View from the Uprights – 05/23/2014

Here are my view of the sports world happening this week.

– I never commented on the Packers 2014 draft.  This is the first time I can remember in a long time they drafted fully of need.  Ted Thompson will say otherwise, but if you look at the positions drafted, these were clear needs.  I think I love Haha Clinton-Dix falling to them at 21.  I didn’t know much of Davonte Adams, but after reading up on him he is essentially a younger James Jones (which I’m fine with).  Drafting Carl Bradford and Jared Abbrederis where they did are also steals as they were deemed higher draft ‘grades’ from the experts.

– Speaking of draft ‘grading’.  This may be one of the dumbest things I can recall.  Some of these experts are grading players / teams based on the potential of the players.  When teams draft a player, you’re giving them an opportunity to make the roster – that’s it.  Granted most do make the team, but it’s still for the opportunity.  If you’re going to grade teams / players, wait until they’ve been in the league and base everything on performance.

– The Milwaukee Brewers are scuffling a little bit on their current 10-game road trip after their 5-4 loss to Atlanta last night.  Not being healthy is kind of the key with Aramis Ramirez on the DL, Carlos Gomez with an ailing back and Ryan Braun and the oblique, their depth is being tested and the pitching can only hold up for so long.  Someone in the main web sites, mentioned this about the Brewers – “if healthy, this team will surprise and be around late in the year, but the depth is a huge question mark”.  St. Louis is playing good baseball right now, so we’ll find out about this team soon.  I maintain what I said last week that this team will be in the hunt and get some recognition, but they will need to pick it up this weekend at Miami.

– The Milwaukee Bucks have secured the #2 pick in the NBA Draft.  This should secure them Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker…should.  If they draft Joel Embiid, they may just throw the next several seasons away (again).  Embiid has a back issue already and that is a concern (or to me, a red flag) for a big man.

– Can I just say do away with the draft lottery any time now???  If you have the worst record in any league, you should be the #1 pick in the draft.  Period.  The Philadelphia 76ers lost 27 games IN A ROW this past season and still couldn’t surpass how much of a shit show the Bucks were.  I hope the new owners back up what they said recently – that they will let the basketball people run the team.

– Doesn’t the NHL have a draft lottery?  Same here – get rid of it.

– I think I like Tom Dienharts’ idea of having 10 Big Ten football games instead of 9 starting in 2016.  It’ll eliminate the need to schedule some weak non-conference games (i.e. vs. any FCS school).  5 home game, 5 away games – seems pretty simple.  Speaking of the scheduling, I hope this strength of schedule aspect holds true when it comes to determining the playoff teams.  I would struggle selecting anyone who has an FCS team on their schedule.  Yes, I know some FCS teams can be some FBS teams (see North Dakota State over Kansas State, seemingly one annual team over Minnesota, etc.), but they’re not supposed to be on the same level as an FBS team.

– I know next to nothing about soccer, but I do know Landon Donovan has been the face of U.S. soccer for years.  So, I would definitely call it a surprise he is not on the World Cup roster.

– I think the College World Series, and college baseball in general is one of the most underrated sports out there.  I like watching this time of year as the conference tournaments are in full swing and we get started with the regional tournaments next week.

– Small college nugget…UW-Whitewater won the NCAA D3 football championship.  They also won the mens’ basketball championship.  Now this weekend, they are in the D3 College World Series in Appleton, WI.  If they manage to win the baseball championship that will be such an amazing feat for one school.  I am not sure if that has been accomplished ever?

– The only reason I had heard of Miguel Olivo was in past fantasy baseball leagues.  But after his Mike Tyson impersonation of biting an ear off, I’m pretty sure he played his last baseball game.

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!  Enjoy some time on the golf course, grilling out with family and/or friends or on the lake!


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