View from the Uprights – 05/30/2014

Hey everyone, hope you had a fun and safe holiday weekend!

Congratulations to UW-Whitewater for pulling off the national championship trifecta and making history in the process.   It’s a shame there was minimal national coverage to this story.

Onto the week in sports (and others)

– Someone at ESPN should be fired for putting a spelling bee on their networks.  How is this even a sport???

– I understand that ESPN is a mostly an Eastern biased network (see most games from Yankees, Red Sox, Duke, etc.).  And I understand that they believe that is what they truly think what the country wants to see.  I just want to remind them there are other teams in the various sports that deserve some attention.

– Gerrit Cole of the Pittsburgh Pirates is a hypocrite for not making a scene after Yasiel Puig thought he hit a HR and flipping his bat.  Carlos Gomez did the same thing essentially, and it turned out to be a brawl.  My rationale?  Brewers and Pirates are rivals and Pittsburgh had been frustrated with Milwaukee beating them so much early in the year.

– Good for the Marlins playing so well thus far into the season.  Now, if anyone in South Florida notices…that’s a different story.

– The Miami Heat dismantled the Indiana Pacers 117-92 to close out the Eastern Conference Finals.  Um, Pacers?  You did know your season was on the line last night, right?  Way to lay down in the most important game in the season.  One last thought on the Heat.  Does anyone else feel like LeBron is heading back there?  3 #1 draft picks in the last 4 years (don’t get me started on the lottery thing again) and a strong young core to build on.   The best player in the game may just put Cleveland back on the map for basketball.

– I’m not sure who will win the Chicago Blackhawks – LA Kings series in game 7, but it sure has been entertaining!

– The Cleveland Browns are having fans REGISTER to attend training camp practices?  I nearly fell out of my chair laughing when I read that.  You do realize you’re the Browns, correct?  Here’s an idea…take lessons from the Green Bay Packers on how to handle volumes of fans for a practice.  Next thing I know, they’ll be charging fans to see Johnny Manziel practice.

– Ahh….I wonder how many years the Chicago Cubs will be on their rebuilding plan.  They way I watch them play defense, I’d guess it’s a 15-year plan??  Rec softball teams can’t believe how piss poor their defense is.

– The Big Ten Conference is two steps behind the ACC, SEC, Big 12 and Pac-12 in college baseball.  With the sport growing in popularity, I would like to see the conference step up its overall performance and get more teams into the NCAA tournament.  Having Indiana as a national seed helps.  Seeing Nebraska getting hammered by Cal-State Fullerton does not.

– I think Wisconsin should have a second D2 university.  Whitewater, Oshkosh or Stevens Point would fit the bill.  I would love to see Whitewater play a D2 schedule for their sports especially with how successful they have been lately.

– Ha-ha Clinton Dix is correct.  The Green Bay Packer fan base is crazy!  To me, they are by far the best fans in the country in any sport.  If we didn’t have the Packers, there would be nothing around here.   Opposing fans are mesmerized with how nice the fans are when they visit Lambeau Field.

Enjoy the weekend!

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