View From the Uprights – 05/16/2014

This is the first of a weekly series of my view of what’s going on in the sports world. 

– The Milwaukee Brewers are off to a fast start that has gone mostly unnoticed.  They currently sit at 26-15, 5 games ahead of the St. Louis Cardinals in the NL Central.  Yet, all of the national stations keep talking about are the Yankees, Red Sox, Cardinals, Braves, Dodgers.  Mostly teams that have a larger market.  Heck, even the Cubs get more attention and they are playing horrible baseball right now!  I’ve noticed the Pirates on national TV more, and that’s due to their playoff run last year.  Given time, the Brewers will get their recognition if they keep playing they way that they have.  With aggression and a chip on their shoulder.  These Brewers should stay in the race throughout the season provided the injury bug does not take its toll on them.

– So, the ACC and SEC don’t consider Independent BYU as a ‘Power 5’ non-conference game.  Technically, they’re correct – but BYU should be an exception to this ‘Power 5’ conference rule when determining the strength-of-schedule.  Why don’t you ask Texas and Georgia Tech how scheduling them worked out?  BYU also defeated Boise State, while pushing a strong Wisconsin team in Madison last year.  You’re going to tell me that Georgia scheduling Purdue would be more attractive to the playoff committee than BYU?  That doesn’t make sense.  I get the feeling you’re going to see another round of conference realignment sooner than later. 

– The NBA owners approved the sale of the Milwaukee Bucks on Thursday.  Truthfully, even with a new arena that this sale requires, most people in the state of Wisconsin do not even know the Bucks exist (aside of a few in Milwaukee).   I do hope they succeed, because the city and state are better with the NBA in Milwaukee, but this is primarily a football and baseball state and the Bucks have a huge hill to climb to get the fan base back in Wisconsin.  Producing a consistent winning team will help.    

– What Wisconsin needs is an NHL team, but that will most likely never happen.

– Just like it’s odd that there’s only one Division I college football team and college baseball team in Wisconsin.  Someday!  But I digress… 

– If a conference has less than 12 teams, the NCAA should allow to have a conference championship game.  The AAC and Big 12 are the perfect examples.  I don’t buy the whole these are needed for the playoff berth, the Conference Championship games are merely pushes for more revenue anyway, so why not give every conference the right to have a championship game, regardless of the number of members?

– Michael Sam is digging a hole he may not be able to get out of.  First, I commend him for coming out and being the first openly gay football player.  What I didn’t like is the scene ESPN created when he got drafted by the St. Louis Rams last weekend.  Did we need to see him kissing his partner over and over?  Did we need to see a gay bar represented?  I hope he makes the Rams as I think he’s certainly got the skill set to play in the NFL.  But, seeing the theatrics, and then stating he should have went no later than the third round, and having a reality show is not going to sit well with the veterans in this league.  This, Mr. Sam is what you call motivation – keep quiet and put that chip on your shoulder and prove you deserved to be drafted higher.  

– Is there anything better than a Game 7 in the NHL or NBA playoffs?  The drama each possession brings, keeps me at the end of my seat while watching.  We have a good Final 4 for both sports and will be exciting to watch.  I’m predicting Heat-Spurs in the NBA Finals and Rangers-Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Finals. 

Thanks for reading!  Feel free to add comments below. 


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