I’m back!!

Yes, it’s been quite a while that I’ve written anything on my blog, and I think it’s time that changes.  A good portion of this past year has been less than kind in my world.  But, my phrase is with any adversity is how we grow as people.  I can safely say I’m doing that now.

I can’t say with 100% certainty that I’ll do this blog weekly going forward, but it will be a good spot to jot thoughts about various topics.  Primarily, this blog will be about sports.  A second one will be used for the rest of the topics in the region, country, ripping on pop culture, etc.   Two things you will not see me write about is religion or politics.  Those are off limit subjects for me.

Without any further ado, this is the sports blog.

  • We are back to baseball starting next week with the pitchers and catchers reporting, and most importantly to the Milwaukee Brewers.   And, that warmer weather is not too far off.

Those that read or watch sports news, I assume you haven’t been living under a rock and the Brew Crew made one helluva splash in signing outfielder Lorenzo Cain and trading for fellow outfielder Christian Yelich.  This currently adds to a surging group of outfielders in Milwaukee, but also creates a mess with other good players in Brett Phillips and Domingo Santana, and well good in defense in Keon Broxton.   Broxton, at times, can be good at offense – or at least rather streaky.  Of this group, I’d guess the Brewers are trying to move Santana and Broxton the most.   Currently, they could get the most in return for Santana, who is still young and coming off his most productive season in the big leagues.  I wonder if the Brewers (and other teams?) feel this past season was his peak and could be the reason he hasn’t been traded yet.

Notice in the listed outfield group, I have not included the original starting left fielder – Ryan Braun.  For anyone new to this, I refer to this guy as Gummy.  You can ask me later to why if you don’t know.   Him trying out first base is probably the right move and I think that’s where he opens the season up.  That leaves a new question – what to do with Eric Thames and Jesus Aguilar?  Trade one of them?

I do think they have another trade (or two) in them sometime during Spring Training.   There’s an influx of outfielders and the Brewers still need another starting arm in that rotation.

When we closer to the season, I will preview what I think the Brewers look like, and how they’re going to fare in the Central Division

  • This may be the first season I have not watched much college basketball in a long time, mainly due to Wisconsin and Green Bay having garbage seasons.  With the Badgers, there are a few reasons to their struggles.  Losing your two top guards to injury, having a group of really young players play more than they perhaps were ready for, and seriously mis-reading the development of their current junior class.

Going into next season, the Badgers will be a little more seasoned and hopefully healthy?  Adding transfer Trevor Anderson should also certainly help them make their way back up the Big Ten standings and back to the NCAA Tournament.   For now?  They stinks!!!

In Green Bays’ case, they were just flat out young going into the season, and it has played out that way for the most part.  This next season, they should be in the mix for the upper half of the Horizon League.  Key word…”should”.

My hope as we get to the end of the season is this:  Marquette does not make the tournament, or even win a game in the Big East Tournament.  Purdue and Virginia make good runs in the NCAA Tournament.  These are two programs that seem to have traditionally strong seasons, but then fade when the tournament gets going.

  • I think we can stop with the “is the highest player in NFL history” crap now.  With how the market is now, of course any contract signed by a quarterback of any value in the future is going to be the highest in league history.   For crying out loud, Joe Flacco makes over $20 million.  49ers QB Jimmy Garappolo just signed a 5-year $137.5 million deal….for what the team has seen in practice and in 5 starts.   Good for him, actually if someone sees that he’s worth that kind of jack already.

And for the record, yes, I think Aaron Rodgers is going to get an obscene amount in his extension with the Green Bay Packers.  Based on how the NFL market is working currently, he has certainly earned it.

(note:  I don’t think any athlete, musician or actor/actress is worth this kind of money – but a lot of people do)

Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles for winning Super Bowl LII over the New England Patriots.  And more importantly, keeping your city upright after the game was over.  I was imagining a full-chaotic riot of some sorts in the city, and we only received a couple tipped cars and a couple fires.  Well done, Eagle fan!

For the game – I’m more of a fan of defensive football, but that was one entertaining football game!!  The aggressive nature the Eagles came out with and taking it to the favored Patriots from the outset was impressive.  Equally impressive was the defending champs’ resiliency, where it felt like they should have been down by more than 10 points at halftime only in standard New England form by rallying to take a 33-32 lead with 5+ minutes left in the game.

Not deterred, the Eagles drove right back down the field with Nick Foles finding Zach Ertz for the game-winning score.

Even more fun with the turnover on Tom Brady leading to a field goal by Philly.  And then the “failed” Hail Mary by New England to cap off the win.   Hey Tommy Boy, talk to Rodgers next time on the art of the Hail Mary!  Ha!!!

My favorite Super Bowls were 31 and 45 – the ones the Packers won, duh!!  After that, 52 is up there with the better games played.

There were also a mass number of media members and corporate giants that were whining about the weather in Minneapolis.   You have money – there are things called clothes, jackets, hats, gloves?   Things that can help keep you warm during the cold waits in line!  It seems like there’s enough people out there that are in need of a serious toughen-up pill!

  • Also, one thing I’ve done in the past is have a feature called “Dumbass of the Week” – and yes, that will continue.  Based on what I’ve seen in the news – we have a winner:

Watch the Video first.  And now….

To the mom who walked out on her son for picking a different college to play football than what you wanted him to.   A young man named Jacob Copeland from the Pensacola area picked Florida over Tennessee and Alabama, which apparently pissed the mom off.  In the video, the mom was clear in her clothing which of two schools she wanted Copeland to attend and then stormed off like a jealous middle-school child when she didn’t get what she wanted.

Yo, dumbass…this is NOT about you.  This is entirely about your child and what they want to do with the next 3-4 years of their life.  If it’s a decision you may not agree with, it’s still not your decision to make.  Support your child and be there for them no matter what!!

Eventually, she did come back into the post-decision press conference to ‘support’ her son.    However, this video has now gone viral and is subject to ridicule…as she should be!!

Enjoy this “balmy” weather if you’re in Wisconsin.  If you’re cold, drink something warm like bourbon on the rocks.

That’s it for the return.  As I get more into it, I promise to get back into my more smart ass ways many of you have grown accustomed to from me.  Happy Hallmark Day (Valentines) and Lent Season.  Don’t forget to give up Lent for Lent every year!  No, really.

Chat in the next couple of weeks!


At Section 123

Another Wisconsin snowstorm is upon us, and unfortunately it took away from one thing I had planned on doing today…attending the Belmont at UW-Green Bay basketball game.  At least that is being moved to later in the season.  Here’s hoping all is safe. Onto some sports stuff…

  • Color me impressed in the way the Milwaukee Bucks have dismantled the Chicago Bulls the last two nights.  Can they follow that up against Cleveland?  I can’t imagine LeBron and company will be too thrilled with the Bucks with the beating they received a couple weeks ago.
  • What a mess, Minnesota Gophers.  Go ahead and boycott the Holiday Bowl vs. Washington State over the sexual assault case.   I’m curious to see this story unfold some more, especially now that there’s an underaged recruit involved.   As for the bowl game, your team would get steamrolled by Washington State, anyway.  Story
    The unity is touching, but don’t forget about the victim in this mess.

    Don’t be surprised if they do boycott and you see the juggernaut that is Northern Illinois take their place.

  • Nice job, Florida Atlantic University…you made my blog.  Hiring Lane Kiffin as your next Football Head Coach.  One thing he has going for him is the weather is beautiful in Boca Raton, FL.  But, oy…there’s a reason no other program wanted to take a chance on this clown.  He may be the only guy who has less moral values than Louisville coach Bobby Petrino (at least in College Football).  Kiffins’ first move?   Signing former Florida State QB recruit De’Andre Jackson…significant because this is another dandy who likes to hit women.

    The real reason FAU is in the blog though?  The Owls play at Wisconsin in 2017, so we could see that train wreck in person.

  • The College Football bowl season gets under way today.  One game may actually be a good one early.  If you watch the Las Vegas Bowl between San Diego State and Houston, SDSU running back Donnell Pumphrey needs about 100 yards to break the all-time rushing record held by Ron Dayne of Wisconsin.
  • Speaking of the bowls – here are my knee-jerk predictions for the Big Ten:
  • Wisconsin over Western Michigan
  • Clemson over Ohio State
  • Michigan over Criminal U (Florida State)
  • USC over Pedophile State
  • Washington State over Minnesota (finally ended boycott…how cute)
  • Iowa over Florida
  • Nebraska over Tennessee
  • Pittsburgh over Northwestern
  • Utah over Indiana
  • Maryland over Boston College
  • Green Bay at Chicago

    If the weather wasn’t going to be so ridiculously cold in Chicago tomorrow, I’d call for a Packers ass-whipping.  But the weather will be an equalizer.  Green Bay wins, but it’ll be a little closer.

    the Pick:  Packers 21, Bears 7. 

Other games

  • Did anyone really think the Rams had a chance in hell against Seattle Thursday night?  Firing former Coach Jeff Fisher was the right move…he had definitely lost that team.  How do you not focus your whole offense around Todd Gurley?!?  I’m not sure the Rams would be the Browns right now!
  • Miami at NY Jets – the Dolphins losing Ryan Tannehill to an ACL/MCL sprain will probably take Miami out of the Wild Card race.  As a matter of fact, I don’t think they even win this game.  If they want to, get RB Jay Ajyai 30 carries.  The Jets will put up a one-time good effort, which won’t save Todd Bowles job, but.  Jets 16, Dolphins 14
  • Indianapolis at Minnesota – Adrian Beat-your-son is apparently back this week for the purple.  The Colts looked like a steam pile at home last week, but I think they can rebound this week.  This is in pure spite of the Purple…   Colts 24, Purple 23
  • Detroit at NY Giants – I’m calling for the standard Detroit slide to begin here.  Matthew Staffords’ finger injury has taken some zip off the football and the Giants defense will capitalize.  Giants 24, Lions 14
  • Pittsburgh at Cincinnati – this will be the typical slugfest…for about a half.  The Steelers are turning into the team nobody will be interested in seeing if they make the AFC playoffs.  Steelers 30, Bengals 23
  • Cleveland at Buffalo – the Rex Ryan watch is in full steam ahead mode.  But they will have enough to make the Browns 0-14.   From a selfish perspective…anyone but LeSean McCoy can score in this game.  Bills 27, Browns 13. 
  • Philadelphia at Baltimore – expect the Ravens defense to harass Carson Wentz early and often.  Joe Flacco will do just enough with Eagles turnovers and – Ravens 26, Eagles 17
  • Jacksonville at Houston – ick.  And I mean that in the nicest possible way.   I’m actually impressed the Texans win with their crappy quarterback play.  Titans 28, Jaguars 20
  • Tennessee at Kansas City – not sure why I think this, but I’m calling the upset here.  I feel like the Titans running game will give counter what the Chiefs defense does well, rush the passer and create interceptions.   DeMarco Murray carries the Titans to the upset.  Titans 22, Chiefs 19
  • New Orleans at Arizona – I don’t like how the Saints are closing out their season.  At all.  That said, this is the type of game they will turn it around…and it won’t be enough.   The Cardinals will hit New Orleans with David Johnson early and often.  Cardinals 31, Saints 24
  • San Francisco at Atlanta – No Julio Jones?  No problem.  Beat down of the Niners will commence.  Falcons 38, 49ers 10. 
  • New England at Denver – the Broncos defense will keep this one close for a while, but the Patriots will give them too much LaGarrette Blount and James White.   Patriots 23, Broncos 16. 
  • Oakland at San Diego – rivalry game will keep this game close.  The Raiders win with a late field goal.  Raiders 24, Chargers 21
  • Tampa Bay at Dallas – when was the last time the Buccaneers were on Sunday Night Football?  They’ll play good, but I think Eziekel Elliott gets back on track.  Cowboys, close.  Cowboys 27, Buccaneers 24.
  • Carolina at Washington – this feels like an ass-whipping coming.  Redskins will swarm Cam Newton and take advantage of a porous secondary.  Redskins 35, Panthers 15. 

Dumb ass(es) of the week:

Joe Mixon video knocking out a woman Video  I don’t care how it was provoked.  You just don’t hit a woman.  Ever.  I’m glad this moron picked Oklahoma over Wisconsin in his college choice.  I’ve read nothing good about this clowns’ personality ever since he started at OU.  I know the Packers need a running back next season, please DO NOT DRAFT this dumb ass!!

‘Wakeyleaks’?  That’s the best name the sports media could come up with?  Anyway, at the root of the story – former Wake Forest player and assistant coach and current radio commentator Tommy Elrod was fired for leaking information about the Demon Deacons’ offensive formations and plays to some opponents.   The team that busted Elrod, Louisville acknowledge this had occurred.  According to this story, the new formations Wake Forest were going to use were not because they felt information had been compromised.  Players felt upset and the coaches had to relay what had transpired, prompting an internal investigation which wasn’t leaked until recently.

Wake Forest did the right thing in canning this dumb ass…and if any coaches or players see this idiot anywhere, they should be allowed to kick his ass in principle alone.  How would you feel as a player or coach if you put in all that time, sacrifice and effort to have a successful season only to have some former player who was allegedly upset at the university leaking information to opponents?

And of course, Louisville denied using any information that was leaked to them?  Yep, we’ll believe you?!?  Your Head Coach, Bobby Petrino is the most moral cat out there, so we will take the Cardinals at their word.  The best part?  The Cardinals Co-Offensive Coordinator, Lonnie Galloway worked with Elrod at Wake Forest in a past coaching staff, so do the math!!   Well, we should feel so much better that Louisville suspended Galloway for their Citrus Bowl game vs. LSU.  Whew!  What a relief!

My second thought is the ACC absolutely needs to do some punishment to Wake Forest as this could potentially be a larger issue!  Could this happen elsewhere?  Absolutely, so the ACC should lay the hammer down on Wake – punish the whole program for the actions of one idiot.

Other teams that could be affected:  Virginia Tech and Army…stay tuned.  Or not…your choice.

Kudos of the week

RIP Craig Sager.  I don’t watch the NBA much anymore, but you could tell the league had a great deal of respect for the man who had the most colorful suits when covering games.   There may not be another character like him and the sports media world will miss him.

This may be a tough week for various reasons, but I’ll do my best to have a blog ready to roll next weekend.  If not, I wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas!


At Section 123

Are you ready for 6-8″ of snow?  I’m not…but it’s coming whether we like it or not.  We choose to live in Wisconsin and can always move if you dislike Winter so much.  I will probably do so once I get older, but I’m good for now.  Need good people around me!  As for sports….

  • Do you have $6 handy?  If yes, that can get you into Jerry World near Dallas for the Cotton Bowl to see Wisconsin take on Western Michigan on January 2nd.  That is tempting.  Seriously.  Now, if I could only find some poor soul to road trip it with.
  • OK, Milwaukee Bucks – you have my attention…somewhat.  You are back to being fun to watch again.  Giannis and Jabari are starting to become players in the NBA and almost make me want to attend a game.  Almost.  But, you cannot blow 20-point leads to teams I think you should beat.  Namely last night against Atlanta.   I know you couldn’t hit a bucket if the goal was the Atlantic Ocean, but at least pretend to try and have the one thing Coach Jason Kidd wants to pride your team on.  Defense.
  • Today we have the annual Wisconsin-Gold game at the Bradley Center.  If you’ve known me over the years.  I have few rules.  But, one is the Badgers should never lose to the Gold.  Ever.  The Gold are my second least favorite teams in all sport and if somehow they pull this thing off today, I can assure you new cuss words may be invented and there best not be anything kickable nearby!!!
  • A town in Texas is breaking ground on a $69 million HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL stadium.  I understand football is king in those parts of the country, but damn!!  Does anything else really matter there?
  • The baseball Winter Meetings have concluded, and yes, Milwaukee, Gummy is still there.  Chris Sale, however, is now a member of the Boston Red Sox.  They have one of the, if not the best rotations in Major League Baseball now with Sale, David Price, Rick Porcello (Cy Young winner), and Clay Buchholz is not bad for a #4 or #5 starter.  They do come to Milwaukee this season if you want to see the Brewers get their crack at them.  One of baseballs’ rich got much richer and I’d LOVE to see baseball grow a pair and have a similar salary structure like football.  I know it would never happen due to the big markets, but it would add more uncertainty to the game.

Seattle at Green Bay

Snow Globe 2 – for the second week in a row, we will have a snow game at Lambeau Field.  First thought is hoping everyone makes it there and back safely!!

For the game, the key for me this week is who is playing for the Packers this week on defense.  Not having Nick Perry available, ironically will suck.  If the Pack gets T.J. Lang, and Jake Ryan back?  I actually like their chances…and in the crappy weather.

The Seahawks are actually kind of abysmal on grass this season, according to some web sites stats.  Russell Wilson cannot be able to go off and scramble finding Doug Baldwin and Jimmy Graham in this game.

That said, I do like the Packers at home this week, mainly because it should be fairly raucous in a snowy Lambeau.  Rodgers > Wilson, this week.

The pick:  Packers 23, Seahawks 13

Other NFL picks:

  • Kansas City over Oakland was kind of expected.  But, I was surprised by how both defenses played.  And for selfish purposes….I’m glad I didn’t start Derek Carr in my FFL playoff game!
  • Minnesota at Jacksonville – Gus Bradley, you’re fired!!  I’m surprised the Jags are 2-10 with this young group.  The Purple needs this win to keep pace and there should be more purple than black/teal in the stands.  Purple 20, Jaguars 13
  • Chicago at Detroit – ugh.  Detroit needs to start losing if the Packers are going to catch them.  Isn’t happening this week.  Being a division opponent is the only thing that keeps this somewhat close.   Lions 27, Bears 20
  • Denver at Tennessee – hearing Paxton Lynch is the quarterback for the Broncos this week.  That’s not good against a good Titans pass rush.  Marcus Mariota even looks like a legit quarterback now.  Titans 28, Broncos 14. 
  • Washington at Philadelphia – division game.  The return of WR DeSean Jackson to Philadelphia (and more boos).  Kirk Cousins > Carson Wentz right now.  Redskins 24, Eagles 17
  • San Diego at Carolina – I didn’t like what I saw out of the Panthers last week.  At all – which was quit.  Both teams are out of it, so this could be a shootout-type game.   Chargers 34, Panthers 30
  • Cincinnati at Cleveland – this is the Browns best chance at a win the rest of the season.  Not gonna happen…enjoy 0-16, Cleveland!  Browns keep it close for 3 quarters, but…  Bengals 26, Browns 17
  • Houston at Indianapolis – no team with Brock Osweiler as a QB for a full season should be a division champion.  Ever.  Colts 33, Texans 20
  • Pittsburgh at Buffalo – this kind of feels like a trap for the Steelers.  The Bills are actually decent this year, so give me the Bills and their defense.  Bills 23, Steelers 22
  • Arizona at Miami – does South Florida fan finally care?  Guessing yes since the Dolphins have a real shot at a wild card.  Dolphins 27, Cardinals 23
  • New Orleans at Tampa Bay – Wow, the Bucs are legit in the division race now – if anyone guessed that at the beginning of the year, they are completely full of crap.  This is an upset for me.  I can’t see Drew Brees having multiple 2 or more interception weeks.  Saints 30, Buccaneers 24
  • Atlanta at LA Rams – sorry, Rams.  But Jeff Fisher needs to go.  Falcons 31, Rams 19
  • NY Jets at San Francisco – the only reason to even conceivably watch this game is if there are more players/coaches/trainers/refs on the field than fans in stands.  Jets 10, 49ers 6
  • Dallas at NY Giants – Dallas can’t go 15-1, can they?  Eli seems to pull crap out of his anal cavity when the Giants and Cowboys hook up.  Giants upset 27-24
  • Baltimore at New England – finally, a game worth watching Monday night!  Baltimore won’t be intimidated going into Foxboro as some teams are.  And, it wouldn’t surprise me if they won.  A little too much Tom Brady and the key is they need to get the run game going (i.e. James White/LaGarrette Blount).  Patriots win close 23-21

 Dumb ass of the week

Kansas Jayhawks forward Carlton Bragg…so, hitting a woman/pushing her down some stairs and getting arrested in a domestic violence case – and you SMILE with your mug shot at the police station???  I hope someone at campus kicks your ass!   Story

Kudos of the week

This is a shout out to long-time SEC Football broadcaster Verne Lundquist, who today will call his final College Football game in the Army-Navy game.  If I was younger, this is almost a game I’d add to my bucket list as it would be such a cool thing to witness.  Anyway, I’m not a fan of the SEC overall since they were thrown down our throats over the past several years, but I always did enjoy his broadcasts and how he was able to tell the story of the game and articulate the atmosphere of some of the tailgates/crowds.  Games like Alabama-LSU, Florida-Georgia, Alabama-Auburn, Tennessee-Georgia were fun to watch because of Verne.  Next year, it turns to another great announcer in Brad Nessler, but it will certainly be different without Verne next year.  Enjoy your time off!

That is all for the week.  Have those snowblowers and shovels ready!!


At Section 123

I’m trying to figure out the rationale for being up this damn early on a Saturday.

  • Here’s my review of Philadelphia.  That is a cool city!  The fans weren’t anything we haven’t seen on other trips – heck, even better than a couple other places!  The people at the restaurants, bars, tourist sites were nice to us.  We expected some razzing (even a cop turned on his microphone in his truck to yell out “Go Eagles”), which we did get – but it’s Philly!
    • Restaurants – the Philly Cheese Steak from Jim’s Steaks on South Street was amazing.
    • Founding Fathers is a nice sports bar having multiple TVs to watch any game and have really good wings, with the best being Korean and Carribbean Jerk.
    • We had a beef hoagie from Cherry Street Tavern to start off our Sunday, which is apparently a Philly tradition in lieu of the normal Cheese Steak
    • We did see the Liberty Bell (much smaller than I thought it was), the Rocky Balboa statue, and the Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed.  Some cool history stories were told during the tour!
    • We saw a Gene Simmons look-a-like at some dive spot called El Bar, and it was an interesting place to say the least.  If you stepped outside, it seemed like we were in kind of a rough neighborhood – so thanks for Uber!
    • The Philadelphia sports teams all are within one giant sports complex area – each stadium/arena are within walking distance.  The cool part is there is a central location called the Xfinity Center that had restaurants, bars and the Eagles pre-game show going where fans could listen to a band and catch the pre-game show.  My buddy made a “Fire Ted” sign flipped over by a “Do Not Establish the Run” sign.  We made the pre-game show numerous times!  I had the camera guy ask me who Ted was so I had to explain what that was.
    • The game – it was loud at first, but once the Packers seemed to start gaining control of the game, their fans just sat there.  Sure, there were pockets of fans with some choice words, but it was directed at the Eagles.  The worst part was some 21-year-old throwing up multiple times two rows behind us.
    • If Aaron plays like this, Green Bay can make a run.  Some of the throws he made in this game were just amazing and you could hear Eagles fans saying ‘how in the hell did he do that’?
    • I doubt you saw this during the game, but once the Packers got up 24-13, Damarious Randall was walking the sideline bench area mocking the Eagles fans leaving early.  If my camera wasn’t such a piece of shit, that would have been cool to capture.
    • Eagles fans are optimistic in Carson Wentz, and they should be.  Their next goal is to get some weapons around him.  Can we give them Jeff Janis??  Please?!?

I would love to return to Philadelphia at some point.  See you in 2017, Pittsburgh!

  • With baseball about 120 days away and the winter meetings next week – chew on this for how screwed up their salary situations are.  Two pitchers – Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke will make more than the entire San Diego Padres team in 2017.
    • I bring up baseball because I do expect to see a Milwaukee Brewer or two traded.  Namely Ryan Braun.
    • Can someone explain why the Brewers brought Scooter Gennett back?  Perhaps as a utility guy?  I would think Jonathan Villar is the starter at 2B next season.
  • A good way to start Saturday?  Oklahoma at Wisconsin from the Kohl Center!  This will be the third team from last years’ Final Four Wisconsin has played in the past 10 days (North Carolina, Syracuse, Oklahoma).  Can the Badgers squeeze in Villanova instead of Idaho State?

Wisconsin vs. Pedophile State

  • Badgers vs. Sanduskies for the B1G Championship…notice something?  No Ohio State.  Or Michigan. Or Michigan State. Or Nebraska. Or even Iowa.  Two teams most did not expect to get to this point with a chance to get to the Playoffs with a Clemson loss.

    The likely scenario.  Win, and you’re facing Colorado or USC in Pasadena.  Lose, and you’re facing Western Michigan in Dallas.

    The Lions strengths on offense off the edges play right into the strength of the Badger defense.  If PSU hits some deep passes, they can and probably should win.  But, the UW secondary has been stout all season and I believe will shut that aspect down.  The Badger ground game will struggle at first, but then wear the Lions down and that will be the difference.

    The pick:  Wisconsin 27, Pedophile State 17

Houston at Green Bay

  • The only comparison I should even need to make is Aaron Rodgers vs. Brock Osweiler.  Any and all other match-ups should start and stop right at the quarterback position.

    Somewhere, Broncos GM John Elway is still laughing at the Texans for giving Osweiler $18 million a year to be a below average quarterback.

    For the game, if Aaron Rodgers plays with the same precision, poise, and leadership he displayed in Philadelphia – the Packers will roll this week.  Actually, I’m kind of thinking the Packers should take care of Houston, anyways.

The Pick:  Packers 28, Texans 13

Other NFL picks:

  • I thought Dallas would win, but by a wider margin.  I get the feeling the Cowboys will end up 13-3 and lose in the Divisional Round of the playoffs.
  • Detroit at New Orleans – in Detroit, I’d think this could be a good game.  At the Superdome though, the Saints are just a different animal.  Saints 41, Lions 27
  • Miami at Baltimore – sneaky good game, which I wouldn’t have said a few weeks ago.  Where did Ryan Tannehill come from?
  • Kansas City at Atlanta – a potential game of the week.  I don’t know how the Falcons keep winning, but they are sure finding something on defense to compliment their offense.  I think they jump out and playing catch-up is not the Chiefs’ strength…plus, KC may be a bit hungover from their win at Denver last week.  Falcons 27, Chiefs 17
  • Philadelphia at Cincinnati – I think the Eagles get this one – not sure why aside that I think the Bengals are way too beat up to be really competitive at this point.   Eagles 24, Bengals 16
  • LA Rams at New England – I don’t care if Gronk was done for his career, it won’t matter here.  Patriots will hammer the Rams, furthering the possible removal of Coach Jeff Fisher.  Patriots 38, Rams 14
  • Denver at Jacksonville – this feels like a trap game for the Broncos.   I’m tempted to take the Jaguars in the upset, but not enough as they look like a lost bunch.  Broncos close – 21-20
  • San Francisco at Chicago – zzz…zzzzzzz…zzz.zz.zzzzzzz  – oh, there’s a game?  Quick, hand me the whiskey!!  49ers 21, Bears 17
  • Buffalo at Oakland – sorry, Buffalo.  Even a dislocated pinky to QB Derek Carr won’t help you this week.  Raiders 31, Bills 20
  • Tampa Bay at San Diego – The Buccaneers have won at Kansas City and Seattle at home in consecutive weeks?  Hangover coming?  Yep.  Chargers 31, Buccaneers 23
  • Washington at Arizona – Kirk Cousins can keep rolling this week, despite losing a close one to Dallas last week.  The Redskins lose Jordan Reed, so that will hurt, but not enough to take this one on the road.  Redskins 26, Cardinals 20
  • NY Giants at Pittsburgh – game of the week.  There should be a drinking game in this one to see how many ‘Manning faces’ Eli will come up with when he throws any interceptions!  However, the Steelers aren’t that great on defense, so I sense a shootout.  Steelers 35, Giants 31
  • Carolina at Seattle – Seattle at home?  Awesome.  Seattle on the road?  Pile of steaming dogshit.  Since they’re at home, give me the Seahawks.  Seahawks 28, Panthers 24
  • Indianapolis at NY Jets – outside of Fantasy Football purposes, I would have no interest in this game Monday night.  Give me the Jets in an upset.  Jets 20, Colts 16
  • Bonus pick:  Bye week 14, Browns 10


Dumb ass of the week – well, there are more than one.  

  • LA Rams Jeff Fisher – when you do your weekly press conferences, can you at least know the other teams’ personnel that you’re facing?  He mentioned Danny Woodhead in the presser, saying how versatile he has been for the Patriots.  Um, yea.  He WAS a great player in New England.  The problem here is Woodhead is now on the Chargers, and is out for the year with a knee injury.  Oh, you meant Danny Amendola?  Cool.  Yet, another reason why Jeff Fisher is the most overrated coach in the NFL.   Oops

    On top of this presser, you have a media beef with former Rams great Eric Dickerson? Story

  • This guy…I do not want to hear you cheer for the Packers again…stick to the Dolphins.  Bandwagon

Kudos of the week

The ACC…yes, them.  For FINALLY taking back the ACC/B1G Challenge in basketball this past week.  Their 9-5 series win was the first since what, 2008?

The Green Bay Packers – for showing the urgency they needed to pull off a huge road win at Philadelphia Monday night.  In case you hadn’t noticed, their playoffs start now.

that’s all for this week.  Have a busy day / weekend ahead of me.  Enjoy!


At Section 123

Greetings from the City of “Brotherly Love”, and I’m writing this a day late, but as how I feel about the recall vote in Wisconsin, get over it!   Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving.

So far, so good in Philadelphia.  We got here later than expected because some morons in Detroit figured out there was some heating malfunction on our initial flight that we sat in the runway for 35 minutes before finally turning around.  Then on top of that, they waited until we got back to the gate before calling maintenance.  That is efficiency at its best, people!

Our hotel is across the street from City Hall….or jail.  No, we are not going to jail, but it is ironic that the jail is located so close to where we are.   Our tickets are about the 50-yard-line, 15 rows up behind the Packers bench.  If the sign being made is what I think it is?  Don’t be surprised if you see us on TV Monday night.

  • I hope Texas knows what they’re doing in hiring their new football coach, Tom Herman.  He did great at Houston, but are they paying $8 million a year for a guy who lost to Navy, SMU and Memphis!
  • 76-61 – a nice win for Pittsburgh over Syracuse yesterday…in FOOTBALL.  Story

  • If you haven’t read this blog from J.J. Watt yet, please do – this is good stuff.  And refreshing to see from a professional athlete.  Blog



  • Minnesota at Wisconsin – this is one of my favorite games on the Badgers schedule each year.  The Battle for Paul Bunyon’s Axe.  The longest consecutive played rivalry in College Football, and a little under the radar to the national pundits.

    The Gophers are better than I thought they would be this year, so kudos to them for being so tough through three quarters.  That’s about as far of a compliment I’ll give them.  They’re still from that ****ing state to the west.

    For the Goophers to win, they have to play a near-perfect game for 4 quarters.  And they almost did!  UW’s defense is a top-3 defense in my eyes (Michigan and Alabama are the others).   The Gophers ran the ball effectively, until quarterback Mitch Leidner imploded in the 4th quarter (thanks for that and THANKS for sealing my bet win once again).

  • The original pick was Badgers 34, Gophers 20.

    The actual – if you don’t know by now, keep hiding under that rock.  Badgers keep the axe!  31-17 and advance to face Penn State for the B1G Championship.

    And, I think the Badger defense will win the B1G over PSU (notice I’m being somewhat nice as I am in their state right now?).

My College Playoff predictions:

  • (1) Alabama vs. (4) Washington
  • (2) Clemson vs. (3) Ohio State

B1G Bowl projections:

  • Rose Bowl – Wisconsin vs. Colorado
  • Orange Bowl – Florida State vs. Michigan
  • Cotton Bowl – Penn State vs. Western Michigan
  • Outback Bowl – Nebraska vs. Florida
  • Music City Bowl – Iowa vs. Arkansas
  • Holiday Bowl – Minnesota vs. Utah
  • Foster Farms Bowl – Indiana vs. Stanford
  • Pinstripe Bowl – Maryland vs. Pittsburgh
  • Quick Lane Bowl – NC State vs. Northwestern
  • Green Bay at Philadelphia

    I give up.  I don’t know what else to say about the Packers this season except they just do not have the horses capable of putting together a team that can make the playoffs.  If that is the case, get your asses kicked and get a high draft pick next year (hello Leonard Fournette!!)  From what I have seen the past couple weeks, it feels very similar to when the Packers defense was getting gashed in the late 2000’s, prompting defensive changes (hint).

    It does sound like the Packers may get Jake Ryan and Damarious Randall back, so that will help…a little.

    For the game, the offense will do what it can, but the defense won’t be able to stop a nose bleed, so I’d expect Carson Wentz and the Eagles to put up points…in bunches in the air and they won’t have an answer for Darren Sproles.  Yes, that little guy.

  •  The pick:  Eagles 37, Packers 23

  • NFL Picks – if you read last week, I had Detroit beating Minnesota, Dallas beating Washington and Pittsburgh over Indianapolis. 3-0!!
  • New England at NY Jets – It sounds like Gronk, Edelman and Brady area a go today…even without, it’d be no problem for the Belichicks. The Jets stink, nearly as bad as the Browns do!  Patriots 31, Jets 14
  • Tennessee at Chicago – oy. Do people have to pay to attend this game?!?  Titans should roll with their running game.  Titans 30, Bears 14
  • Jacksonville at Buffalo – another oy. Bring mass quantities of liquor for this game!!! Guess I’ll take the Bills at home.  Bills 27, Jaguars 20
  • Cincinnati at Baltimore – another round of what the hell happened to the Bengals? Now the injury bug clips them losing A.J. Green and Giovani Bernard will keep Cincinnati derailing.  Closer than expected.  Ravens 24, Bengals 20
  • Arizona at Atlanta – could be the best game on Sunday during the day.  The Cardinals fall into the category along with the Packers and Bengals as most disappointing teams in the NFL this year.  Falcons win with too much Devonta Freeman.  Falcons 29, Cardinals 17
  • NY Giants at Cleveland – the march to 0-16 continues for the Browns!! Keep an eye on the Giants in the playoffs – this is a potential dark horse if they get there.  Giants 33, Browns 21
  • LA Rams at New Orleans – Saints offense vs. the Rams defense.  In the dome?  Give me the offense.  Saints 31, Rams 16
  • San Francisco at Miami – this game shouldn’t be all that close, but in typical Dolphins fashion it will be. Drugged up South Florida fan will witness a Dolphins win.  Dolphins 35, 49ers 18
  • Seattle at Tampa Bay – possibly a tricky game for the red-hot Seahawks.  Possibly.  The ‘hawks keep it going on the road.  Seahawks 27, Buccaneers 17
  • Carolina at Oakland – the Panthers are playing better, but it won’t be enough to overtake the Raiders this week.  Carr and company put up big numbers.  Raiders 41, Panthers 27
  • Kansas City at Denver – something to watch Sunday night at least.  This should be a defensive game, and a must win for both.  Minor upset – Chiefs 20, Broncos 16

Dumb ass of the week:

This is your coach, Michigan??  Whiner

Not really a dumb ass, but group of dumb asses.  Has defense fallen so far behind offenses in football?  I miss the consistent 20-17 games where games were won by strong defenses.  Seeing games consistently like 41-38, 76-61, 78-0, 75-31, 55-51 – come on.  Is it that hard to teach defensive fundamentals and for crying out loud, TACKLING?   Step your game up defensive coaches!

Kudos of the week:

The Badgers Volleyball team for wrapping up a 25-4 regular season.  That’s strong stuff and it’d be cool if they make a deep run in the NCAA Tournament.

Chat next week….the date of the Holiday Fiesta!  Some poor soul will get a dose of the Blow



At Section 123

I saw snow flying outside as I was pouring my first coffee….and it’s the harsh reminder that winter is coming.  You wouldn’t have known it with how warm November has been, but with Thanksgiving approaching next week as well as big buck season, I’d say it’s about time.

For those hunting,  be safe, shoot straight and keep me in mind for venison hot sticks!!

Onto the sports season.

  • Any takers on who the Milwaukee Brewers will trade Ryan Braun to?  Here’s my list of teams of where he’s going:
    Los Angeles Dodgers
    San Francisco Giants
    Anaheim/Orange County/Santa Ana/Long Beach Angels

    If the trade is to the LA Dodgers, please don’t let Yasiel Puig be part of the trade!!

    I would prefer to see him go to the American League where he can DH more.   Either way, he and Matt Garza top the list of players that need to go.  Garza can be traded for a bag of baseballs and a case of Schlitz…although that may be doing Schlitz a disservice!

  • The Wisconsin basketball team got clipped by Creighton Tuesday night on the road.  I’m not surprised that they lost as Creighton has a good team.  What I was surprised with was how UW lost.  39 three pointers is typically a recipe for disaster…and I was more surprised that the Badgers did not take the ball inside more and at least get to the free throw line.  This formula is how Wisconsin is so dangerous to other teams throughout the country.   The Bluejays did that – so they ‘out-Wisconsined’ Wisconsin.  It’s only November, and I strongly feel this will be corrected.

    If you get the chance, watch next weeks’ Maui Invitational.  The Badgers have a chance to play #4 Oregon and #5 North Carolina….after they dispatch a rebuilding Tennessee first.

  • Awww….the Marquette Gold has lost twice already.   I have include some cookies and a box of Kleenex to send to Coach Wojo.  I’d think they would struggle in the Big East this year, but they do have DePaul and a struggling Georgetown in that league this year.
  • Purdue at Wisconsin – um, I really don’t need to say much more than this – beatdown.  Purdue has a worse run defense than Illinois, and you saw what happened last week.   Purdue gives up a staggering 6.2 yards per carry!  This will be just as, if not more ugly.  The Badgers will run the ball…a lot, then run some more.

    The pick: Wisconsin 49, Purdue 7

    Watch how nuts college football will be in the next couple weeks.  #5 Louisville got their lunch handed to them Thursday night at Houston.  Michigan at Ohio State happens next weekend, knocking them down the ladder.  Washington still has to play Washington State and possibly the Pac-12 Title game vs. Colorado/Utah/USC.  If the Badgers beat Purdue, Minnesota, and presumibly Pedophile State – yes, your Wisconsin Badgers could very easily be in the College Football Playoff……against Alabama.

  • Green Bay at Washington – man, is there some turmoil in Green Bay this week.  From all of the articles going on about #12 and whether his leadership is where it needs to be around here.  Or is his personal life affecting his play.  Are there issues with Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy?  I’ve read a lot of this throughout the week, and season…
    My take?   I did like he is finally pointing the finger at himself, instead of taking jabs at his teammates.   A teams’ attitude affects their leadership and Rodgers definitely needs to be at the level he was a few years ago if the Packers are going to turn this thing around.  Some of the issues stem from injuries.

    Another one?   Perhaps this ‘depth’ we speak of isn’t as good as we/they thought and the Packers just don’t have that good of players right now.  This is a team that needs a serious infusion of talent in the off-season, but we still have football to be played.

    I do like the pickup of RB Christine Michael….in a couple of weeks.

    There are so many reasons to go against the Packers this week.  The secondary will be like sieves against a hot Kirk Cousins.  The Redskins could still be seething from the beating they took from the Packers last year in the playoffs.  Ever since their 1-2 start, Washington has been 5-1-1.  The Packers, eh, not so much….losing 3 in a row has probably been rather taxing to the boys at 1265.

    So why am I picking the Green Bay Packers this week?  Who the hell knows…it just feels like this is game they’re going to sneak out when they probably shouldn’t.  Rodgers steals this in the fourth quarter with a TD to a returning TE Jared Cook.

    The pick:  Packers 31, Redskins 28

  • Other NFL Picks
  • Carolina over New Orleans was expected Thursday night.
  • Pittsburgh at Cleveland – the Steelers have lost two in a row.  The cure?  Playing the Cleveland Browns.  Steelers 31, Browns 14
  • Chicago at NY Giants – Jay Cutler really looked like the fourth best quarterback in Packers history starting the game with a pick-six losing to Tampa Bay.  Think it gets better for him this week with the Giants?  In a word, no.  Giants 34, Bears 14. 
  • Arizona at Minnesota – queue the Tom Petty song ‘Free Falling’ for the Purple!  Cardinals will come into the spaceship stadium and win.  Cardinals 24, Purple 16
  • Baltimore at Dallas – this game feels like an upset waiting to happen.  I’m not picking it, but this feels like a game that has letdown written all over it after how they won at Pittsburgh last week.  Cowboys 27, Ravens 23
  • Tampa Bay at Kansas City – the Chiefs should win this game, but it will be ugly.  Chiefs 17, Buccaneers 14
  • Tennessee at Indianapolis – sneaky good game this week.  I like how Tennessee pretty much took the Packers by the throat last week.  The Colts are off a bye week after, you guessed it…beating the Packers.  My surprise team comes close, but Andy Luck seems to have found a bit of a groove.  Colts 27, Titans 24
  • Jacksonville at Detroit – would you have said the Detroit Lions would be playing the best football in the NFC North this late into the season?  Yea, me neither.  They roll this week.  Lions 27, Jaguars 13
  • Buffalo at Cincinnati – what in the hell happened to the Bengals?  I think the Marvin Lewis watch has begun.  Losing Muhammad Sanu and Marvin Jones is more costly than they had thought.  They should still have enough this week to get past the Bills at home.  Bengals 21, Bills 17
  • Philadelphia at Seattle – here’s your best team in the NFC.  Not the Cowboys, the Seahawks.  They display it getting after the Eagles this week.  Seahawks 30, Eagles 20. 
  • Miami at LA Rams – so, now the Rams finally decide to start #1 overall pick Jared Goff at quarterback?  One question….what in the **** took so long?!?   The Dolphins stayed west this week due to two California games in a row….ironically helping them win.   Dolphins 22, Rams 16
  • New England at San Francisco – No Gronk this week?  No problem.  The Niners only get to double digits because of garbage points.  Patriots 38, 49ers 14
  • Houston vs. Oakland (in Mexico City) – why is this game in Mexico City?  If they REALLY wanted to test out the Raiders in Vegas, play this game there!  Oh wait, the Commish wants to grow the game internationally, er, more money.   For the game, I will take Derek Carr over Brock Osweiler 10 out of 10 times in a game.  Raiders 31, Texans 23

Bonus – Thanksgiving picks:

  • Detroit over Minnesota
  • Dallas over Washington
  • Pittsburgh over Indianapolis
  • Props of the week.  New idea – hope this works.
    Kudos to the Green Bay Phoenix women’s basketball team.  Playing at #1 Notre Dame and falling by only 4 points 71-67.  A lot of teams may not want to see this group come March.

    To my alma mater – the University of Kimberly in winning their fourth consecutive state football championship.  56 wins in a row is a national best and I’d be asking ESPN to see this team go up against a more nationally known team to see where they stand and how tough local football in Wisconsin is!

  • Dumb ass of the week
    Oh boy, where do we start with you Alshon Jeffrey.  Contract year and not putting up numbers you thought you would with the shitty Chicago Bears.  I understand you ‘not knowingly’ putting a supplement into your body that was banned by the NFL.  Wait, no I don’t.   This feels like a broken record to me, as I’m sure it does with others…but if you are a professional athlete, I’m 100% sure you know EVERYTHING going into your body.  It’s called reading a label, sunshine.  And, since you went to South Carolina, I’m guessing you’re not too bright – then have an assistant read the damn ingredients to you!!  If that fails, then there’s a space-aged technology called a smart phone where you can look that supplement up!

    So, have fun losing that nice huge contract you were expecting in the off-season and have fun rotting in Jacksonville or Cleveland next year.

  • That’s it for this week.  This time next week, I will be traveling on the way to Philadelphia and see if we can handle Philly fan!  I will be writing this thing from the Detroit Airport…so this could be fun.  Until then, Happy Thanksgiving to all!

At Section 123

Another week, and another crazy week at that.  I hope upon reading this you don’t take to the streets in protest being all pissed off about what you think I should say, or write, or have hurt feelings that something you think should be free may not be free going forward!  More to come on that later.

I know, I know.  Stick to sports.  I get it…

  • Good, no great move by the Milwaukee Brewers extending manager Craig Counsell through the 2020 season.  He is the right fit for that team, and for how the Brewers looked record-wise, you could see how hard they played for him.  And, I was impressed with how they played in August/September against teams that made post-season runs.  My knee-jerk reaction is you will see some more guys traded (Braun, Scooter and Garza top the list), and you’ll see a youth movement similar to the big club similar to the movement back in 2005.  Then a potential Wild Card run in 2018.
  • If the Milwaukee Bucks want us to watch their young team, well, at all.  They shouldn’t be losing to teams like winless Dallas and winless New Orleans.  I want to pay attention, but you have a ways to go, fellas.
  • College Basketball is back.  It’s hard to pick a Final Four because we obviously won’t know the brackets until March.  That said, here are teams that I think could make the run:  Duke, Kansas, Indiana, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Villanova, North Carolina, Oregon,

    Notice I didn’t have Kentucky on that list.  Why?  I am typically not a fan of all freshmen/sophomores taking on veteran-laden teams.  If they have Wisconsin in their bracket, I’d pick the Badgers every time.   I add Virginia to this list also.  Until I see them win more consistently in a neutral-site environment – they seem to be a team that gets upset often in the tournament.

    Other teams to watch:  Creighton, St. Mary’s, Colorado, Florida, San Diego State (if healthy), Gonzaga, Chattanooga

    Teams I think may be over-stated a bit.  UCLA, Purdue, Texas, Maryland.

  • OK, I’ll give the Gold some credit, they beat the crap out of Vanderbilt last night.  But, please for the love of everything, get rid of those uniforms.  The early 70’s called and they want those dumb things back.  I’ll be cheering vehemently against them every time I can!!
  • Illinois at Wisconsin – have the people in Las Vegas to make these odds for ‘fun’ seen the Badgers offense this year?  Because if they had, there is no way they should be a 25-point favorite over the Illini, even with how pathetic they have been this year.

    That said, I do think UW cracks 30 points today because of how bad the Illinois rush defense.  It won’t be Corey Clement who goes off, but Redshirt Freshman Bradrick Shaw and Senior Dare Ogunbawale (??) making the splashes on offense.  Add that to the great defense and you’re going to get a Badger win on their Homecoming.

The pick:  Wisconsin 31, Illinois 14

  • Green Bay at Tennessee:

    I’m not even sure where the hell to start with this game.  It’s time we need to realize the Packers are just not that good right now.  There seems to be huge communication gaps on both sides of the ball.  You get the feeling there is some dissension in that locker room.  And it does not help when your quarterback is calling out the lack of energy on the team following last weeks’ loss to Indianapolis.

    I’m also not a fan of guys who get paid after performing well early in their careers and then all of a sudden are hurt more times than not.  Here’s looking at you, Clay Matthews.  I now am questioning your desire to be out there…..you’re telling me you are missing 3 weeks in a row with a hamstring STRAIN???   That is something that is a week, tops.  It tells me that you may not want to be out there all the time and at 30-years-old, I am starting to question your future as a Green Bay Packer.

    As for the game, I think the Packers do come out swinging.  However, the Titans can score and with how they have been lately, I think that alone will be enough to overtake the Packers.  DeMarco Murray, Marcus Mariota and Rishad Matthews have big days and add to the talking heads in Titletown.

The pick:  Titans 31, Packers 28

Other NFL picks

  • Had the Ravens blowing out the Browns.  But I’ll give Cleveland credit for playing hard…for a half.  However, when you start a game by calling time out for having too many players on the field, you know your team is junk!!  You have to think if you’re a potential high NFL draft pick next year…you may want to tank it a bit to fall down the board so you DON’T get drafted by Cleveland??
  • Washington at Minnesota – I’d say the Redskins winning on the road would be an upset, but I REALLY don’t like how the Purple are playing right now, and I am loving every second of it.  Redskins 24, Purple 17. 
  • Chicago at Tampa Bay – Here’s where the Fibbers overrun Tampa for a weekend.  Even with the weather being unseasonably warm in the Midwest, if you get a chance to go to Florida in November, go.  For the game.  Meh.  Buccaneers 21, Bears 14.
  • Atlanta at Philadelphia – if you want a shootout in addition to the Packers-Titans.  Look here.  Footballs will be flying in Philly!  I like the Falcons a little more than the Eagles.  Another huge day for Matt Ryan and Julio Jones.  Falcons 35, Eagles 31. 
  • Kansas City at Carolina – KC Defense vs. look-at-me Cam Newton.  Not having Jeremy Maclin this week against a sad Carolina secondary hurts, a little.  Spencer Ware and Travis Kelce get the job done this week.  Chiefs 28, Panthers 24
  • LA Rams at NJ Jets – oops, did I mean NY Jets?  Either way, ick.  If you really like defense, then tune into this one.   Rams 7, Jets 3
  • Miami at San Diego – the Dolphins are winless on the road this year.  Enough said.  South Florida fan will need a mass amount of weed to put up with this game!  Chargers 34, Dolphins 21. 
  • Houston at Jacksonville – Upset!  The AFC South is as bad as the NFC North this year.  Meaning who knows what the hell is going to happen.  I think Allen Robinson will be huge this week and the Jags D will have just enough to frustrate the overpaid Brock Osweiler.  Jaguars 20, Texans 13. 
  • Denver at New Orleans – I’d say upset alert!  But at this point, it’s not anymore.  I like how the Saints are playing more than I like how the Broncos are.  Saints 26, Broncos 20
  • Dallas at Pittsburgh – is Ben healthy enough to slow the run by the Cowboys?  This is the game of the week for me and will be a treat to watch.  I think the Steelers get enough out of Leveon Bell and Antonio Brown.  Watch the slot receiver Eli Rogers.  If the Cowboys are softer on defense, it’s in the slot.  Steelers 25, Cowboys 21.
  • Seattle at New England – the rematch of Super Bowl 49.  Expect a repeat result, just not as dramatic as the Super Bowl.  Patriots 30, Seahawks 16. 
  • Cincinnati at NJ (er, NY) Giants – Paging Odell Beckham.  This is your stage.  Feel free to kick the Bengals defense around!!  Giants 30, Bengals 17. 
  • Dumb ass of the week.  And this one is obvious.

    Watch this first Video

    I think Stephen A Smith is a total blow hard, but he is absolutely right.  For a guy who is protesting about racial injustices and using our flag in protest, (which to me is a total disrespect to our great military by the way) to not even vote??  I’m with SAS, I do not care about one thing this guy says or does.  He had a platform to try and make some changes, positive changes to get what he felt was inequalities in the inner cities but when it mattered most, he let a lot of people down.  I had a huge problem with both candidates this year, but I still voted.  Everyone I know still voted…

    Crapernick, you and the 46 million that did not vote should not be allowed to feel you have a voice with the issues in our country.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re one of the whiny crybabies that are protesting in the streets.  You had the chance to be a role model to these millenials, but instead you sent the worst possible message.  If there’s a time for you to really go away, it’s now.  We should never hear from you again.

  • That’s all for the week – see you next week.