View from the Uprights – 06/20/2014

Hey everyone, after a week off – here’s my new blog for this week.  For those who haven’t read this before, these sports takes are strictly my own opinion.

I feel awful for former Packer RB Johnathan Franklin being forced to retire after an early neck injury.  I never met the guy, but from what I have heard, he is a great character person (or a Packer guy as some would say).  Wish him all the best in whatever he does going forward.

I get a hunch Scott Tolzien will be the top backup to Aaron Rodgers this year.

Someone from the NFC West is going to surprise the NFL this weekend.  That means one of the 2 ‘powerhouse’ teams of Seattle or San Francisco could be a disappointment.  I’d love to see the 49ers choke just to see that whiny bitch coach of theirs blame everyone else for some troubles this year.

My surprise teams this year in the NFC:  Atlanta, St. Louis.  Disappointments:  Seattle, Chicago

My surprise teams this year in the AFC: Houston  Disappointments: Cincinnati

My gut feeling is the Brewers are going to make a serious run at the playoffs this year, similar to what they did in 2011.  The question is, what would you do to improve the team?  I’m concerned about Marco Estrada with him giving up all the HRs.  His start at Colorado tonight may be his final test to whether he stays in the rotation, or the Brewers call up Jimmy Nelson (or even give Tom Gorzelanny a couple spot starts).

Would you take a run at David Price?

The NBA Draft is next week….and the Milwaukee Bucks will take either Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins.  They had a dilemma between the two with the Cleveland Cavaliers projected to take Joel Embiid.  Now that Embiid is out of the picture, whomever Cleveland take, Milwaukee will take the other.

I did see a rumor of Bucks PF Larry Sanders and PG Brandin Knight to Sacramento for the #8 pick and SG Ben McLemore (and maybe others?).  I would jump on that in a second.  I like Brandin Knight, but Sanders has to go – he is and will continue to be a cancer to that team.

So, Spain is out of the World Cup.  Um…ouch!   I can’t imagine the rioting the Spaniards did when they got whacked by the Netherlands and Chile.

Which is worse…basketball flopping or soccer flopping?   Fines significant enough should be placed on players who do that weak crap.

You’re an idiot Jimmy Graham for thinking you’re going to be paid like a WR when on your own Twitter bio you say you’re a TE.  Did you not think that was going to be used against you?   Just keep doing what you’re doing on the field, and you can set a new precedent for TE salaries in the NFL.

Kudos to the dominating performance last weekend by Martin Kaymer at the U.S. Open.  From the opening round, he choked out the rest of the field with a pair of 65s and did not give the field a chance to come back.

If the Miami Heat break up their ‘Big 3’ this offseason, will their fans do the same thing to that team the rest of those awesome South Florida fans do…desert or not even show up?  If in my previous blogs, it appears that I may come off harsh on those fans it’s because I am.  Their fans are an absolute joke, and are pricks in the stands.

That’s it for this week…enjoy a great summer weekend!

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