View From the Uprights – Week Ending 06/07/2014

Hey all – hope you had a great week.  I spent mine on the 40th floor of a building in downtown Chicago near the Trump International Tower.  Fantastic views!  They do rape you with parking, though.  

Onto what I’ve noticed this week in sports.

– I’d be concerned about the Brewers pitching right now if I’m Ron Roenicke.  The starting rotation seem to be keeping the pitches up in the zone more of late and are getting teed off.  The starters have been going 5 innings and that has been putting more pressure on the bullpen which could drain them as we progress through the summer. The platooning at second and first should stop as well.  Pick a guy and let them play every day.  

– Can we just crown the Los Angeles Kings as Stanley Cup champions?  Once they figured out the New York Rangers speed, they made the proper adjustments after getting down 2-0 and won the Game 1 in OT.  As great as Henrik Lundquist has been, I don’t think he and they will stand up to the Kings grit and consistency on offense.

– So, Maria Sharapova won the French Open.  Did anyone really notice?

– This is why college baseball should be given more attention.  5 of the 8 national seeds are gone and there are three teams labeled as ‘cinderella’ trying to get to the College World Series.  UC-Irvine, College of Charleston and Kennesaw St. (who?).   If you haven’t paid attention, you should.  The College World Series is one of the best events in all of sports. 

–  Why in the hell are there so many days between games in the NBA and NHL playoffs?  Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals was Wednesday night, and Game 2 is tonight?  Game 1 of the NBA Finals was Thursday and Game 2 on Sunday?  Why the gap?  Play every other day and perhaps your seasons would end in May.  And just for the record…hockey and basketball are primarily winter based sports with their schedules.  Why are they playing in June???  You can’t tell me ratings are that great that you can build the additional suspense for each game.  

– Lay off of LeBron James with the cramps in Game 1.  Michael Jordan had them also at one point.

– I did chuckle a bit when the air conditioning went out in San Antonio during the NBA Finals.  I do think this series will go 7, but won’t predict the winner. 

– I am not one to make a lot of predictions anymore, but here’s one.  The Green Bay Packers will reach the NFC Championship Game this year. 

– The World Cup starts this week.  It is the one time that I actually pay attention to soccer as I am mostly curious to see how the U.S. team stacks up vs. the world.  They are in the ‘group of death’ with #2 ranked Germany, #3 ranked Portugal and Ghana – the team who knocked the U.S. out in the past two World Cups.  The U.S. team seems like they’ll compete, but I’d guess they will be 1-1-1 and fail to make the next round.

– Are there worse sports fans than those in South Florida?  Both sides of the state (Tampa and Miami).  Yes, we understand you have great weather and beaches, but if a team is playing good, SHOW UP TO THE GAMES!!  I’ll laugh at the day the Miami Heat break up and nobody shows up to their games as well.  You can get tickets for Miami Marlins games for $3, Florida Panthers for $5 and Miami Dolphins for $20.  That’s unheard of where I come from – unless you attend a game in the early 1990s.  I’m pretty sure 300-lb heavy beer drinkers in Wisconsin would try to do cart wheels if they could go to a Packer game for $5. 

– Doug Gottlieb was right and wrong in calling the Packers’ receivers very, very average.  I don’t think Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb are average as I think they’re in the second tier of receivers in the league.  After that?  Yes, very average.  Does Aaron Rodgers make them better?  Absolutely, which WR wouldn’t be better?  I think Cobb and Nelson could excel elsewhere.  I couldn’t have said the same about Greg Jennings when he left Green Bay only because he was starting to gather an injury history.  If Jennings had stayed more healthy, he would have been better.   

– Players on Green Bay that may need to be looking over their shoulders this year?  Morgan Burnett, Brad Jones, Nick Perry, Jarrett Boykin, J.C. Tretter (yes, to the draftee Linsley whom I do think will win the starting center job).

That’ll be enough for the week. 

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Have a great weekend!


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