big 3’ and a below average bench. That can get you a couple rounds in the playoffs…that’s it.

Wait..what? Tracy McGrady was playing BASEBALL? Dude, just retire already. Don’t you have enough money already, or were you one of those guys that just spent everything as soon as you made it?

Wow – College Football starts in 5 weeks? Great week 1 games:
Clemson at Georgia
Florida State vs. Oklahoma State
Wisconsin vs. LSU
Texas A&M at South Carolina
Miami(FL) at Louisville

under the radar games
Ohio State at Navy
Alabama vs. West Virginia
California at Northwestern
UCLA at Virginia
Utah State at Tennessee (don’t laugh – USU could win here)

Wisconsin pretty much had June and September weather so I guess now is a good time to start up football. Green Bay will pick up starting next Saturday with Training Camp kicking off.

I hear people rip Green Bay all the time as nothing to do outside of the Packers. Well, it’s who this area is and if you have a problem with that – blow it out your ass. It’s who we are!! And if you stopped to look around a bit, there is enough to do here. You just need to like water, grilling out and drinking a bit.

That should be all for this week…news of the NCAA Power 5 conferences having some power over the NCAA – I will comment on that next week once I read more into that. I will comment on The Open Championship and some of the things I expect to see in the upcoming NFL season.

Enjoy your weekend!

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