View from the Uprights – 06/27/2014

We’re a week away from Independence Day, and the following week I’ll be on vacation in far Northern Wisconsin, so this will be the last read for 3 weeks…with so much going on in the world of sports, there will be plenty of topics covered.

-Chomp, chomp!  I didn’t realize Uruguay star Luis Suarez felt the need to include a buffet meal while playing in the World Cup.  Biting an opposing player like he did against Italy should lead to a lengthy suspension.  The worst part?  This isn’t the first time he’s bit an opposing player during a match.  This guy should have been suspended for life.  FIFA has a 2-year max suspension rule, but instead they only give Suarez a 9 match; 4 month suspension.  I’m pretty sure even Mike Tyson is shocked by this ruling.   I wonder if the buffet in Uruguay includes human shoulder in their lines?

-The U.S. made it to the knockout stage in the World Cup.  I’ll say this, I’ve noticed some ex citement in the area where I reside.  I’ll even say I enjoyed some of the World Cup matches I’ve seen this year.

-Small market teams Oakland and Milwaukee boast the best records in Major League Baseball this year.  Oakland was expected, while Milwaukee was not.  Billy Beane had a movie made of him in Moneyball, but we hear little of the job Doug Melvin has done since he’s taken over the Brewers.  He’s transformed what was a punching bag in the mid-2000’s to a competitive team.  With 2 playoff appearances since 2008, and on their way to a third this year, Melvin should be looked at as GM of the year.  If this was New York, Boston, Atlanta or LA – we would hear about him every night on MLB Network, Fox and ESPN.

-Speaking of the Brewers…49-32 is the best start in their team history, and the national pundits are STILL talking minimally about the Brewers and they’re still here.  Haven’t they been tested enough at this point?

-Hey South Florida…the Miami Marlins are still there – the next 5 people can start buying tickets now?

-I can’t say the same about the Tampa Bay Rays though – they are fairly useless this year.  They’ll lose ticket sales in droves.

-The College World Series had some REALLY entertaining games this year.  I think College Baseball should be publicized as much as College Football and Basketball.

-The NBA Draft took place last night.  I’ll say this…if Herb Kohl was still running the Milwaukee Bucks, he would have found a way to fuck up the draft.  His meddling of the team had a lot to do of why they have been awful for the past 10 years.  Poor trades, and signing free agents that were way over the hill.  Milwaukee is currently not viewed as a place where players want to be, but yet with the drafting of Jabari Parker this may change.  He is a guy who really wants to play in Milwaukee and turn that franchise around.  Perhaps with he an Giannis, that’s the start of a nucleus! With the NBA Draft complete, now it’s time for their Free Agency period…and can I just say stop with the ‘wanting to be courted’ so they feel wanted in certain cities?  Seriously, just pick what you think is the best fit, no decision crap on TV, and go with it.  So, Miami…what are you going to do if you lose Wade, Bosh AND LeBron?  Don’t they have some dumps just west of 95 to terrorize?  Carmelo, do you want to feel ‘special’ from Houston, Chicago, New York or someone else?  Sure, I’d love a guy who doesn’t pass the ball, well, never and plays minimal defense.

-The NHL Draft is tonight, but does anyone really care? Athletes should not be allowed to have a no-trade clause in their contracts.  If you get traded, it is in the best interest of their organization and moving you wherever fits what they are trying to do going forward.

-Holy crap – we’re only 62 days from College Football starting, and 69 days from the NFL starting!  As much as I love football, but can we stop with the reminders so we can enjoy summer first?

-I do have some questions about how good the Wisconsin Badgers football team will be this year.  The opener vs. LSU in Houston will be telling.  The Badgers have so many questions on defense, QB and WR.  But, having an overall easy schedule will help as they miss Ohio State, Michigan State and I guess Michigan and Penn State will help develop the team and possibly making a run in 2015 (yes, I realize they open with Alabama).   I still see a 9-3 record this year – probably an Outback Bowl appearance vs. Florida or Georgia.

-And please….don’t say Michigan and Penn State are big boys in college football right now.  They’re only big in reputation – when was the last time they were TRULY relevant?  And aside of one fluke run a couple years ago, you can make the same argument about Notre Dame.

-So what Alabama coach Nick Saban allegedly may or may not have handed New York Jets coach Rex Ryan the New England Patriots playbook.  Don’t coaches who leave a place still carry a copy of the playbook when they leave?  And even if the Jets did pick up the playbook, it’s not like they had the personnel to do anything about stopping the Patriots.  The Jets were a complete joke the past couple of years, and Rex Ryan is lucky to have a job.

-Next week – “Some game all, all gave some” – remember all to gave us our Independence and celebrate Americas’ Birthday.   See you on July 18th.

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